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It's the first time Poirot has had a request of this kind...a young girl has come to see him because she thinks she may have killed someone. It is also the first time Poirot has been then told his help is not wanted as he is 'too old'! Despite this insult, when the young lady, Norma, then goes missing without any of her friends or family apparently caring, Poirot worries for her and steps in to help.


Poirot is joined by his friend Ariadne Oliver to helps him throughout this, the 29th novel, featuring the little Belgium detective.

when to read

Although this is an anytime read, there's a lot of darkness to this novel with suicide, insanity and cruelty so I tend to think of it as an autumn/ winter read - but that's just me.

murder mystery

A good murder mystery where the key suspect unusually presents themselves at the start!


Set in London we find out about the residents of 'Borodene Mansions'​ where Norma lives as the third girl in a flat share.

Publishing info

The Third Girl was published in 1966 this follows the 1965 publication of 'At Bertram's Hotel' and precedes 'Endless Night' published in 1967.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

Third Girl by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 11 episode 3 starring David Suchet as Poirot. 

Third Girl Character List

Andrew RestarickNorma’s father whom she hadn’t seen since she was 5
Ariadne OliverMystery writer
Chief Inspector NeeleInvestigator for the second murder
Claudia Reece-HollandResident at flat 62 Borodene Mansions with Norma
David BakerArtist who is seeing Norma Restarick
Dr John StillingfleetDoctor and psychiatrist
Felicity LemonHercule Poirot’s secretary
Frances CaryFlatmate of Norma and Claudia
GeorgePoirot’s valet
Grace Baldwin RestarickNorma’s mother who died over two years ago
Louise Birell CharpentierDeceased after falling from flat 76 Borodene Mansions 
Mary RestarickAndrew’s young second wife and stepmother to Norma
Miss BattersbyFormer principle at Meadowbank school to which Norma attended
Miss JacobsNeighbour to Claudia and lived below Louise
Mr GobyPoirot’s PI
Norma RestarickThird girl staying in flat 62 Borodene Mansions
Robert OrwellMan to met Andrew Restarick in Africa
Sergeant ConollyPoliceman
Sir Roderick HorsfieldUncle to Andrew and Norma’s Great Uncle
SoniaSir Roderick’s personal assistant from herzegovia 


Louise Charpentier and David Baker 

Robert Orwell (posing as Andrew Restarick with his accomplis Frances Cary

Louise knew the Restaricks too well to fall Robert’s posing as Andrew so she was killed. 

David knew too much – he had painted the new portrait of Robert and was blackmailing him.

Both victims are stabbed.

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