Characters in Poirot Novels

Poirot Novels

(including Black Coffee)

Agatha Christie wrote a whopping 33 Poirot novels and a further 51 short stories featuring the famous Belgium detective. Not only is the breath of stories and plots Christie created impressive but the sheer number of characters is unbelievable too. Here at EverythingAgatha, we have captured all the characters created from each novel and short story to create a full character index for you – whether you’re writing an essay, creating your own site, writing a book even or just want to remember a character you’ve forgotten – they’re all here. All the characters from the Poirot novels are listed out below. We’ve not only included those that feature directly in the store is but even the characters who are ‘deceased’ such as the parents of Pilar Estravdos in Black Coffee or referred to only  such as Lily Gamboll from Mrs McGinty’s Dead. We’ve tried to make this the most comprehensive list of characters so you can find everyone Agatha Christie created from her impressive and never ending imagination. 

Complete list of all characters featuring in the Poirot Novels in alphabetical order. 

Note: where a character has no given first name (that I’m aware of, they will be under their title whether Mr, Mrs or Miss. When characters have a specific title such as Lady, Captain etc.., they will be under their title first. Please use the search button if this is not convenient for you though!

Recurring Characters

Hercule Poirot

The most famous detective in the world – proud of his moustaches and fixated on order and method. 

captain arthur hastings

Friend of Poirot’s who often helps him solve crimes, your classic English gent with a penchant for girls with auburn hair.

Miss felcity lemon

The perfect secretary – always, punctual, magnificently organised and aiming to create her own filing system. She never makes a mistake – apart from once…

chief inspector japp

Of Scotland Yard no less! Solving crimes side by side with Poirot, Japp likes to keep things simple to catch the culprit.

ariadne oliver

As famous for her instincts as her detective Sven, this author has a passion for apples as well as her Swede.


Poirot’s discrete and debonair valet. Always ready with whatever is needed and a dab hand at removing spots of grease.

Individual Character List



Abe RylandThe Big FourThe ‘American Soap King’, supposed richest man in the world
Abigail McGintyMrs McGinty’s DeadChar-woman and victim
Achille PoirotThe Big FourPoirot’s supposed twin brother
Ada Mason/ Kittie KidThe Mystery Of The Blue TrainRuth Kettering’s Ladies maid 
Adela MarchmontTaken At The FloodLynn’s Mother and younger sister of George Cloade
Agnes FletcherOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeMorley’s maid
Ah LingThe Big FourChinese servant to Mr Paynter
Albert DavisDeath In The CloudsSteward on the plan
Albert HaylingMrs McGinty’s DeadLocal policeman for Broadhinny
Alec LeggeDead Man’s FollyYoung scientist, married to Peggy
Alexander Bonaparte CustThe ABC MurdersSalesman who suffers with blackouts
Alexander GuthrieAfter The FuneralArt collector
Alfred BiggsOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeMorley’s page boy who announces patient arrivals and lets them up
Alfred InglethorpThe Mysterious Affair At StylesYounger husband to Emily Inglethorp
Alfred James WargraveSad CypressWitness, an expert in roses
Alfred LeeHercule Poirot’s ChristmasSimeon’s eldest son, married to Lydia, lives with Simeon
Alfred RichmondHallowe’en PartyChief Constable
Alice AscherThe ABC MurdersShopkeeper and victim
Alice CalderCat Among The PigeonsSecret wife of Prince Ali Yusuf
Alice CorriganEvil Under The SunDeceased wife of Patrick Redfern
AltonLord Edgware DiesLord Edgware’s butler
Amabel PierceAppointment With DeathNursery governess to the Boynton family as children
Amanda BrewisDead Man’s FollySecretary to Sir George Stubbs
Ameas CraleFive Little PigsPainter and victim. Husband of Caroline and father to Carla
Amelia Mary SedleySad CypressWitness from New Zealand
Amy FolliatDead Man’s FollyPrevious owner of Nasse House
Amy LeatheranMurder In MesopotamiaNurse (and narrator)
Andrew PenningtonDeath On The NileLinnet’s American Trustee and friend of her father’s
Andrew RestarickThe Third GirlNorma’s father whom she hadn’t seen since she was 5
Angela Sutcliffe Three Act TragedyFamous actress at Sir Charles’ party
Angela WarrenFive Little PigsArchaeologist 
Angele BlancheCat Among The PigeonsFrench Mistress at Meadowbank
Angus McNaughtonThe ClocksResident of 63 Wilbraham Crescent and retired professor
Ann ReynoldsHallowe’en PartyYounger sister of Joyce the victim
Ann ShaplandCat Among The PigeonsNew secretary at Meadowbank
Anne JohnsonMurder In MesopotamiaColleague to Dr Leidner
Anne MeredithCards On The TableYoung woman and guest of Mr Shaitana
Anne MorisotDeath In The CloudsDaughter of Madam Giselle
Anthony CloadeTaken At The FloodSon of Jeremy and Frances who was killed in the war
Antonio FoscarelliMurder On The Orient ExpressTravelling Italian salesman, the Armstrong’s chauffer
Arlena Marshall (nee Stuart)Evil Under The SunBeautiful actress, married to Captain Kenneth Marshall
Armand DupontDeath In The CloudsArchaeologist and father of Jean Dupont, passenger on the plane where the murder was committed
Arthur LevershamThe Big FourAuthor of letter sent to Abe Ryland
AugusteThe Murder On The LinksThe Renauld’s gardener
Austen Foly/ Austen Lee/ Ernest Luttrell/ John St MaurThe Big FourUnseen suspects for the character of ‘The Destroyer’
Barbara AmoryBlack CoffeeDaughter of Sir Claud
Barbara FranklinCurtainDr Franklin’s invalid wife
Beatrice LippincottTaken At The Floodlandlady of The Stagg Inn
Bella DuveenThe Murder On The LinksStage performer in love with Jack and sister of Dulcie
Bella TaniosDumb WitnessEmily Arundell’s other niece and cousin of Charles and Theresa
Bert CroftPeril At End HouseAustralian renting the lodge at End House, married to Molly
Beryl CollinsThe HollowSecretary to John Christow
Bessie BurchMrs McGinty’s DeadMrs McGinty’s niece, married to Joe
Betsy AndrewsThe Big FourHousekeeper for Jonathan Whalley
Bill ColemanMurder In MesopotamiaYoung man in his first year with the dig team
Bill RamsayThe ClocksMrs Ramsey’s young son
Bob RawlinsonCat Among The PigeonsPrince Ali Yusuf’s friend and pilot – brother of Joan Sutcliffe, Jennifer’s Uncle
Bob the DogDumb WitnessFox Terrier belonging to Emily Arundell
Bryan MartinLord Edgware DiesActor



Caleb JohnathanFive Little PigsSolicitors for the Crale family
Captain DacresThree Act TragedyOld sea captain, gambler and guest at Sir Charles’ party, married to Cynthia
Captain HarveyThe Big FourAgent of the British Intelligence Service
Captain Jim WarburtonDead Man’s Folly 
Captain Kenneth MarshallEvil Under The SunArlena’s current husband, father of Linda
Captain KentThe Big FourMember of United States secret service
Captain MaitlandMurder In MesopotamiaPoliceman 
Captain Ralf PatonThe Murder Of Roger AckroydHandsome stepson of Roger Ackroyd, engaged to Flora but secretly married to Ursula
Captain Ronald MarshLord Edgware DiesLord Edgeware’s nephew
Carl ReiterMurder In MesopotamiaYoung photographer at the dig from Chicago
Carla LemarchantFive Little PigsDaughter of Caroline Crale
Carlotta Adams Lord Edgware DiesAmerican actress and impersonator
Carol BoyntonAppointment With DeathStep-daughter of Mrs Boynton
Caroline AmoryBlack CoffeeSpinster sister to 
Caroline CraleFive Little PigsWife of Ameas, accused of his murder, mother of Carla
Caroline PeabodyDumb WitnessFriend of Emily Arundell
Caroline SheppardThe Murder Of Roger AckroydSister of Dr Sheppard
Cathie Johnson Hallowe’en PartyHelper at the party
Cecelia WilliamsFive Little PigsGoverness to the Crales
Cecil AckroydThe Murder Of Roger AckroydWidowed sister-in-lar to Roger and Flora’s mother
Celia AustinHickory Dickory DockDispenser at local hospital (St Catherine’s)
Celia RavenscroftElephants Can RememberGodchild of Ariadne Oliver and daughter of the victims
Charles ArundellDumb WitnessNephew of Emily Arundell, brother of Theresa
Charles Evans ‘Chubby’The Mystery Of The Blue TrainTamplin’s current younger husband
Charles KentThe Murder Of Roger AckroydCanadian drug addict secret son of Miss Russell visits Fernly Park
Charles VysePeril At End HouseSolicitor and cousin of Nick Buckley
Charlotte BenfieldHallowe’en PartyShop assistant who was murdered
Chief Inspector NeeleThe Third GirlInvestigator for the second murder
Chief Superintendent GarrowayElephants Can RememberInvestigating officer – retired
Christine RedfernEvil Under The SunMarried to Patrick Redfern, on holiday
Claude DarrellThe Big FourEnglish actor
Claudia Reece-HollandThe Third GirlResident at flat 62 Borodene Mansions with Norma
Colin LambThe ClocksBritish Intelligence agent
Colin McNabbHickory Dickory DockPsychiatry student 
Colonel ArmstrongMurder On The Orient ExpressDeceased husband of Sonia Armstrong and Daisey’s father
Colonel BeckThe ClocksColin Lamb’s boss in the British Intelligence service
Colonel CarburyAppointment With DeathSenior figure
Colonel Ephriam PikeawayCat Among The Pigeons 
Colonel John ArbuthnotMurder On The Orient ExpressEnglishman travelling on the train, In love with Mary and was friends with the Armstrong’s
Colonel JohnsonHercule Poirot’s ChristmasChief Constable
Colonel Melrose The Murder Of Roger AckroydChief Constable
Colonel RaceDeath On The Nile & Cards On The TableSecret Service agent
Colonel Toby LutteralCurtainOwner of Styles
Colonel WestonEvil Under The SunChief Constable
Colonol ApplebyThe Big FourAmerican secretary to Aby Ryland
Commander George ChallengerPeril At End HouseFriend of Nick Buckley
Comte Armand De La RocheThe Mystery Of The Blue TrainLadies man seeing Ruth Kettering
Constable Bob HoskinsDead Man’s FollyPoliceman 
Cora LansquenetAfter The FuneralRichard Abernethie’s sister 
Cornelia RobsonDeath On The NilePoor relation of Miss Van Schuyler
Count Rudolph AndrenyiMurder On The Orient ExpressHungarian gentleman married to the Countess, 
Countess Elena AndrenyiMurder On The Orient ExpressYoung wife of the Count and younger sister of
Countess Vera RossakoffThe Big FourRussian aristocrat
CroftMrs McGinty’s DeadButler to the Carpenters
CurtisCurtainPoirot’s new valet
Cynthia DacresThree Act TragedyDressmaker and wife of captain Dacres
Cynthia MurdochThe Mysterious Affair At StylesOrphaned daughter of a friend of the Cavendish family who is living with them and working as a dispenser
Cyrus HardmanMurder On The Orient ExpressAmerican salesman, was in love with Louise, the Armstrong’s French nurse who killed herself
Daisey ArmstrongMurder On The Orient ExpressBaby daughter of Colonel and Sonia Armstrong who was kidnapped and murdered 
David AngkatellThe HollowA student and relative of Sir Henry and Lady Lucy
David BakerThe Third GirlArtist who is seeing Norma Restarick
David EmmottMurder In MesopotamiaYoung American in his second year with the dig
David HunterTaken At The FloodRosaleen’s brother
David LeeHercule Poirot’s ChristmasSimeon’s younger son and artist
DeansThe Big FourAbe Ryland’s valet
Demetrius PapopolousThe Mystery Of The Blue TrainAntiques dealer
Denis RathboneCat Among The PigeonsBoyfriend of Ann Shapland
Denise OulardThe Murder On The LinksAnother maid at the Ville Genervive and Leonie’s sister
Derek KetteringThe Mystery Of The Blue TrainRuth’s husband, future Lord Leconbury
Derek O’ConnorCat Among The PigeonsMember of British Intelligence, informs Joan Sutcliffe of her brother’s death
Desmond Burton-CoxElephants Can RememberCelia’s boyfriend
Desmond HollandHallowe’en PartyHelp at the party
Detective Inspector KelseyCat Among The PigeonsInvestigator for the murder at Meadowbank
Dick HardcastleThe ClocksInvestigating officer
Dierdre HendersonMrs McGinty’s DeadEdith and Roger Weatherby’s daughter
District Judge StanisdaleMrs McGinty’s DeadJudge presiding over the trial of the murder of Mrs McGinty
Donald FraserThe ABC MurdersBoyfriend of Elizabeth Barnard
Donald RossLord Edgware DiesYoung actor
DorcasThe Mysterious Affair At StylesMaid at Styles Court
DorisThe HollowHousemaid at The Hollow
Dorothea RavenscroftElephants Can RememberTwin sister of Margaret
Dr Alan GarciaSad CypressWitness for the prosecution
Dr Bartholomew StrangeThree Act TragedyNerve specialist and friend of Sir Charles. Second victim
Dr BauersteinThe Mysterious Affair At StylesA toxicologist 
Dr BryantDeath In The CloudsDoctor and flautist
Dr CarelliBlack CoffeeItalian acquaintance of Lucia
Dr ConstantineMurder On The Orient ExpressDoctor travelling on the train
Dr DurandThe Murder On The LinksLocal doctor
Dr Eric LeidnerMurder In MesopotamiaArchaeologist in charge of the dig
Dr FergusonHallowe’en PartyThe family doctor for the Reynolds
Dr GerardAppointment With DeathFrench Psychologist
Dr Giles ReillyMurder In MesopotamiaDoctor in Hassaneih and friend of Poirot’s
Dr GraingerDumb WitnessEmily Arundell’s doctor
Dr Jacob TaniosDumb WitnessBella’s Greek husband working in Smyrna
Dr James SheppardThe Murder Of Roger AckroydDoctor at Kind Abbott and brother of Caroline
Dr John ChristowThe HollowDoctor investigating the effects and cure for Ridgeway’s disease. Married to Gerda and victim
Dr John FranklinCurtainA research chemist
Dr John StillingfleetThe Third GirlDoctor and psychiatrist
Dr Ludwig BessnerDeath On The NileGerman doctor
Dr Peter LordSad CypressMrs Welman’s doctor
Dr QuentinThe Big FourDoctor blamed for death of Mr Paynter
Dr RendellMrs McGinty’s DeadLocal doctor in Broad Broadhinny, married to his second wife Shelagh
Dr Rex DonaldsonDumb WitnessTheresa’s fiancé
Dr RidgewayThe Big FourPoirot’s doctor
Dr RobertsCards On The TableDoctor 
Dr SavaronoffThe Big FourBest chess player in the world
Dr ThompsonThe ABC MurdersForensic Psychologist creating a profile of the killer for Japp
Dr TrevesThe Big FourHost of a dinner at the Templeton’s
Dr WilloughbyElephants Can RememberPsychiatrist
Dulce ‘Cinderella’ DuveenThe Murder On The LinksStage performer and twin sister of Bella



Edith WetherbyMrs McGinty’s DeadResident of Broadhinny who had Mrs McGinty as her cleaner
EdmundsFive Little PigsClerk at the Mayhew solicitor’s firm
EdnaMrs McGinty’s DeadVillage shop assistant in Boadhinny
Edna BrentThe ClocksTypist at the Bureau
Edward AngkatellThe HollowDistant cousin to Sir Henry and owner of Ainswick
Edward Henry MastermanMurder On The Orient ExpressEnglishman and was once the Armstrong’s valet and batman during the war
Edward John MarshallSad CypressWitness from New Zealand
Edward RaynorBlack CoffeeSecretary to Sir Claud
Edward TaniosDumb WitnessBella ad Jacob’s son
Eileen CorriganTaken At The FloodHousmaid at Gordon Cloade’s London house who survived the bombing
Eileen RichCat Among The PigeonsEnglish Mistress at Meadowbank
Eleanor VansittartCat Among The PigeonsTeacher – deputy to Ms Bulstrode
Elinor CarlisleSad CypressMrs Welman’s niece who is accused of murdering Mary
Elisabeth WhittakerHallowe’en PartyMaths teacher at the local school
Eliza GerrardSad CypressDeceased wife of Bob Gerrard and once lady’s maid to Mrs Welman
Elizabeth ‘Betty’ BarnardThe ABC MurdersWaitress at the Ginger Cat and victim
Elizabeth ColeCurtain 
Elizabeth JohnstonHickory Dickory DockJamaican law student
Elizabeth RussellThe Murder Of Roger AckroydHousekeeper to Roger Ackroyd at Fernly Park
EllenDumb WitnessMember of Emily Arundell’s household staff
EllenPeril At End HouseHousekeeper at End House
EllisLord Edgware DiesJane Wilkinson’s maid
EllisThree Act TragedyButler at Bartholomew Strange’s dinner
Eloise RenauldThe Murder On The LinksPaul’s wife who was tied up, mother of Jack
Elsa Greer – Lady DittishamFive Little PigsGirlfriend of Ameas Crale
Elsie BattCards On The TableParlour maid to Mrs Craddock (patient of Dr Roberts)
Elspeth McKayHallowe’en PartyInspector Spence’s sister
Emily ArundellDumb WitnessElderly, wealthy woman and victim.
Emily BrewsterEvil Under The SunSpinster also on holiday
Emily InglethorpThe Mysterious Affair At StylesElderly mistress of Styles Court, married to her second husband Alfred
Enoch ArdenTaken At The FloodStranger staying at The Stagg and blackmailer
Ephrim ‘Bob’ GerrardSad CypressLodgekeeper and legal father of Mary
Etienne de SousaDead Man’s FollyCousin of Hattie Stubbs from
Eve CarpenterMrs McGinty’s DeadBeauty, Married to guy
Evelyn HowardThe Mysterious Affair At StylesFriend of Mrs Inglthorp 
Father Lavigny/ Raoul MenierMurder In MesopotamiaFrench cleric, new to the dig team, specialising in languages 
Felix LaonThe Big FourMan who attacks Hastings in Paris
Flora AckroydThe Murder Of Roger AckroydRoger Ackroyd’s niece
Flossie MonroThe Big FourOld friend of Claude Darrell
Frances CaryThe Third GirlFlatmate of Norma and Claudia
Frances CloadeTaken At The FloodMarried to Jeremy
Francoise ArrichetThe Murder On The LinksElderly servant at the Ville Genervive 
Frank CarterOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeGladys’ boyfriend
Franklin ClarkeThe ABC MurdersBrother of Sir Carmichael
Franz AscherThe ABC MurdersEstranged husband of Alice Ascher
Frederica RicePeril At End HouseNick’s best friend
FriedaMrs McGinty’s DeadGerman maid at Hunter’s Close for the Weatherby’s 



Gabriel StonorThe Murder On The LinksPaul Renauld’s secretary 
General Alistair RavenscroftElephants Can RememberHusband of Margaret and father of Celia
Genevieve DriverLord Edgware DiesFriend of Carlotta
Geoffrey RaymondThe Murder Of Roger AckroydSecretary to Roger Ackroyd
George CrossfieldAfter The FuneralRichard Abernethie’s nephew
George EarlsfieldThe ABC MurdersBarber and fourth victim
George LeeHercule Poirot’s ChristmasMember of Parliament and Simeon’s son
George MayhewFive Little PigsSon of Caroline Crale’s solicitor
Georgina MorleyOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeHenry Morley’s sister
Gerald PaynterThe Big FourArtist, Mr Paynter’s nephew and air
Geraldine BrownThe Clocks10 year old girl living across from 19 Wilbraham Crescent who has a broken leg
Geraldine MarshLord Edgware DiesLord Edgeware’s daughter from his first marriage
Gerda Blunt (nee Grant)One, Two, Buckle My ShoeAlistair Blunt’s first wife
Gerda ChristowThe HollowJohn Christow’s wife
Gilmour WilsonThe Big FourYoung American chess champion
Ginevra BoyntonAppointment With DeathMrs Boynton’s daughter
GladysTaken At The FloodMaid at The Stagg Inn
Gladys NevillOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeHenry Morley’s secretary
Gordon CloadeTaken At The FloodDeceased husband of Rosaleen Cloade, killed in the Blitz
Grace Baldwin RestarickThe Third GirlNorma’s mother who died over two years ago
Gregory BanksAfter The FuneralSusan’s husband
Greta OhlssonMurder On The Orient ExpressSwedish nurse, Nurse for the Armstrong’s
GretelThe ClocksMcNaughton’s au pair
GudgeonThe HollowButler at The Hollow
Guido Richetti Death On The NileItalian Archaeologist
Guy CarpenterMrs McGinty’s DeadRunning in politics, married to Eve
Harry LeeHercule Poirot’s ChristmasAnother of Simeon’s sons who has recently returned from abroad
Hector MacQueenMurder On The Orient ExpressRachett’s American secretary and translator, was in love with Sonia Armstrong
Helen AbernethieAfter The FuneralWidowed sister-in-law to Richard Abernethie
Helen MontressorOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeAlistair Blunt’s first wife
Henrietta SavernakeThe HollowA sculptor having an affair with John Christow 
Henry MitchellDeath In The CloudsSteward on the plan
Henry MorleyOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeHercule Poirot’s dentist and victim
Hermione Lytton GoreThree Act TragedyAlso known as Egg and love interest of Sir Charles
Hilda LeeHercule Poirot’s ChristmasMarried to David
Hildegarde SchmidtMurder On The Orient ExpressLadiesmaid to Princess Dragomiroff and was the Armstrong’s cook
Honoria BulstrodeCat Among The PigeonsHeadteacher and founder of Meadowbank
Honourable Joanna SouthwardDeath On The NileLinnets friend and cousin of Tim Allerton
Honourable Julia CarstairsElephants Can RememberAcquaintance of the Ravenscrofts
Honourable Lennox TamplinThe Mystery Of The Blue TrainRosalie Tamplin’s daughter
Honourable Venetia KerrDeath In The CloudsFriend of the Horbury’s and passenger on the plane where the murder was committed 
Horace BlattEvil Under The SunSailor and guest at the hotel
HorburyHercule Poirot’s ChristmasSimeon Lee’s valet
HorlickSad CypressGardner for Mrs Welman
Howard RakesOne, Two, Buckle My ShoePolitical activist and boyfriend of Jane 



Inspector BlandDead Man’s FollyInvestigator for the murder at Nasse House
Inspector BrillSad CypressInvestigating officer
Inspector ColgateEvil Under The SunInvestigating officer
Inspector CromeThe ABC MurdersInvestigating office
Inspector DavisThe Murder Of Roger AckroydLocal inspector
Inspector GrangeThe HollowInvestigating officer
Inspector JappDeath In The CloudsScotland Yard detective
Inspector MeadowsThe Big FourPoliceman investigating death of Jonathan Whalley
Inspector RaglanThe Murder Of Roger AckroydInspector at Cranchester
Inspector SharpeHickory Dickory DockInvestigating officer
Isabel TrippDumb WitnessNeighbour of Emily Arundell, sister of Julia
Jack RenauldThe Murder On The LinksPaul and Eloise’s son previously seeing Belle Duveen and now seeing Marthe Dubreuil
Jacqueline de BellefortDeath On The NileInitially engaged to Simon Doyle and friend of Linnet
JamesThe Big FourAbe Ryland’s footman
James Arthur LittledaleSad CypressWitness, a chemist
James Gordon BentlyMrs McGinty’s DeadMrs McGinty’s lodger and accused of her murder
James WaterhouseThe ClocksResident of 18 Wilbraham Crescent
Jane GreyDeath In The CloudsHairdresser and passenger on the plane where the murder was committed
Jane OliveraOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeJulia’s daughter
Jane WilkinsonLord Edgware DiesAmerican actress, married to Lord Edgware but separated
Janet GroomMrs McGinty’s DeadHousekeeper for the Upwards
Janet WhiteHallowe’en PartyTeacher who was murdered
Jean DupontDeath In The CloudsArchaeologist and son of Armand Dupont, passenger on the plane where the murder was committed
Jefferson CopeAppointment With DeathFamily friend of the Boynton’s
Jennifer LeeHercule Poirot’s ChristmasSimon Lees daughter – deceased
Jennifer SutcliffeCat Among The PigeonsStudent at Meadowbank, Joan Sutcliffe’s daughter and Niece of Bob Rawlinson. Avid tennis player and best friends with Julia
Jeremy CloadeTaken At The FloodSolicitor and older brother of George Cloade, married to Frances
Jeremy FullertonHallowe’en PartyLocal solicitor
Jim FanthorpeDeath On The NileYoung English solicitor
Jim LazarusPeril At End HouseArt dealer
Joan SutcliffeCat Among The PigeonsBob Rawlinson’s sister and mother to Jennifer, student at Meadowbank
Joe BurchMrs McGinty’s DeadMarried to Mrs McGinty’s niece
John CavendishThe Mysterious Affair At StylesStepson of Emily Inglthorp by her first marriage
John HallidayThe Big FourScientist who disappeared
John InglesThe Big FourRetired civil servant
John ParkerThe Murder Of Roger AckroydRoger Ackroyd’s butler
Johnnie VavasourTaken At The FloodFarming partner to Rowley, killed in the war
Jonathan WhalleyThe Big FourVictim of the Big Four
Joseph AaronsThe Big FourTheatrical agent
Joseph AaronsThe Murder On The LinksBritish theatrical agent
Joseph AaronsThe Mystery Of The Blue TrainBritish theatrical agent
Joseph MercadoMurder In MesopotamiaColleague of Dr Leidner working at the dig, married to Marie
Josiah BlandThe ClocksResident at 61 Wilbraham Crescent and a builder
Joyce ReynoldsHallowe’en PartyBoastful child and victim
Judith ButlerHallowe’en PartyAriadne’s friend whom she stay with and mother of Miranda
Judith HastingsCurtainCaptain Hasting’s daughter and lab assistant to Dr Franklin
Julia OliveraOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeAlistair Blunt’s sister-in-law (of his first wife)
Julia TrippDumb WitnessNeighbour of Emily Arundell, sister of Isabel
Julia UpjohnCat Among The PigeonsStudent at Meadowbank, Mrs Upjohn’s daughter. Best friends with Jennifer



Katherine CloadeTaken At The FloodMarried to Lionel
Katherine GreyThe Mystery Of The Blue TrainAn English lady’s companion who inherits a fortune
Katherine MartindaleThe ClocksOwner of Cavindish Secretarial Bureau and sister of Valerie Bland
Lady Charlotte ClarkeThe ABC MurdersSir Carmichael’s terminally ill wife
Lady Cicely HorburyDeath In The CloudsMarried to ……and passenger on the plane where the murder was committed 
Lady Hattie StubbsDead Man’s FollyWife of Sir George Stubbs
Lady Lucy AngkatellThe HollowSir Henry’s wife and mistress of The Hollow
Lady Mary Lyttin-GoreThree Act TragedyEgg’s mother and guest at Sir Charles’ party
Lady WestholmeAppointment With DeathMember of Parliament
LanscombeAfter The FuneralButler
LarkinMrs McGinty’s DeadVillage baker in Broadhinny
Laura UpwardMrs McGinty’s DeadMater’ to Robert Upward, she adopted him as her ward
Lawrence CavendishThe Mysterious Affair At StylesYounger stepson of Emily Inglethorp
Lennox BoyntonAppointment With DeathSecond step-son of Mrs Boynton
Leonard BatesonHickory Dickory DockMedical student at the hostel
Leonie OulardThe Murder On The LinksYoung maid at the Ville Gernervive and Denise’s sister
Leopold ReynoldsHallowe’en PartyBrother of Joyce the victim
Leslie FerrierHallowe’en PartyForger who was murdered
Li Chang YenThe Big FourChinese leader and mastermind
Lily GambollMrs McGinty’s DeadFeatures in the news article in the Sunday Comet about female killers
Lily MarburyThe ABC MurdersDaughter of Custs’ landlady
Linda MarshallEvil Under The SunKenneth’s daughter by his first wife 
Linnet Doyle (nee Ridgeway)Death On The NileYoung heiress, daughter of Melouish Ridgeway. Former friend of Jackie, marries Simon Doyle. Victim 
Lionel CloadeTaken At The FloodDoctor and younger brother of George Cloade, married to Katherine
Lord EdgwereLord Edgware Diesvictim
Louise BourgetDeath On The NileLinnet’s French maid
Louise LeidnerMurder In MesopotamiaAmerican married to Dr Leidner her second husband
Louise or Susan? MichelMurder On The Orient ExpressFrench nurse to Daisy who killed herself after being suspected in her kidnap
Lucia AmoryBlack CoffeeItalian wife of Richard Amory
Lucien BexThe Murder On The LinksCommissary of Police for Merlinville
Lydia LeeHercule Poirot’s ChristmasMarried to Alfred
Lynn MarchmontTaken At The FloodRecently returned Wrenn, engaged to Rowley



Mabel PaynterThe Big FourHospital nurse
Mabelle Sainsbury SealeOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeDental patient 
Madame Daubreuil/ Jeanne BeroldyThe Murder On The LinksNext door neighbour to the Renaulds, Marthe’s mother and wife of Beroldy who was murdered 22 years ago
Madame GiselleDeath In The CloudsFrench money lender and victim
Mademoiselle ClaudeThe Big FourAn assistant to Ariadne Oliver
Mademoiselle RouselleElephants Can RememberGoverness to the Ravenscrofts
Magdalene LeeHercule Poirot’s ChristmasYoung wife of George
Maggie BuckleyPeril At End HouseNick’s cousin who comes to visit
Major AllertonCurtain 
Major BarryEvil Under The SunRetired army officer
Major DespardCards On The TableExplorer and Hunter,  guest of Mr Shaitana
Major Hector BluntThe Murder Of Roger AckroydBig game hunter, friend of Roger Ackroyd in love with Flora
Major Johnnie SummerhayesMrs McGinty’s DeadMarried to Maureen
Major PorterTaken At The FloodMember of the same club in London as Jeremy Cloade
Major Richard KnightonThe Mystery Of The Blue TrainSecretary to Rufus Van Aldin 
Margaret RavenscroftElephants Can RememberWife of Alistair and mother of Celia. She has a twin sister
Marie MercadoMurder In MesopotamiaWife of Joseph
Marie Van SchuylerDeath On The NileWealthy and exclusive American socialite. Cousin of Cornelia 
Marlene TuckerDead Man’s FollyLocal teenager who played the ‘victim’ in the murder game, and became the actual victim
Marthe DaubreuilThe Murder On The LinksDaughter of Mme Daubreuil wo wants to marry Jack
Martin Alistair BluntOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeHigh profile politician/banker
Mary CavendishThe Mysterious Affair At StylesWife of John
Mary DebenhamMurder On The Orient ExpressEnglish governess, was governess to the Armstrong’s
Mary DrowerThe ABC MurdersMrs Ascher’s niece
Mary GerrardSad CypressMrs Welman’s young protégé who grew up at the lodge and is killed
Mary RestarickThe Third GirlAndrew’s young second wife and stepmother to Norma
Mary TaniosDumb WitnessBella ad Jacob’s daughter
Maude AbernethieAfter The FuneralWife of Timothy – Richard Abernethie’s brother
Maude WilliamsMrs McGinty’s DeadYoung lady who worked at Breather and Scuttle and believes in James Bentley’s innocence
Maureen SummerhayesMrs McGinty’s DeadRuns the guest house in the village
Megan BarnardThe ABC MurdersSister of Elizabeth Barnard
Meredith BlakeFive Little PigsHerbalist, brother of Philip
Merlina RivalThe ClocksActress and person who identifies the body as her estranged husband
Michael GarfieldHallowe’en PartyGarber and landscaper 
Michael SetonPeril At End HouseWealthy adventurer and pilot who goes missing
Michael ShaneAfter The FuneralRosamund’s husband
Michael WestMrs McGinty’s DeadEmployee at the theatre where Ariadne Oliver’s novel is being turned into a play
Michael WeymanDead Man’s FollyArchitect
MickeyThe Big FourMrs Templeton’s son from a previous marriage
Midge HardcastleThe HollowLady Lucy’s young cousin who works at a dress makers 
Millicent Pebmarsh The ClocksBlind teacher living at 19 Wilbraham Crescent. Teaches at local school for the blind (Sheila’s Webb’s estranged mother)
Milly HigleyThe ABC MurdersCo-worker at The Ginger Cat with Betty Barnard
Miranda ButlerHallowe’en PartyDaughter to Judith and friend of Joyce Reynolds
MirelleThe Mystery Of The Blue TrainAn exotic dancer 
Miss BattersbyThe Third GirlFormer principle at Meadowbank school to which Norma attended
Miss BlakeCat Among The PigeonsYoung teacher at Meadowbank
Miss BowersDeath On The NileMiss Van Schuyler’s maid
Miss BurgessCards On The TableSecretary to Dr Roberts
Miss CarolLord Edgware DiesLord Edgware’s housekeeper
Miss ChadwickCat Among The PigeonsTeacher – founder of Meadowbank with Ms Bulstrode
Miss EmlynHallowe’en PartyHeadmistress of the local school
Miss GilchristAfter The FuneralCora’s companion and house keeper
Miss JacobsThe Third GirlNeighbour to Claudia and lived below Louise
Miss JohnsonCat Among The PigeonsMatron at Meadowbank
Miss LeeHallowe’en PartyDr Ferguson’s dispenser
Miss MartinThe Big FourAbe Ryland’s stenographer
Miss MilrayThree Act TragedySpinster servant of Sir Charles 
Miss Rowan Cat Among The PigeonsYoung teacher at Meadowbank
Miss SpringerCat Among The PigeonsNew Games Mistress at Meadowbank school
Miss WaterhouseThe ClocksJames’ sister at 18 Wilbraham Crescent
Molly CroftPeril At End HouseAustralian renting the lodge at End House, married to Bert
Monsieur BoucMurder On The Orient ExpressEmployee of the Compagnie Wagon-Lis
Monsieur CarregeThe Mystery Of The Blue TrainFrench policeman
Monsieur DesjardeuxThe Big FourPrime Minister of France
Monsieur GiraudThe Murder On The LinksFrench detective at the Paris Surete
Monsieur HautetThe Murder On The LinksExamining magistrate and Giraud’s assistant
Monsieur HenriThe Big FourAn assistant to Ariadne Oliver
Monsieur Le MarquisThe Mystery Of The Blue TrainInfamous jewel thief
Monsieur MarchaudThe Murder On The LinksPolice sergeant in Merlinville
Mr AbbottSad CypressWitness and a grocer
Mr AkibomboHickory Dickory DockWest African student 
Mr AmberiotisOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeGreek patient of Henry Morley
Mr and Mrs HarrisonThe Mystery Of The Blue TrainFriends of Katherine Grey’s
Mr Barnes/ Albert ChapmanOne, Two, Buckle My ShoePatient and former member of the Home Office
Mr BronsonThe Big FourManager at Arthur Hasting’s ranch in Argentina
Mr ClancyDeath In The CloudsMystery writer and passenger on the plane where the murder was committed
Mr EntwistleAfter The FuneralFamily solicitor
Mr FergusonDeath On The NileCommunist traveller writing about ‘conditions’
Mr GobyAfter The Funeral, Elephants Can Remember, The Mystery Of The Blue Train & The Third GirlPoirot’s PI and also Rufus Van Aldin’s informant in The Mystery of the Blue Train
Mr HalseyThe Big FourArranges the interview between Poirot and John Ingles
Mr HammondThe Murder Of Roger AckroydAckroyd’s solicitor
Mr HodgsonThe Big FourPoirot’s solicitor
Mr McNeillThe Big FourPoirot’s solicitor
Mr MerdellDead Man’s FollyElderly boatman and grandfather of the victim Marlene
Mr MeyerlingThe Big FourFormer member of the secret service and victim
Mr PaynterThe Big Four55 year old bachelor
Mr R H CurryThe ClocksVictim
Mr ReillyOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeDentist who works with Henry Morley
Mr Robinson’Cat Among The PigeonsInformant to Colonel Pikeaway
Mr RyderDeath In The Clouds 
Mr SatterthwaiteThree Act TragedyAssists Poirot with his investigation
Mr SaundersThe Big Four 
Mr SeddonSad CypressElinor’s solicitor
Mr ShaitanaCards On The TableWealthy collector and victim
Mr TempletonThe Big FourOlder gentleman who falls ill
Mr. ScuttleMrs McGinty’s DeadManager at the Estate Agents, ‘Breather and Scuttle’
Mrs AllertonDeath On The NileEnglish lady and mother of Tim
Mrs BabbingtonThree Act TragedyReverend Babbington’s wife
Mrs BishopSad CypressMrs Welman’s housekeeper
Mrs BoyntonAppointment With DeathOverbearing and tyrannical step-mother – victim
Mrs BuckleElephants Can Rememberthe Ravenscrofts cleaner
Mrs Burton-CoxElephants Can RememberAdoptive mother of Desmond
Mrs CrabtreeThe HollowPatient of John Christow suffering with Ridgway’s disease
Mrs CraddockCards On The Table 
Mrs Daisy LutteralCurtainColonel Toby’s wife and Mistress of Styles
Mrs De RushbridgerThree Act TragedyPatient at Dr Strange’s sanatorium and third victim
Mrs FolliottThe Murder Of Roger AckroydOffer reference for Ursula Bourne
Mrs GardnerEvil Under The SunAmerican tourist
Mrs GoodbodyHallowe’en PartyVillage witch and helper at the party
Mrs HallidayThe Big FourWife to John Halliday who disappeared 
Mrs HardgreavesHallowe’en PartyHelper at the party
Mrs HarfieldThe Mystery Of The Blue TrainElderly lady to whom Katherine was companion and who left her all her money
Mrs HemmingsThe ClocksResident at 20 Wilbraham Crescent with her many cats
Mrs HubbardHickory Dickory DockMiss Lemon’s sister
Mrs HubbardMurder On The Orient ExpressLoud American lady travelling on the Orient Express
Mrs KiddleMrs McGinty’s DeadPlasterer’s wife 
Mrs LawronThe ClocksSheila Webb’s aunt
Mrs LeadbetterTaken At The FloodResident at The Stagg Inn
Mrs Llewellyn-SmithHallowe’en PartyWealthy widow who died. She employed Michael Garfield to design her garden
Mrs LorrimerCards On The TableWidow and guest of Mr Shaitana – Bridge player
Mrs LuxmoreCards On The Table 
Mrs MastertonDead Man’s Folly 
Mrs MatchamElephants Can Rememberthe nursemaid to the Ravenscrofts
Mrs McNaughtonThe ClocksResident of 63 Wilbraham Crescent, Agnus’ wife
Mrs NicoletisHickory Dickory DockOwner of the hostel 
Mrs PearsonThe Big FourPoirot’s landlady and housekeeper
Mrs RamseyThe ClocksResident of 62 Wilbraham Crescent whose husband is away
Mrs ReynoldsHallowe’en PartyJoyce the victim’s mother
Mrs RosentelleElephants Can RememberWig maker and hairdresser
Mrs SlatterySad CypressLocal gossip and housekeeper to the former village doctor
Mrs SweetimanMrs McGinty’s DeadPostmistress at Broadhinny
Mrs TempletonThe Big FourMr Templeton’s wife
Mrs TuckerDead Man’s FollyMother of Marlene the victim
Mrs UpjohnCat Among The PigeonsMother of Julia (student) and ex-member of British Intelligence
Mrs. ElliotMrs McGinty’s DeadResident of Broadhinny and neighbour of Mrs McGinty
Mrs. ScottMrs McGinty’s DeadHousekeeper for the Rendell’s 
Muriel Wills/ Anthony AsterThree Act TragedyPlaywright and guest at the party
Nadine BoyntonAppointment With DeathLennox’s wife
Nicholas RansonHallowe’en PartyHelp at the party
Nick’ BuckleyPeril At End HouseYoung mistress of End House
Nigel ChapmanHickory Dickory DockHistory student at the hostel
Norma RestarickThe Third GirlThird girl staying in flat 62 Borodene Mansions
Norman GaleDeath In The CloudsDentist and passenger on the plane where the murder was committed
Nurse CravenCurtainBarbara Franklin’s nurse
Nurse Eileen O’BrienSad CypressNurse who treats Mrs Welman
Nurse Jessie HopkinsSad CypressDistrict Nurse 



Odell C. GardnerEvil Under The SunSubmissive husband of Mrs Gardner
Olga SeminoffHallowe’en PartyAu Pair who was murdered and suspected of substituting a will
Oliver MandersThree Act TragedyYoung friend of Egg who rides a motorbike
Pamela HorsfallMrs McGinty’s DeadJournalist working for the Sunday Comet
Patricia LaneHickory Dickory DockArchaeology student
Patrick RedfernEvil Under The SunHusband of Christine but involved with Arlena
Paul Renauld/ Georges ConneauThe Murder On The LinksBusinessman and victim, Married to Eloise and involved in the Beroldy murder years earlier
Peggy LeggeDead Man’s FollyWife of Alec
Phillip BlakeFive Little PigsStockbroker, brother of Meredith 
Pierre CombeauThe Big FourAn old friend of Poirot
Pierre MichelMurder On The Orient ExpressTrain conductor and father of Louise, Daisey’s nurse who killed herself
Pilar Estravados/ Conchita LopezHercule Poirot’s ChristmasGranddaughter of Simeon Lee, daughter of 
Prince Ali YusufCat Among The PigeonsOver thrown leader of Ramat
Princess DragomiroffMurder On The Orient ExpressOlder Russian princess, godmother to Sonia Armstrong
Princess ShaistaCat Among The PigeonsStudent from Ramat
Professor BorgobbeauThe Big FourParisian Scientist



Quentin DuguesclinThe ClocksFriend of the family of the first Mrs Bland and victim
Quentin FoggFive Little PigsMember of the prosecution team at Caroline Crale’s trial
Raymond BoyntonAppointment With DeathEldest step-son of Mrs Boynton
Reverend BabbingtonThree Act TragedyVicar in Cornwall and victim
Reverend Stephen LaneEvil Under The SunClergyman
Rhoda DawesCards On The TableAnne Meredith’s wealthy friend
Richard AmoryBlack CoffeeSon of Sir Claud Amory
Richard CareyMurder In MesopotamiaColleague to Dr Leidner and in love with Louise
Robert Grant/ Abraham BiggsThe Big FourManservant to Jonathan Whalley
Robert OrwellThe Third GirlPoses as Andrew Restarick after meeting him in Africa
Robin UpwardMrs McGinty’s DeadResident of Broadhinny who had Mrs McGinty as her cleaner
Roderick WelmanSad CypressInitially engaged to Elinor 
Roger AckroydThe Murder Of Roger AckroydWealthy businessman who wanted to marry Mrs Ferrars and victim
Roger DownesThe ABC MurdersSchool teacher attending the cinema in Doncaster
Roger WetherbyMrs McGinty’s Dead 
Ronnie/ Adam GoodmanCat Among The PigeonsUndercover agent working as gardener at Meadowbank 
Rosaleen Cloade / Mrs Robert UnderhayTaken At The FloodWealthy young widow, first married to Robert Underhay and then George Cloade
Rosalie OtterbourneDeath On The NileSalome’s daughter
Rosamund ShaneAfter The FuneralRichard Abernethie’s niece
Rosemund DarnleyEvil Under The SunClothes designer and old friend of Captain Marshall
Rowena DrakeHallowe’en PartyFormidable lady of Woodleigh Common and hostess of the Hallowe’en party
Rowley CloadeTaken At The FloodLocal Farmer and nephew of George Cloade
Rufus Van AldinThe Mystery Of The Blue TrainWealthy American, father of Ruth
Ruth Kettering (nee Van Aldin)The Mystery Of The Blue TrainRufus’ daughter, married to Derek and the victim



Sally FinchHickory Dickory DockAmerican student on a Fulbright scholarship
Salome OtterbourneDeath On The NileNovelist and mother of Rosalie
Samuel Edward Ratchett/ CassettiMurder On The Orient ExpressUnpleasant wealthy American the man who murdered Daisey Armstrong
Sarah KingAppointment With DeathDoctor 
Sergeant ClarkeThe HollowPoliceman
Sergeant ConollyThe Third GirlPoliceman
Sergeant CrayThe ClocksPoliceman
Sergeant FletcherMrs McGinty’s DeadInvestigating officer reporting to Superintendent Spence
Sergeant GravesTaken At The FloodPoliceman 
Sergeant O’ConnorCards On The TableSergeant investigating
Sergeant Percy BondCat Among The PigeonsPoliceman 
Sheila ReillyMurder In MesopotamiaDoctor Reilly’s daughter
Sheila WebbThe ClocksYoung typist at the Secretarial Bureau who finds the body
Shelagh RendellMrs McGinty’s DeadDr Rendell’s second wife
Simeon LeeHercule Poirot’s ChristmasUnpleasant old diamond dealer and victim
Simon DoyleDeath On The NileFormer fiancé of Jackie who marries Linnet
Sir Carmichael ClarkeThe ABC MurdersChinese art collector and victim
Sir Charles CartwrightThree Act TragedyFamous stage actor and friend of Poirot
Sir Claud AmoryBlack CoffeeInventor and victim
Sir Edwin BulmerSad CypressCounsel for the defence of Elinor Carlisle
Sir George StubbsDead Man’s FollyCurrent owner of Nasse House and married to Hattie
Sir Henry AngkatellThe HollowOwner of the Hollow
Sir Lewis RycroftSad CypressDeceased, married to a committed patient and once in love with Laura Welman
Sir Montague DepleachFive Little PigsCounsel for the Defence at Caroline Crale’s trial
Sir Roderick HorsfieldThe Third GirlUncle to Andrew and Norma’s Great Uncle
Sir Samuel AttenburySad CypressCounsel for the prosecution
Sir William Boyd CarringtonCurtainGovernor of a province in India
SoniaThe Third GirlSir Roderick’s personal assistant from herzegovia 
Sonia DaviloffThe Big FourDr Savaronoff’s niece and housemate
Stephen FarrHercule Poirot’s ChristmasSon of Simeon’s partner, visiting from abroad
Stephen NortonCurtain 
Superintendent BattleCards On The TableScotland Yard detective
Superintendent HaleFive Little PigsInvestigating officer at the original case
Superintendent SpenceElephants Can Remember, Hallowe’en Party, Mrs McGinty’s Dead & Taken at the FloodRetired police officer
Superintendent SugdenHercule Poirot’s ChristmasInvestigating officer
Susan BanksAfter The FuneralRichard Abernethie’s other niece
Sydney CrowtherThe Big FourHome Secretary and friend of Poirot
Ted BiglandSad CypressFarmer’s son who wants to date Mary Gerrard
Ted RamsayThe ClocksMrs Ramsey’s young son
TerenceThe HollowJohn and Gerda’s 12 year old son
Theresa ArundellDumb WitnessNiece of Emily Arundell, sister of Charles
Thora GreyThe ABC MurdersSir Carmichael’s secretary
Tim AllertonDeath On The NileSon of Mrs Atherton and cousin of Joanna Southward
Timothy AbernethieAfter The FuneralRichard’s brother, married to Maude
Timothy RaglanHallowe’en PartyInvestigating officer
Tom HartiganThe ABC MurdersLily’s boyfriend
TressilianHercule Poirot’s ChristmasElder butler to the Lees



Ursula BourneThe Murder Of Roger AckroydParlormaid for Roger Ackroyd secretly married to Ralf Paton
Valerie BlandThe ClocksJosiah’s second wife, resident of 61 Wilbraham Crescent and sister of Miss Martindale
Valerie HobhouseHickory Dickory Dock 
Veronica CrayThe HollowAmerican actress staying nearby and ex-girlfriend of John Christow
Viscountess Rosalie TamplinThe Mystery Of The Blue TrainCousin of Katherine Grey living in the French Riviera with her fifth husband and her daughter 



WalterHercule Poirot’s Christmasa footman
Wilhemina LawsonDumb WitnessEmily Arundell’s companion



Zelie MeauhouratElephants Can RememberGoverness to the Ravenscrofts
ZenaThe HollowJohn and Gerda’s 9 year old daughter
Zia PapopolousThe Mystery Of The Blue TrainDemetrius’ daughter

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