Murder On The Links

Murder On The Links book


Poirot receives a letter from a Paul Renauld asking him to come and help as he has been receiving threatening letters. Poirot journeys to France only to discover his is too late - the body of a man has been discovered on the links of the nearby golf course - stabbed.


The second novel featuring the Belgium sleuth with his friend Captain Hastings.

when to read

I'd say this is perfect for a hot summer day or while on holiday (ideally in France) to really immerse yourself in the story. Or just perfect at home with a cup of tea on the couch.

murder mystery

Classic 'who done it' from the Queen of Crime


Poirot and Hastings are in France for the first a 3 novels Agatha Christie sets here.

Publishing info

Published in 1923, this is Agatha Christie 3rd Novel and the 2nd one to feature Hercule Poirot.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

Murder On The Links by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 6 episode 3 starring David Suchet as Poirot. 

Murder On The Links Character List

Captain Arthur HastingsFriend of Poirot’s who falls for Dulcie Duveen
Paul RenauldBusinessman and victim, Married to Eloise 
Eloise RenauldPaul’s wife who was tied up, mother of Jack
Jack RenauldPaul and Eloise’s son previously seeing Belle Duveen and now seeing Marthe Dubreuil
Monsieur GiraudFrench detective at the Paris Surete
Monsieur HautetExamining magistrate and Giraud’s assistant
Madame Daubreuil/ Jeanne BeroldyNext door neighbour to the Renaulds, Marthe’s mother and wife of Beroldy who was murdered 22 years ago
Marthe DaubreuilDaughter of Mme Daubreuil wo wants to marry Jack
Gabriel StonorPaul Renauld’s secretary 
Bella DuveenStage performer in love with Jack and sister of Dulcie
Dulce ‘Cinderella’ DuveenStage performer and twin sister of Bella
Lucien BexCommissary of Police for Merlinville
Monsieur MarchaudPolice sergeant in Merlinville
Dr DurandLocal doctor
Francoise ArrichetElderly servant at the Ville Genervive 
Leonie OulardYoung maid at the Ville Gernervive and Denise’s sister
Denise OulardAnother maid at the Ville Genervive and Leonie’s sister
AugusteThe Renauld’s gardener
Joseph AaronsBritish theatrical agent


Paul Renauld

Marthe Daubreuil

Financial gain – she hoped to marry Jack his son and thereby inherit the wealthy businessman’s money


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