The Hollow

Also known as Murder After Hours

The Hollow Book


John Christow is a doctor, a father, a husband and...dead. His wife is discovered, during a house party, standing over his body, holding a revolver - but did she do it?


This is the 22nd appearance of (probably) the most famous detective in the world.

when to read

I don't know if its thanks to the beautifully shot ITV adaptation of this showcasing Autumn in England at its best or just the references to shooting and pheasants but I always look forward to enjoying this story in November - to me it means December (and Christmas) is coming and I love to cosy up with this one.

murder mystery

Perfect country house murder with suspects galore to chose from.


Set in England with references to heading to 'the country' for the summer.

Publishing info

Published in 1946 this is the first Poirot story in four years with the previous one being 'Five Little Pigs' written in 1942. The novel immediately preceding this one was Sparkling Cyanide (based on the short story Yellow Iris) but Poirot was replaced with Colonel Race as the sleuth.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

The Hollow by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 9 episode 4 starring David Suchet as Poirot. 

The Hollow Character List

Beryl CollinsSecretary to John Christow
David AngkatellA student and relative of the Angkatell’s
DorisHousemaid at The Hollow
Dr John ChristowDoctor investigating the effects and cure for Ridgeway’s disease. Married to Gerda and victim
Edward AngkatellDistant cousin to Sir Henry and owner of Ainswick
GudgeonButler at The Hollow
Henrietta SavernakeA sculptor having an affair with John Christow 
Inspector GrangeInvestigating officer
Lady Lucy AngkatellSir Henry’s wife and mistress of The Hollow
Midge HardcastleLady Lucy’s young cousin who works at a dress makers 
Mrs CrabtreePatient of John Christow suffering with Ridgway’s disease
Mrs Gerda ChristowJohn Christow’s wife
Sergeant ClarkePoliceman
Sir Henry AngkatellOwner of the Hollow
TerenceJohn and Gerda’s 12 year old son
Veronica CrayAmerican actress staying nearby and ex-girlfriend of John Christow
ZenaJohn and Gerda’s 9 year old daughter


John Christow

His wife Gerda Christow

Gerda discovers her husbands infidelity and shoots him in revenge.

John is shot

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