Poirot Short Story Character Lists

Agatha Christie was a prolific writer and along with the 33 Poirot novels she wrote, she also created a huge body of 50 short stories (51 if you include the forward of The Labours of Hercules as a separate story). These stories have been collected together in various publications over the years and below you will find the most comprehensive character list for all these works. Agatha Christie came up with over 400 characters for these tales and within these lists we have included not just characters who appear as ‘live’ characters within the stories but even those that are perhaps deceased in the story or just referred to by other characters to make this character index as complete as possible. Being the sleuth for each one of these stories, I have not listed Poirot out individually as a character in each one – it is taken as a given that he appears in the,m, but I have included as many characters as possible from every Poirot short story to assist with any research fans may be completing – I hope it proves useful. As always, if there are any inaccuracies or character;s we’ve missed then please let us know so we can add them to the database as we want this to be as complete as possible.   

All 51 Poirot Short Stories

Table of Contents

The Affair at the Victory Ball

Chief Inspector JappInvestigating officer
Viscount CronshawDressed as Harlequin
Honorable Eustace BeltaneUncle of Viscount Cronshaw and dressed as Punchinello 
Mrs MallabyAmerican widow and dressed as Punchinella
Chris DavidsonA stage actor dressed as Pierrot
Mrs DavidsonMarried to Chris Davidson and dressed as Pierrette
Miss Courtenay ‘Coco’An actor supposedly to be engaged to Lord Cronshaw and dressed up as Columbine

The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan

Mr Edward OpalsenWealthy stockbroker
Mrs OpalsenMr Opalsen’s wife who buys expensive jewellery
CelestineMrs Opalsen’s maid
ChambermaidHotel chambermaid
ValetMr Opalsen’s valet
Chief Inspector JappInvestigating officer from Scotland Yard

The King of Clubs

Captain Arthur HastingsFriend of Poirot’s
Henry ReedburnBlackmailer in love with Valerie Saintclair
Valerie SaintclairFamous dancer
Prince Paul of MauraniaWants to marry Valerie Saintclair
John OglanderSon of Mr and Mrs Oglander
Mr OglanderOwner of the house in Streatham which Valerie bursts into
Mrs OglanderWife of Mr Oglander
Miss OglanderDaughter of Mr and Mrs Oglander
ZaraThe fortuneteller who predicts the King of Clubs  mans a man will be a threat to Valerie
Dr RyanDoctor who inspects the body

The Disappearance of Mr Davenheim

Arthur HastingsFriend of Poirots
Chief Inspector JappInvestigating officer from Scotland Yard
Mr. DavenheimBanker who has disappeared from his home called Cedars
Mr. LowenVisitor of Mr Davenhein at Cedars, a busineman
Billy KellettLocal petty theif
Mrs DavenheimMarried to Mr Davenheim

The Plymouth Express

Captain Arthur HastingsFriend of Poirot’s
Honorable Mrs Flossie Carrington nee HallidayBeautiful wife of Ruper Carrington, daughter of Ebeneezer Halliday
Ebeneezer HallidayFloosie Halliday’s father
Count de la RochefourYoung adventurer and previousy Mrs Carrington’s lover
Jane MasonMrs Carrington’s maid
Chief Inspector JappInvestigating officer from Scotland Yard
Red NarkyKnown jewel theif who works with a woman called Gracie Kidd

The Adventure of the Western Star

Miss Mary MarvellAmerican movie star
Gregory RolfMary Marvell’s husband
Lord YardlyOwner of Yardly Chase where Mary and Gregory are going to stay while in England
Lady YardlyWife of Lord Yardly
Mary CavendishAdvises Lady Yardly to see Hercule Poirot

The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor

Alfred WrightFriend of Poirot’s who is the director of the Northern Union Insurance Company
Mr MaltraversTook out life insurance and then died a week later
Mrs MaltraveryYoung widowed wife of Mr Maltravers
Captain BlackSoldier returned from East Africa and friend of the Maltravers
GardnerWorker at Marsdon Mannor whom Poirot speaks with
MaidA witness

The Kidnapped Prime Minister

David MacAdamPrime Minister of England
Lord EstairLeader of The House of Commons
Bernard DodgeWar cabinet member
Captain DanielsSecretary to David MacAdam, the prime minister
MurphyChauffeur to the prime minister
Frau Bertha EbenthalA german spy
Chief Inspector JappInvestigating officer from Scotland Yard
Arthur HastingsFriend of Poirots

The Million Dollar Bond Robbery

Philip RidgewayNephew accused of stealing the bank bonds
Mr VavasourUncle of Philip and manager of the London and Scottish bank with his partner
Mr ShawPartner of Mr Vavasour
Miss Esmée FarquharAsks Poirot to help clear her finace Phillip 

The Adventure of the Cheap Flat

Captain Arthur HastingsFriend of Poirots
Gerald ParkerFriend of Hasting’s who has an interest in properties and is the host of the party where the Robinsons are introduced
Mr John RobinsonGentleman at Hasting’s friend’s party recently moved into a cheap flat
Mrs Stella RobinsonMarried and recently moved with her husband into a flat in Knightsbridge
Luigi ValdarnoItalian who stole American naval plans
Elsie Ferguson Friend of Stella Robinson
Elsa HardtSpy for Japan
Mr BurtAmerican Agent
Chief Inspector JappInvestigating officer from Scotland Yard

The Mystery of Hunters Lodge

Mr Roger HaveringGentleman who visits Poirots advising his Uncle has been murdered 
Harrington PaceUncle of Roger, the brother of Roger’s mother
Mrs Zoe HaveringRoger’s wife
Mrs MiddletonThe housekeeper
Chief Inspector JappInvestigating officer from Scotland Yard
Arthur HastingsPoirot’s friend 

The Chocolate Box

Captain Arthur HastingsPoirot’s friend 
Paul DeroulardFrench deputy who died from heart failure. He wan an anti-Catholic and a potential minister.
Virginie MesnardA cousin of Paul Deroulard’s late wife
Monsieur de Saint AlardFrench neighbour of Paul Deroulard
John WilsonAn Englishman and friend of Paul Deroulard’s
Madame DeroulardPaul’s elderly mother who lives with him

The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb

Lady WillardWidow of Sir John Willard
Sir John WillardDiceased, famous Egyptologist
Mr BleibnerDeceased, wealthy American financier
Rupert BleibnerDeceased, nephew of the financier Mr Bleibner
Guy WillardLady Willard’s son travelling to Egypt to join the expedition
Dr AmesThe expedition surgeon
Mr HarperSecretary to Mr Bleibner the rich American
HassanEgyption servant to Sir John Willard
Mr SchneiderDeceased, died from tetnus

The Veiled Lady

Captain Arthur HastingsPoirot’s friend 
Chief Inspector JappInvstigating officer
Lady Millicent Castle VaughnEngagement to the Duke of Southshire
Mr LavingtonBlackmailer in posession of indescreet letter

The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly

Marcus WaverlyOwner of Waverly Court and father of 3yr old Jonnie Waverly
Johnnie WaverlyMarcus Waverly’s son who is kidnapped
TredwellButler/ valet to Marcus Waverly who is sacked
Miss CollinsJonnie Waverly’s nurse who is sacked
Inspector McNeilInvestigating officer
Mrs WaverlyWealthy woman, married to Marcus, Jonnie’s mother

The Market Basing Mystery

Captain Arthur HastingsFriend of Poirot’s
Chief Inspector JappInvestigating officer from Scotland Yard
Walter ProtheroeMan found dead in his mansion Leigh House supposedly by suicide
Dr GilesThe doctor the housekeeper calls
Miss CleggHousekeeper for Walter Protheroe at Leigh House
Constable PollardPolice officer
Mr ParkerGuest at Leigh House
Mrs ParkerWife of Mr Parker visiting Leigh House
TrampWitness who saw an argument 

The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman

Arthur HastingsFriend of Poirots
Chief Inspector JappInvestigating officer from Scotland Yard
Dr HawkerNeighbour of Poirot’s 
Miss RiderDr Hawker’s housekeeper 
Count FoscatiniPatient of Dr Hawker who calls his phone crying out for help
GravesCount Foscatini’s valet/ manservant
RobertsLift porter
Count AscanioItalian who is said to know Count Foscatini
Paolo AscanioItalian ambassador 

The Case of the Missing Will

Miss Violet MarshOrphaned lady who visits Poirot for help
Andrew MarshVilot’s uncle in Devon
Mr BakerAndrew Marsh’s housekeeper
Mrs BakerHousekeeper for Andrew Marsh, with her husband

The Incredible Theft

Lord MayfieldWealthy politician
Sir George CarringtonAir marshall 
Lady Julia CarringtonWife of Sir George
Reggie CarringtonJulia and George Carrington’s son
Mrs. VanderlynAmerican beauty reportedly involved in espionage
Mrs. MacattaAn MP
Mr. CarlileSecretary to Lord Carrington
LeonieMrs Vanderlyn’s maid

The Adventure of the Clapham Cook

Captain Arthur HastingsFriend of Poirot’s
Mrs ToddAsks Poirot to investigate the diasppearance of her Cook
Eliza DunnMiddle aged cook for Mr and Mrs Todd
Mr ToddMarried to Mrs Todd, works in the city
Mr SimpsonLodger living with Mr and Mrs Todd who works at a bank
Mr DavisA bank clerk and colleague of Mr Simpson

The Lost Mine

Captain Arthur HastingsFriend of Poirot’s
Wu LingSales negotiator from China selling the papers with the location of the lost mine
Mr PearsonMeeting Wu Ling to purchase the papers
Charles LesterA young bank clerk 
Rupert CarringtonMarried to Flossie who is found dead

The Cornish Mystery

Captain Arthur HastingsFriend of Poirot’s
Mrs PengelleyMarried to Edward whom she suspects of poisoning her
Edward PengelleyMarried to Mrs Pengelley, living in Polgarwith in Cornwall
Freda StantonMrs Pengelley’s neice who lives with them
Jacob RadnorYoung man and friend of the family, engaged to Freda
Dr AdamsDoctor to Mrs Pengelley
Miss MarksSecretary to Edward Pengelley

The Double Clue

Captain Arthur HastingsFriend of Poirot
Marcus HardmanAntique collector
Mr JohnstonSouth African millionaire
Countess Vera Rossakoffrefugee from the Russian revolution
Bernard ParkerAgent for Mr Hardman
Lady RuncornSociety lady whose aunt we learn is a kleptomaniac

The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

Mr JesmondA government official
Mrs Emmeline LaceyElederly mistress of Kings Lacey
Colonel Horace LaceyMrs Lacey’s husband
Sarah LaceyMrs Lacey’s grandaughter by her deceased son
Colin LaceyMrs Lacey’s grandson by her daughter
MichaelColin’s school friend
Bridget Mrs Lacey’s great niece
Diana MiddletonMrs Lacey’s young cousin
David WelwynA family friend of the Laceys
Desmond Lee-WortleySarah’s boyfriend
Miss Lee-WortleyDesond Lee-Wortley’s sister
Peverell Retired butler to the Laceys
Mrs RossCook at Kings Lacey
Prince AliPrince to whom the ruby belonged
Mr TibbitsMan whom Emmerline Lacey had once admired
Annie BatesMaid

The The Lemesurier Inheritance

Captain Arthur HastingsFriend of Poirot’s
Captain Vincent LemesurierNephew of Hugo, the eldest and only of three sons to survive the war,
Hugo LemesurierA chemist, Vincent Lemesurier’s uncle and the youngest of five brothers
Major Roger LemesurierVincent and Hugo’s cousin
Mrs Sadie LemesurierHugo’s American wife
Miss SaundersGoverness to Hugo’s two childre
Ronald Lemesurier JrHugo’s young son
John GardinerHugo’s secretary
John LemesurierCaptain Vincent’s father who died
Gerald LemesurierYounger brother of Ronald jr, son of Sadie Lemesurier
Lady ClaygateNext door neighbour of the Lemesurier’s who invites them for tea
HigginsonFriend of Poirots, senior member of the armed forces dining with them

The Under Dog

Sir Reuben AstwellOwner of the country house Mon Repos, found murdered
Charles LeversonSir Ruben’s nephew, accused of the murder
Lady AstwellSir Ruben’s widowed wife
Owen TrefusisSecretary to Sir Ruben Astwell
Lily MargraveLady Astwell’s companion
Victor AstwellBrother and business partner of Sir Ruben Astwell
ParsonsSir Ruben’s butler
GeorgePoirot’s valet
Captain Humphrey NaylorGentleman staying at nearby hotel

Double Sin

Joseph AaronsTheatrical agent
Mary DurrantAntiquies dealer with her aunt on the coach to Charlock Bay
J Baker WoodAmerican buying a set of minatures from Mary Durrent
Elizabeth PennMary Durrent’s aunt who owns an antique shop
Norton KaneYoung man travelling on the bus

Wasps Next

John HarrisonGentleman Poirot visists sitting in his garden
Claude LangtonDue to destroy a wasp’s nest for John Harrison
Molly DeaneGirl Harrison was engaged to

The Third-Floor Flat

Patricia GarnetResident of the flat
Donovan BaileyFriend of Patricia
Jimmy FaulknerFriend of Patricia
Ernestine GrantWoman found deceased
Mildred HopeFriend of Patricia
Inspector RiceInvestigating officer

The Mystery of the Spanish Chest

Miss LemonPoirot’s secretary
Major Charles RichHost of a party at which a guest is murdered
Mrs ClaytonMarried to Mr Clayton, beautifuly lady and joins the party at Major Rich’s
Mr ClaytonMarried to Mrs Clayton but couldn’t attend the party as he is called away
Mrs SpenceGuest at Major Rich’s party, married to Mr Spence
Mr Spence Married to Mrs Spence and another guest at the party
Commander McLarenFriend of the Major’s who attends his party
Burgess Manservant to Major Rich

Dead Man's Mirror

Sir Gervase Chevenix-GoreExcentric millionaire
Vanda Chervenix-GoreSir Gervase’s wife who believes she is a reincarnated Egyption lady
Ruth Chervernix-GoreVanda and Gervase’s adopted daughter
Hugo TrentRuth’s cousin, Gervase’s nephew
Miss LingardResearch assistant to Sir Gervase helping him with ancestral research
Susan CardwellGuest at Sir Gervase’s home and engaged to Hugo
Mr LakeAn agent for Sir Gervase
 Mr SatterthwaiteRecurring character, observer of life
Geoffy BurrowsSecretary to Sir Gervase Chevenix-Gore
Major RiddleChief Constable of Westshire County
Oswald ForbesFamily friend of the Chevenix-Gores and solicitor
Colonel Ned BuryFriend of Sir Gervase Chevenix-Gore

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Miss Amelia BarrowbyElderly lady who writes to Poirot for help
Miss LemonPoirot’s secretary
Mary DelafontaineAmelia Barrowby’s Neice
Mr DeleafontaineMarried to Mary Delafontaine
Katrina ReigerRussain girl who lives with Amelia Barrowby

Problem at Sea

General ForbesPassenger on the boat to Alexandria with Poirot
Colonel ClappertonEx-music hall performer now married to an unpleasant wife
Mrs ClappertonDifficult wife of Colonel Clapperton
Kitty MooneyYoung woman travelling on the ship who is sympathetic to Colonel Clapperton
Pamela GregsonAnother young woman on the ship who is friendly with Kitty and the Colonel

Triangle at Rhodes

Pamela LyallGuest at the hotel where Poirot is staying
Sarah Blake Another guest at the hotel in Rhodes
Valentine ChantryBeautiful actress
Douglas GoldMarried man who takes an interest in Valentine
Marjorie GoldDouglas’ wife 
Tony ChantryValentine’s husband

Murder in the Mews

Chief Inspector JappInvestigating officer from Scotland Yard
Mrs Barbara AllenYoung widow found dead on Guy Fawks Night
Miss Jane PlenderleithHasemate of Barbara Allen
Charles Laverton-WestMP engaged to Barbara Allen
Dr BrettPolice Doctor
Major EustaceMet Barbara Allen while out in India
Captain Arthur HastingsFriend of Poirots
Inspector JamesonInvestigating officer
Mrs PierceDaily woman for Jane and Barbara
James HoggA chauffeur and witness
Mrs HoggMarried to James and a witness
Frederick HoggYoung son of James Hogg and his wife

Yellow Iris

LuigiManager of the restaurante “Jardin des Cygnes” 
Barton RussellAmerican financier, Iris’ widow and Pauline Weatherby’s guardian
Anthony ChapellGuest at the table when Iris died.
Pauline WeatherbySister of Iris
Lola ValdezPeruvian performer 
Stephen CarterEmplyed at the British embassy and reportedly in a relationship with Iris
LouisePauline Weatherby’s maid
Iris RussellDeceased, wife of Barton Russell and sister of Pauline. She died at dinner in the restaurant

The Dream

Benedict FarleyExtremely wealthy and reclusive millionaire whi lives at Northway House.
HolmesButler to Benedict Farley at Northway House.
Hugo CornworthyPersonal secretary to Benedict Farey
Dr John StillingfleetFriend of Poirot and doctor who attends Benedict Farley
Inspector BarnettInvestigating officer
Mrs Louise FarleyBenedict Farley’s second wife
Joanna FarleyFarley’s daughter by his first marriage
Mr AdamsJournalist who was expecting to interview Benedict Farley with Mr Stoddart
Mr StoddartAnother journalist due to invterview Mr Farley along with Mr Adams

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Henry BonningtonFriend of Poirot’s
Captain Arthur HastingsFriend of Poirot’s
Henry GascoigneGentleman who always eats same meal at same times in same restaurant, twin brother of Anthony
MollyWaitress at the restaurante, the Gallant Endeavour
Anthony GascoigneTwin brother of Henry
Mrs Amelia HillAnthony’s housekeeper
Dr MacAndrewNeighbour of Henry
George Lorrimer.Nephew of George 

The Nemean Lion (including Forward for The Labours of Hercules)

Sir Joseph HogginWealthy man who seeks Poirot’s help in finding his wif’e stolen dog
Miss LemonPoirot’s secretary
Lady Milly HogginLady who’s pekingese dog has been stolen
Miss Amy CarnabyCompanion to Lady Hoggin
GretaSir Joseph Hoggin’s beautiful secretary 
Captain CurtisName to whom the randsome money should be left
Lady Julia HartingfieldPrevious employer of Amy Carnaby
Miss Emily CarnabyInvalid sister of Amy Carnaby
Mrs HarteManageress of the hotel where the random was to be left, the Balaclava Private Hotel
Ellen KeebleMrs Samuelson’s companion
Miss MaltraversLady Julia’s niece
Mrs Samuelson Her dog named Nanki Poo is also kidnaped 
Mr SamuelsonMrs Samuelson’s husband 
GeorgePoirot’s valet
AugustusPekinese dog belonging to Lady Hartingfield

The Lernean Hydra

Dr Charles OldfieldPhysician living in Market Loughborough who seeks Poirot’s help after his wife dies
Mrs OldfieldDeceased wife of Dr Charles Oldfield
Jean MoncrieffeYoung dispencer whom Charles wishes to marry
Nurse HarrisonPrevious nurse to Mrs Oldfield
BeatricePrevious maid of the Oldfield home
GeorgePoirot’s valet

The Arcadian Deer

Ted Williamsonmechanic fixing Poirot’s car who asks for his help
Nita Maid to Katrina Semoushenka who Ted reports missing
Marie HellinSecond maid to Katrina Samoushenka
Katrina SamoushenkaRussian dancer who was a guest staying at Grasslawn
Sir George SanderfieldOwner of Grasslawn where Ted meets Nita

The Eurymanthian Boar

MarrascaudWanted criminal and murderer
SalleyBook maker who was killed by Marrascaud
Mr SchwartzAmerican tourist
Gustave/ M. DrouetWaiter who comes forward to poirot as M. Drouet an undercover investigator
Madame GrandierBeautiful widow who visits the hotel every year
Dr LutzDoctor staying at the hotel
JacquesThe cook’s husband
RobertPrevious waitor at the hotel

The Augean Stables

Edward FerrierPrime Minister of England
John Hammett – Lord CornworthyPrevious Prime Minister
Percy PerryEditor of the X-Ray News
Dagmar FerrierWife of Edward Ferrier
Bishop of Northumbria – Dr HendersonCharacter witness for Dagmar
RamonGentleman Mrs Ferrier is ‘spotted’ with
Sir Mortimer InglewoodBarrister representing the Ferriers
Thelma AndersonWitness called to the libel case

The Stymphalean Birds

Harold WaringYoung man on hoiday at a hotel in Herzoslovakia 
Mrs RiceLady on holiday in the same hotel with her married daughter
Mrs Elsie ClaytonMarried daughter of Mrs Rice
Philip ClaytonElsie’s abusive husband
Two Polish sistersAlso guests at the hotel

The Cretan Bull

Diana MaberlyYoung woman engaged to Hugh Chandle
Hugh Chandler Young man who is afriad he is going insane
Admiral Charles ChandlerHugh’s father who is certified as insane
Mrs Caroline ChandlerLate wife of Charles Chandler and mother to Hugh
Stephen GrahamYoung man interested in Diana Maberly
WithersThe valet 
Colonel George FrobisherFriend of Admiral Chandler, previously engaged to the admirals now deceased wife

The Horses of Diomedes

Dr Michael StoddartYoung doctor who engages Poirot to help
Mrs Patience GraceLady who hosted raucus parties
Anthony HawkerPatience Grace’s boyfriend
TrampWalking nearby who is injured
Sheila GrantYoun lady, daughter of General Grant
Lady CarmichaelFriend of Poirot’s who knows the Grant family
Mrs LarkinFriend of Anthony Hawkers who also has parties
Pamela GrantGaughter of the general and sister of Sheila
General Grant Father of four unruley girls including Pamela and Sheila

The Girdle of Hyppolita

Alexander SimpsonArt gallery owner who has a Ruben’s painting stollen and seeks Poirot’s help
Winnie KingYoung school girl who goes missing on journey to new school in Paris
Miss Pope’sHeadmistress of the famous girls school in Paris
Chief Inspector JappInvestigating officer
Miss BurshawSchool teacher who works for Miss Pope
Detective Inspector HearnInvesting the disappearance of Winnie King
James Elliot Youn man on the train
Mrs Elliot Jame’s Eliot’s American wife

The Flock of Geryon

Chief Inspector JappInvestigating officer from Scotland Yard
Emily CarnabyInvalid sister of Amy Carnaby from the Nemean Lion
Miss Amy CarnabyYoung woman from the Nemean Lion
Mrs Emmeline CleggDeceased lady (one of three) who died and left all her belongings to the religious sect in Devon
Dr AndersenLeader of a religious sect called “The Flock of the Shepherd” in Devon
Mr ColeStange man who lives at the estate in Devon
Mr LipscombeThe lodge-keeper of the Devonshire estate
Miss EverittMember of the religious sect “The Flock of the Shepherd” in Devon
Mrs LloydMember of the religious sect “The Flock of the Shepherd” in Devon
Reverend Thomas CarnabyFather of Emily and Amy, now deceased
Lady WesternMember of the religious sect “The Flock of the Shepherd” in Devon
Miss LeeMember of the religious sect “The Flock of the Shepherd” in Devon

The Apples of the Hesperides

Emery PowerWealthy art collector
the Marchese di San Veratrino.Seller of the gobelt Emery Power purchased at auction
Patrick CaseyIrish cat burglar, suspected in the theft who died
Sir Reuben RosenthalRival bidder at the auction for the missing goblet
Inspector WagstaffeOfficer who investigated the theft
Kate CaseyDaughter of Patrick Casey, now a nun
Red KateMember of Patrick Casey’s gang believed to be in Australia
Ricovetti Member of Patrick’s gang who was sentenced 
DublayFrenchman and the brains of Casey’s gang
Yougouian Member of Patrick’s gang now a dealer with headquarters in Stamboul and a shop in Paris

The Capture of Cerberus

Countess Vera RossakoffKleptomaniac Poirot met various times
Miss Lemon Poirot’s secretary
Professor LiskeardGentleman who visits the club ‘Hell’ and knows the Countess
Dr Alice CunninghamEngaged to the Countess’ son, a psychologist
Paul VarescoSeedy man who is often in the club
Higgs Small man who works for Poirot