Taken at the Flood

Also known as There is a Tide

Taken at the Flood Book


The young new bride Rosaleen Cloade has been left a fortune after her husband in killed in an air raid attack - much to the frustration of the rest of his family who were desperate for their 'share' of his fortune. Tensions are high, threats are made and of course, murder ensues.


Poirot is brought in to investigate after overhearing the tale of the Cloades and Major Underhay while in the Concordia Club in London

when to read

Another anytime read for me - no specific dates or times of year that draw me to this one - to be honest, its just not my favourite.

murder mystery

It may not be the murder you're expecting but there's a host of suspects to chose from.


Set in England in 1946

Publishing info

Published in 1948 coming after 'The Hollow' in 1946 and before 'Crooked House' in 1948.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

Taken at the Flood by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 10 episode 4 starring David Suchet as Poirot. 

Taken at the Flood Character List

Adela MarchmontLynn’s Mother and younger sister of George Cloade
Anthony CloadeSon of Jeremy and Frances who was killed in the war
Beatrice Lippincottlandlady of The Stagg Inn
David HunterRosaleen’s brother
Eileen CorriganHousmaid at Gordon Cloade’s London house
Enoch ArdenStranger staying at The Stagg and blackmailer
Frances CloadeMarried to Jeremy
GeorgePoirot’s valet
GladysMaid at The Stagg Inn
Gordon CloadeDeceased husband of Rosaleen Cloade, killed in the Blitz
Jeremy CloadeSolicitor and older brother of George Cloade, married to Frances
Johnnie VavasourFarming partner to Rowley, killed in the war
Katherine CloadeMarried to Lionel
Lionel CloadeDoctor and younger brother of George Cloade, married to Katherine
Lynn MarchmontRecently returned Wrenn, engaged to Rowley
Major PorterMember of the same club in London as Jeremy Cloade
Mrs LeadbetterResident at The Stagg Inn
Rosaleen Cloade / Mrs Robert UnderhayWealthy young widow, first married to Robert Underhay and then George Cloade
Rowley CloadeLocal Farmer and nephew of George Cloade
Sergeant GravesPoliceman 
Superintendent SpenceRetired police officer


Rosaleen Cloade aka Eileen Corrigan is the only true murder despite there being three deaths in the novel.

Enoch Arden – actually – Charles Trenton, second cousin to Frances Cloade wasn’t murder but ‘an accident’ 

Major Porter commits suicide after perjuring himself.

Rowley also attempts to strange Lynn who then goes on the marry him (you can see why this is not one of my favourites)


David Hunter murders the womand posing as Rosaleen Cloade. 

Rowley is responsible for the deaths of Trenton and Major Porter and tries to kill Lynn.

David hunter falls in love with Lynn and wants to marry her. He decides he needs to kill Rosaleen (aka Eileen Corrigan) his accomplis and former lover to be rid of her.

Poisoned (appears as an over dose)

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