Murder on the Orient Express

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Murder on the Orient Express Book


One of the most famous of all her stories this one is a classic! Hercule Poirot is travelling home on the famous Orient Express train when one of the passengers is found brutally murdered - stabbed multiple times. With only a select group of suspects trapped on the snowed in train, who is the culprit and what could have been the motive?


One of Poirot's greatest roles - the 8th time we meet this little detective and he doesn't disappoint proving he really is the greatest detective in the world!

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With the snow pilling up against the windows of the trapped train, this is a winter read for sure...

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Closed circle murder mystery.


Travelling on the Paris - Simplon Orient Express, we start in Istanbul as Poirot begins his journey back to London.

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Published in 1934, following Peril at End House and before Why Didn't they ask Evans.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 12 episode 3 starring David Suchet.

Filming took place on set of a recreation of the Orient Express.

David Suchet stars as Hercule Poirot alongside Toby Jones as Samuel Ratchett. 

Murder on the Orient Express - Films

Check out our article on the Poirot films starring Kenneth Branagh and Albert Finnay.


Murder on the Orient Express Character List

Cyrus HardmanAmerican salesman, was in love with Louise, the Armstrong’s French nurse who killed herself
Daisey ArmstrongBaby daughter of Colonel and Sonia Armstrong who was kidnapped and murdered 
Colonel ArmstrongDeceased husband of Sonia Armstrong and Daisey’s father
Dr ConstantineDoctor travelling on the train
Monsieur BoucEmployee of the Compagnie Wagon-Lis
Mary DebenhamEnglish governess, was governess to the Armstrong’s
Edward Henry MastermanEnglishman and was once the Armstrong’s valet and batman during the war
Colonel John ArbuthnotEnglishman travelling on the train, In love with Mary and was friends with the Armstrong’s
Louise MichelFrench nurse to Daisy who killed herself after being suspected in her kidnap
Count Rudolph AndrenyiHungarian gentleman married to the Countess, 
Hildegarde SchmidtLadiesmaid to Princess Dragomiroff and was the Armstrong’s cook
Mrs HubbardLoud American lady travelling on the train
Princess DragomiroffOlder Russian princess, godmother to Sonia Armstrong
Hector MacQueenRachett’s American secretary and translator, was in love with Sonia Armstrong
Greta OhlssonSwedish nurse, Nurse for the Armstrong’s
Pierre MichelTrain conductor and father of Louise, Daisey’s nurse who killed herself
Antonio FoscarelliTravelling Italian salesman, the Armstrong’s chauffer
Mr Ratchett/ CassettiUnpleasant wealthy American the man who murdered Daisey Armstrong
Countess Elena AndrenyiYoung wife of the Count and younger sister of


Mr Ratchett – later identified as Cassetti – the man to who kidnapped and murdered Daisy Armstrong.

They all did it! Each passenger was a member of the Armstrong household and they each stabbed Cassetti once. The only one who didn’t is Elena whose husband acted on her behalf.

Revenge for the killing of Daisy.

Stabbed 12 times – once by each person 

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