Sad Cypress

Sad Cypress Book


Elinor Carlisle is in the dock. It seemed so long ago now that she had life pretty well sorted, a wealthy aunt she expected to inherit from, a fiance Roddy whom she'd known and loved all her life plus plenty of plans for the future. But when her Aunt's ward Mary Gerrard came back on the scene and she received a letter warning her that she could be cut out, she and Roddy decided they should visit. Soon enough, Roddy's head was turned by the beautiful Mary and when the Aunt and then Mary both died... all fingers pointed at Elinor.

Can Poirot prove there has been a mistake and save her from the judge and jury? Read to find out...


Poirot's 18th appearance in a novel - here to solve the crime.

when to read

I tend to read/ listen or just watch this in the summer when the roses are out in the garden. The ITV adaptation with David Suchet is really close to the story line of the book so I enjoy this particular adaptation.

murder mystery

Murder mystery by Agatha Christie


Set in a classic English village and sprawling country manor house.

Publishing info

This is Agatha Christie's 27th novel. It was published in 1940 the same year as 'One, Two, Buckle My Shoe'.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

Sad Cypress by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 9 episode 2 starring David Suchet as Poirot. 

Did you know

David Suchet met residents of the hospice where filming took place dressed up as and in the character of Poirot to answer their questions.

Sad Cypress Character List

Alfred James WargraveWitness, an expert in roses
Amelia Mary SedleyWitness from New Zealand
Dr Alan GarciaWitness for the prosecution
Dr Peter LordMrs Welman’s doctor
Edward John MarshallWitness from New Zealand
Elinor CarlisleMrs Welman’s niece who is accused of murdering Mary
Eliza GerrardDeceased wife of Bob Gerrard and once lady’s maid to Mrs Welman
Ephrim ‘Bob’ GerrardLodgekeeper and legal father of Mary
HorlickGardner for Mrs Welman
Inspector BrillInvestigating officer
James Arthur LittledaleWitness, a chemist
Mary GerrardMrs Welman’s young protégé who grew up at the lodge and is killed
Mary Riley Mary Gerrard’s Aunt, Eliza Gerrard’s sister
Mr AbbottWitness and a grocer
Mr Justice BeddingfieldThe judge in Elinor’s court hearing
Mr SeddonElinor’s solicitor
Mrs BishopMrs Welman’s housekeeper
Mrs Laura WelmanWealthy widow who dies
Mrs SlatteryLocal gossip and housekeeper to the former village doctor
Nurse Eileen O’BrienNurse who treats Mrs Welman
Nurse Jessie HopkinsDistrict Nurse 
Roderick WelmanInitially engaged to Elinor 
Sir Edwin BulmerCounsel for the defence of Elinor Carlisle
Sir Lewis RycroftDeceased, married to a committed patient and once in love with Laura Welman
Sir Samuel AttenburyCounsel for the prosecution
Ted BiglandFarmer’s son who wants to date Mary Gerrard


Mary Gerrard and Mrs Welman

Nurse Hoplins

Nurse Hopkins was really Mary Gerrad’s Aunt from New Zealand, Mary Draper nee Riley . She persuades Mary to leave the money she inherits from Mrs Welman to herself as Mary’s aunt.

Mary and Mrs Welman are both poisoned with Morphine

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