One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

Also known as The Patriotic Murders and An Overdose of Death

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe Book


As if going to the dentist isn't bad enough, he then turns up murdered! Poirot is on the scene when Mr Morely his dentist is shot - when more deaths follow and with suspects ranging from a would be prime-minister to young american socialites and English upstarts there's plenty for him to get his teeth into.


The 19th novel to feature Poirot and his little grey cells.

when to read

Read anytime - but maybe not while you're waiting to see the dentist...

murder mystery

Murder mystery with notes of espionage and national security.

england - london

Publishing info

Published in 1940 after Sad Cypress. The next novel by Agatha Christie is Evil Under the Sun in 1941.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 4 episode 3 starring David Suchet.

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe Character List

Agnes FletcherMorley’s maid
Alfred BiggsMorley’s page boy who announces patient arrivals and lets them up
Chief Inspector James JappScotland Yard detective
Frank CarterGladys’ boyfriend
GeorgePoirot’s valet
Georgina MorleyHenry Morley’s sister
Gerda Blunt (nee Grant)Alistair Blunt’s first wife
Gladys NevillHenry Morley’s secretary
Helen MontressorAlistair Blunt’s Scottish cousin
Henry MorleyHercule Poirot’s dentist and victim
Howard RakesPolitical activist and boyfriend of Jane 
Jane OliveraJulia’s daughter
Julia OliveraAlistair Blunt’s sister-in-law (of his first wife)
Mabelle Sainsbury SealeDental patient 
Martin Alistair BluntHigh profile politician/banker
Mr AmberiotisGreek patient of Henry Morley
Mr Barnes/ Albert ChapmanPatient and former member of the Home Office
Mr ReillyDentist who works with Henry Morley


Henry Morley the dentist

Mrs Sainsbury Seale

Mr Amberiotis

Alistair and Gerda Blunt

Mrs Sainsbury Seale recognised Blunt and knew his first wife Gerda when they were in India – being able to identify that he’d committed bigamy.

Mr Morley was killed so swap the dental records to stop Mrs Sainsbury Seale’s body being identified

Amberiotis was killed as he was blackmailing blunt after speaking with Miss Sainsbury Seale

Morely is shot

Sainsbury Seale is bludgeoned 

Amberiotis is poisoned/ given an overdose

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