Agatha Christie's Plays

A woman of many talents, Agatha Christie loved writing plays as well as novels and short stories. Although not all plays made it to theatre productions, she is credited with having written the longest-running and most successful play ‘The Mousetrap’ which has run continuously since 1952 and has only recently stopped due to the outbreak of COVID-19. (We hope it will be back up and opening again soon!). 

Recently new plays written by Agatha Christie have also been discovered and ‘The Lie’ was dramatised and played on radio 4 in September as part of the 100 years of the Agatha Christie celebration. (Unfortunately, I have not yet included this in the character lists below though!)  

Agatha Christie plays covered her usual subject of murder and mystery and interestingly one is set in ancient Egypt and feels much more like a Greek Tragedy in tone, written in 1937. Many of you will know Christie also wrote a novel set in Ancient Egypt 2000BC ‘Death Comes at the End’ written in 1944. 

The plays are definitely worth a read and if you’ve not been lucky enough to see the Mousetrap yet, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you’ll soon be able to – its a real treat and an absolute Christie classic!

Pharaoh Amenhotep iiiInitial Pharaoh of Egypt
Meriptahthe High Priest of Amon
 HoremhebA military soldier
Queen TiyeMother of Akhnaton and wife of Amenhotep
AkhnatonSon of Amenhotep and Queen Tiye who becomes Pharaoh
NefertitWife of Akhnaton
Nezzemut Nefertiti’s sister
Para Servant of Nezzemut who reads the sands to foretell the future
Tutankhaton Son in law of Akhnaton, he marries their second daughter
Ptahmose An acolyte
Anthony BrownIris’s boyfriend who investigates 
Betty ArchdaleParlormaid
Chief Inspector KempInvestigating officer
Christine ShannonA bland lookalike for Rosemary Barton
Colonel RaceInvestigator and friend of George Barton
George BartonRosemary’s husband 
Iris MarleThe younger sister of Rosemary Barton, who inherits from her
Lady Alexander FarradayMarried to Stephen
Lucilla DrakeElderly aunt of Iris and Rosemary, mother of Victor Drake. She inherits if Iris dies
Pedro MoralesThe waiter at the restaurant where Rosemary died
Rosemary BartonWealthy woman, married to George and victim, she inherited from her Uncle
Ruth LessingSecretary to George Barton
Stephen FarradayAmbitious man, married to Lady Alexander but having an affair with Rosemary
Victor DrakeIrresponsible nephew of Lucilla who often sends for money after being involved in criminal activities
Mrs PetterMistress of a boarding house
Julia KeeneGuest staying at the boarding house
Florrie PetterDaughter of Mrs. Petter
Sir Luke EnderbyProsecutor in a trail at the Old Baily
Henrfy GarfieldConvicted murderer for the killings of ‘the blondes on the beach;
HaywardManservant at the boarding house for Mrs. Petter
Susan WarrenSociety lady
Mrs EnderbyWife of Sir Luke, a friend of Susan Warren
Christopher WrenEccentric young man and guest of the Davis’
Mrs BoyleA formidable and brusque woman staying with the Davis’
Major MetcalfMiddle-aged military man style man and guest of Molly and Giles 
Mr ParaviciniAn unexpected guest, a foreign gentleman 
Inspector TrotterInvestigating officer who arrives at Monkswell Manor
Molly DavisNewlywed Lady and mistress of Monkswell Manor
Giles DavisEx navy man and husband of Molly, owner of the boarding house Monkswell Manor
Mrs LyonWoman found murdered at Paddington with a note pinned to her
Inspector ParminterInvestigating officer in the murder of Mrs Lyon
Mrs CaseyThe landlady at 74 Calver Street
Aunt Katharine EmeryMolly’s aunt who left her Monkswell Manor
Bill and JoeWitnesses 
James Brent 
Pam Brent 
Mrs LambHouse keeper for the Brents
Evan CurtisAn old friend of Pam and James Brent, married to Mary
Mary CurtisFriend of Pam and James married to her husband Evan
Florence Brent nee GarlandThe deceased first wife of James Brent
Mr EnderbySolicitor for the Brents
FayA female caller who warms Pam
Clarissa Hailsham-BrownDaydreaming and imaginative wife of Henry Hailsham-Brown and mistress of Copplestone Court
Constable JonesPoliceman
Henry Hailsham-Brown Clarissa’s husband a foreign office diplomat
Hugo BirchFriend of Clarissa’s, an older man in his 60s also staying with her
Inspector LordInvestigating officer
Jeremy WarrenderFriend of Clarissa’s, a younger man staying at Copplestone Court
Mildred PeakeA hearty country woman living in a cottage on the estate and currently acting as a gardener for Copplestone Court
MirandaPippa’s mother
Mr ElginThe Butler
Mr ElginThe cook 
Mr. SellonA deceased antique dealer in Maidstone
Oliver CostelloMiranda, Pippa’s biological mothers’ boyfriend, and drug dealer
Pippa Hailsham-BrownClarissa’s young stepdaughter
Sir Rowland DelahayeFriend of Clarissa’s staying at Copplestone Court, a Justice of the Peace in his fifties
Lester Cole 
Mrs RoperHousekeeper for professor
Lisa Koletzkycousin of Anya
Professor Karl Hendrykrefugee and professor married to Anya
Dr Stonerfamily doctor 
Anya Hendrykinvalid wife and refugee who left her country with her husband the professor
Helen RollanderRich student working with the professor
Sir William RollanderHelen’s wealthy father
Detective Inspector OgdenInvestigating officer
Sergeant PearcePolice
Henry AngellRichard Warwick’s manservant/ valet
Inspector ThomasInvestigating officer
Jan WarwickHalf brother of Richard
Julian FarrarInlove with Laura Warwick
Laura WarwickThe woman who claims she killed her husband
Michael StarkwedderMan who finds the body and helps Laura cover up the murder
Miss BennettWarwick’s housekeeper and secretary
Mr John MacGregorThe Father of the boy Richard ran over
Mrs WarwickRichard’s mother
Nurse WarburtonWas in the car with Richard when he hit the child and gave evidence to support him.
Richard WarwickMarried to Laura, deceased
Sergeant CadwalladerPoliceman
Gina Jones
Sally Blunt
Sam Fletcher
Felix Bogusian
Henry Panhacker
Jonathan Panhacker
An Air Hostess
Dr. Nolan
A Waiter
Mr. Trustcott
Mr. Moss

Found Someone We Missed?

We want this index to be as accurate and complete as possible so if you’ve spotted and error or found someone we’re missed out, please just get in touch!