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Agatha Christie wrote a total of 66 mystery novels and not all of them featured either Poirot or Marple. As well as the many Poirot and Marple mystery novels, Agatha Christie wrote a large volume of other novels with various protagonists acting as they lead ‘sleuth’ character. With murders ranging from poisonings to being pushed off a cliff, framed for murder  and drownings  – each novel offers Christie’s usual knack for keeping you guessing, plenty of red herrings and a host of likely suspects. Below are the various novels by type for you to explore. There are a mix of thriller/ mystery novels centred around the Beresfords, a married couple who work together solving crimes. Many of the murder mystery novels are country house and closed circle mysteries such as Crooked House, Towards Zero and Ordeal by Innocence. Then there are the thriller/espionage novels and finally the plays (many of which have been transferred into novels and or/ short stories).

Tommy & Tuppence Beresford

1922 - The Secret Adversary
1941 - N Or M?
1968 - By the Pricking of My Thumbs
1973 - Postern Of Fate

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Murder Mystery

1925 - The Secret Of Chimneys
1929 - The Seven Dials Mystery – also set at Chimneys
1932 - The Sittaford Mystery
1935 - Why Didn't They Ask Evans
1939 - And Then There Were None
1939 - Murder is Easy
1944 - Towards Zero
1944 - Death Comes At The End – Historical murder mystery, set in Ancient Egypt
1945 - Sparkling Cyanide
1949 - Crooked House
1958 - Ordeal by innocence
1961- The Pale Horse
1967 - Endless Night

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Thriller/ Espionage

1924 - The Man In The Brown Suit
1952 - They Came To Baghdad
1954 - Destination Unknown
1971 - Passenger To Frankfurt

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1930 - Black Coffee
1937 - Akhanaton
1948 - Butter in a Lordly Dish
1971 - Fiddlers Three (originally five)
1952 - Personal Call
1954 - Spiders Web
1958 - The Unexpected Guest
1958 - Verdict

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