Episode 1 Evil Under the Sun

Based on the novel by Agatha Christie and aired in April 2001. 

Hercule Poirot, David Suchet

Hastings, Hugh Fraser

Chief Inspector Japp, Philip Jackson

Miss Lemon, Pauline Moran

Patrick Redfern, Michael Higgs

Christine Redfern, Tamzin Malleson

Arlena Stuart, Louise Delamere

Stephen Lane, Tim Meats

Rosamund Darnley, Marsha Fitzalan

Emily Brewster, Carolyn Pickles

Kenneth Marshall, David Mallinson

Lionel Marshall, Russell Tovey

Major Barry, Ian Thompson

Horace Blatt, David Timson

Mrs Castle, Rosalind March

William, Paul Ready

Gladys Narracott, Rebecca Johnson

Barman, Guy Vincent

Chief Constable Weston, Roger Alborough

Coroner, Kevin Moore

Nathan Lloyd, Jason Davies

Mr Applegood, Kenneth Gilbert

Simon Kelso, Lawrence McGrandles Jr.

Jack Lovett, Grant Gillespie

Librarian, Harriet Eastcott

Waiter (as Andrew Macbean), Andrew MacBean

Policeman, Steve Bennett

Officer, Andrew Ashby

Filmed on the famous Burgh Island off the coast of Devon – also the inspiration of ‘And Then There Were None’ and where Agatha Christie herself stayed.

Based on the novel by Agatha Christie ‘Evil Under the Sun’ published in 1941. The novel is a wider a development of the short story ‘Triangle at Rhodes’. 

Russel Tovey who plays Lionel Marshall (the TV adaptation features a son rather than a daughter Linda) also stars as PC Terence Reed in Murder is Easy of the Marple Series. 

Episode 2 Murder in Mesopotamia

Based on the novel by Agatha Christie, Murder In Mesopotamia first aired in June 2002. Poirot is in Iraq and invited to join an archaeological dig where he meets the beautiful Mrs Louise Leidner, wife of the dig leader Dr Eric Leidner, who is afraid for her life as she has been receiving threatening letters purporting to be from her supposedly deceased first husband.  

Hercule Poirot, David Suchet

Hastings, Hugh Fraser

Dr. Leidner, Ron Berglas

Mrs. Leidner, Barbara Barnes

Anne Johnson, Dinah Stabb

Amy Leatheran, Georgina Sowerby

Bill Coleman, Jeremy Turner-Welch

Sheila Maitland, Pandora Clifford

Father Lavigny, Christopher Hunter

Richard Carey, Christopher Bowen

Superintendent Maitland, Iain Mitchell

Joseph Mercado, Alexi Kaye Campbell

Mrs. Mercado, Deborah Poplett

Squat Man, Kamel Touati

Hotel Receptionist, Hichem Rostom

Police Sergeant, Zoubeir Bornaz

Murdered Man (as Rejeb Magri), Dejeb Magri

Workman, Hammadi Maaroufi

Abdullah (as Ramzi Brairi), Ramzi Brari

Filming took place in studios in Berkshire as well as in Oudhna, Tunisia 

Based on the novel by Agatha Christie ‘Murder in Mesopotamia’ published in 1936. The TV adaptation stays close to the original, if slightly implausible (!) original story.

Barbara Barnes who plays Mrs Leidner also featured as Mrs Lester in a 1990 episode of Poirot, ‘The Lost Mine’