Mrs McGinty's Dead

Also known as Blood Will Tell

Mrs McGinty's Dead Book


The murder of Mrs McGinty is rather a pathetic case - she was a cleaning lady killed by her lodger for a mere thirty pounds. Or is it. Perhaps there's more to it - that's certainly what Superintendent Spence believes when he approaches Poirot to investigate for fear an innocent man may be hanged for the murder.


Hercule Poirot is back and with his friend the novelist Ariadne Oliver -having appeared in 'Cards on the Table', Mrs Oliver becomes a regular feature in the following Poirot novels.

when to read

Read this any time but since Mrs Oliver is on the case, why not chomp an apple while reading.

murder mystery

Country village murder mystery


Set in a quintessential English village named 'Broadhinny'

Publishing info

Published in 1952 four years after Poirot's last appearance which was in 'Taken at the Flood'.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

Mrs McGinty’s Dead by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 11 episode 1 starring David Suchet.

Mrs McGinty’s Dead by Agatha Christie was filmed primarily in Hambledon in Buckinghamshire as the village of Broadhinney.

David Suchet starres as Hercule Poirot alongside Zoë Wanamaker as Ariadne Oliver.

Mrs McGinty's Dead Character List

Abigail McGintyChar-woman and victim
Albert HaylingLocal policeman for Broadhinny
Ariadne OliverInfamous jewel thief
Bessie BurchMrs McGinty’s niece, married to Joe
CroftButler to the Carpenters
Dierdre HendersonEdith and Roger Weatherby’s daughter
District Judge StanisdaleJudge presiding over the trial of the murder of Mrs McGinty
Dr RendellLocal doctor in Broadhinny, married to his second wife Shelagh
Edith WetherbyResident of Broadhinny who had Mrs McGinty as her cleaner
EdnaVillage shop assistant in Boadhinny
Eva KaneFeatured in the Daily Comet article, she influenced her lover to murder his wife
Eve CarpenterBeauty, Married to guy
Evelyn HopeChild of Eva Kane
FriedaGerman maid at Hunter’s Close for the Weatherby’s 
Guy CarpenterRunning in politics, married to Eve
James Gordon BentlyMrs McGinty’s lodger and accused of her murder
Janet GroomHousekeeper for the Upwards
Joe BurchMarried to Mrs McGinty’s niece
LarkinVillage baker in Broadhinny
Laura UpwardMater’ to Robert Upward, she adopted him as her ward
Lily GambollFeatures in the news article in the Sunday Comet about female killers
Major Johnnie SummerhayesMarried to Maureen
Maude WilliamsYoung lady who worked at Breather and Scuttle and believes in James Bentley’s innocence
Maureen SummerhayesRuns the guest house in the village
Michael WestEmployee at the theatre where Ariadne Oliver’s novel is being turned into a play
Mr ScuttleManager at the Estate Agents, ‘Breather and Scuttle’
Mrs KiddlePlasterer’s wife 
Mrs ScottHousekeeper for the Rendell’s 
Mrs SweetimanPostmistress at Broadhinny
Mrs. ElliotResident of Broadhinny and neighbour of Mrs McGinty
Pamela HorsfallJournalist working for the Sunday Comet
Robin UpwardResident of Broadhinny who had Mrs McGinty as her cleaner
Roger WetherbyDierdre’s father, married to Edith who had Mrs McGinty as a cleaner
Sergeant FletcherInvestigating officer reporting to Superintendent Spence
Shelagh RendellDr Rendell’s second wife
Superintendent SpenceRetired police officer


Mrs McGinty and Laura Upward


Robin Upward aka Evelyn Hope the child of Eva Kane

Mrs McGinty recognises a picture of Eva Cane which Robert Underhay has in his possession. He kills her to keep his real parentage a secret. 

When Laura Underhay realises that this is why Mrs McGinty was killed, he silences her also

Mrs McGinty is killed with a sugar hammer and Laura Upward is strangled.

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