Characters in the Marple Stories by Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie wrote 12 Miss Marple novels and 2 collections of short stories. Within each are an array of characters for readers to suspect and asses as they enjoy the mysteries – below are all the key characters from each Miss Marple Novel by Agatha Christie for you to review. These lists should help you remember those forgotten names and be a useful reference point for fans. All in all, there are over 500 characters Agatha Christie created for her 12 Miss Marple novels – all are listed below as a quick reference guide in the novels listed in alphabetical order. We have endeavoured to avoid any spoilers so even if one character is later revealed to be someone else, we have listed these out separately. 

Alexander EastleyBryan’s young son
Alfred CrackenthorpeEldest son of Luther 
Anna StravinskaBallet dancer and victim
Armand DessinFrench Inspector who investigates in Paris
Bryan EastleyWidowed son in law to Luther whose wife M
Cedric CrackenthorpeYoungest son of Luther, artist living in the Mediterranean
Chick EvansAn associate of Dicky Rogers
Constable SandersPolice constable working with Inspector Bacon
DarwinManservant/ valet to Harold Crackenthorpe
David WestRailway worker who helps Miss Marple with the timetables. He is the son of Raymond West and therefore Miss Marples grand-nephew
David WestRaymond West’s second son
Detective Inspector Dermot CraddockInvestigating officer and godson of Sir Henry Clithering, Miss Marple’s friend
Detective Sergeant WetherallSent by Inspector Craddock to find out about Martine 
Dicky RogersConman known to the police and invovled with Alfred Crackenthorpe
Dorothy CartwrightAcquaintance of Miss Marple – her reliability is compared to Elspeth McGillicuddy’s
Dr HaydockMiss Marple’s doctor
Dr MorrisPrevious partner to Dr Quimper who attended the Crackenthorpe family, now retired
Dr QuimperFamily doctor to the Crackenthorpe’s and in love with Emma
Edith “Edie” EastleyDeceased wife of Bryan and Alexander’s mother, she was one of Luther’s children
Edmund CrackenthorpeDeceased son of Luther, killed in the war
EdwardsLocal gardener in St Mary Mead
Elspeth McGillicuddyFriend of Miss Marple and witness to the murder as the two trains passed
Emma CrackenthorpeOnly surviving spinster daugther of Luther and in love with Dr Quimper
Florence HillOld maid of Miss Marple’s whom she stays with
Geraldine WebbWoman Miss Marple knew who married later in life
Griselda ClementMarried to the vicar of St Mary Mead
Harold CrackenthorpeAnother son of Luther and married to 
Henry CrackenthorpeLuther Crackenthorpe’s deceased brother
HillmanGardener at Rutherford hall for the Crackenthorpe’s
Inspector BaconPolice inspector who comes to investigate when the body of a woman is found
James Stoddart-WestYoung school friend, and secret cousin of Alexander, son of Lady Stoddart-West 
JohnstoneBrackhampton Police surgeon  
Josiah CrackenthorpeFather of Luther and Henry, the founder of the Crackenthorpe business
Lady AdingtonIn the church restoration fund committee with Emma Crackenthorpe and Miss Bartlett
Lady Alice CrackenthorpeMarried to Harold Crackenthorpe
Lady Martine Stoddart-WestJames’ mother
Lady Stoddart-WestMother of James and at one time engaged to Edmund Crackenthorpe before he was killed in the war.
Leonard ClementGriselda’s son
Louisa FelbyLady ate a bad Cornish pasty before visiting Miss Marple
Lucy EyelesbarrowAn acquaintance of Miss Marple who is employed to assist with the finding of the body at Rutherford Hall, she takes a role working for the Crackenthorpes
Luther CrackenthorpeThe owner of Rutherford Hall and widowed father of Emma, Cedric, Harold, and Alfred
Madame JolietDirector of the Ballet Maritski in Paris
Miss BartlettIn the church restoration fund committee with Emma Crackenthorpe and Lady Adington
Miss EllisSecretary to Harold Crackenthorpe
Mr EadeBank manager at St Mary Mead used as an example by Miss Marple
Mr JenkinsUsed as an example by Miss Marple, he worked at the garage in St Mary Mead
Mr WellsSolicitor at St Mary Mead
Mr WimborneLondon lawyer for the Crackenthorpe family
Mrs BrierlyLady who Miss Marple knew that tried to hide her nervous breakdown and stay at a hospital from her children 
Mrs HartChar-woman at Rutherford hall
Mrs Henry CrackenthorpeWife of Henry Crackenthorpe, also deceased
Mrs Josh SimpkinsLady who has twins delivered by Doctor Quimper
Mrs Josiah CrackenthorpeMother of Luther and Henry
Mrs KidderWorks at Rutherford Hall for the Crakenthorpe’s as their ‘daily woman’
Raymond WestMiss Marple’s nephew, an author
Ronnie WellsMr Wells’ son
Sergeant Frank CornishInitial policeman to whom Mrs McGillicurry and Miss Marple report the murder
Sergeant LeakieThe policeman who observes Chick Evans and Dicky Rogers’ activities
Sir Henry ClitheringThe former head of Scotland Yard and friend of Miss Marple
Sir Robert Stoddart-WestJames’ father, husband of Martine 
Thomas EadeSon of Mr Eade
William BakerWorks at the Brackhampton train station as a ticket collector
Admiral Wicklow Typical ex-military gent full of tall tales like Major Palgrave
Arthur JacksonMr Rafiel’s valet
Big Jim EllisThe father of Victoria’s two children
Canon Jeremy PrescotClergyman and brother of Joan on holiday
Captain FlemmingTypical ex-military gent full of tall tales like Major Palgrave
Commander RichardsonTypical ex-military gent full of tall tales like Major Palgrave
DaventryLocal islander and friend of Dr Graham
Dr GrahamLocal doctor at St Honore
Dr RobertsonPolice surgeon for St Honore
Edward HillingdonGuest at hotel and married to Evelyn – a pharmacist
EnricoThe chef at the hotel
Esther WaltersMr Rafiel’s secretary
Evelyn HillingdonMarried to Edward 
General LeroyTypical ex-military gent full of tall tales like Major Palgrave
Georgy WoodA resident of St Mary Mead who’s ‘mother’ came to visit
Gregory DysonGuest at the hotel and married to ‘Lucky’ and studier of nature
Inspector Weston Investigating officer for St Honore police
Jason RafielWealthy Englishman and invalid at the hotel
Joe ArdenA resident of St Mary Mead who quarrelled with his wife
Lady Caroline WolfeThe first wife of Peter Wolfe who committed suicide and a lady Miss Marple compares Esther Walters to
Leslie JamesAnother lady Miss Marple thinks of when considering Esther Walters’ character – Leslie James sold up and left St Mary Mead without ever telling anyone
Lucky Dyson (nee Miss Greatorex)Gregory’s American wife
Major HarperA man Miss Marple considers when thinking of what she knew about Colonel Hillingdon – little was known about Peter Wolfe and then one day he killed himself
Major PalgraveElderly soldier on holiday and victim
MarleenGirl to whom Miss Marple compares Lucky Dyson; she was employed at The Three Crowns in St Mary Mead
Miss Joan PrescotGuest at the hotel and sister of Canon Prescot
Molly Kendal The proprietress of the hotel, married to Tim
Mr MurdochButcher at St Mary Mead whom Miss Marple also likens to Gregory Dyson because of his bad reputation
Mrs DysonGregory Dyson’s first wife who died quite suddenly
Mrs Joe ArdenA resident of St Mary Mead who quarrelled with her husband
Mrs LinnettA resident of St Mary Mead who had a mix up with her cough mix
Peter WolfeA man whose wife killed herself, used as a reference by Miss Marple when considering the character of Esther Walters
Senora de CaspearoGuest at the hotel from South America
Sir George Trollopeman to whom Miss Marple likens Gregory Dyson
Tim KendalOwner of the hotel at St Honore and married to Molly
Victoria JohnsonMaid at the hotel and later victim
Young Mr PolegateA resident of St Mary Mead, a young man who displayed ‘odd behaviour’
Belle GoedlerWidow of Randall Goedler who is due to leave all her money to Letitia Blacklock
Charlotte BlacklockTwin sister of Letitia, known to be deceased
Chief Constable George RydesdaleCraddock’s superior
Chief Constable Georger RydesdaleChief Constable of Middleshire, Inspector Craddock’s superior
Colonel Archie EasterbrookRetired Colonel, married to Laura
Colonel WrightAnglo-Indian colonel living  in St Mary Mead
Constable EdwardsPoliceman
Constable LeggPoliceman on the case
Detective Sergeant FletcherPoliceman on the case
Diane Harmon ‘Bunch’The vicar’s wife
Dmitri StamfordisSonia’s husband, father of Pip and Emma
Dora ‘Bunny’ BunnerChildhood friend of Letitia and her sister, now living at Little Paddocks with Letitia as her companion
Dr BlacklockFather of Charlotte and Leticia 
Edmund SwettenhamMrs Swettenham’s son, writing a book
Edward HarmonDiane and Julian Harmon’s son
Elinor SimmonsMother of Patrick and Julia
Emma StamfordisDaughter of Sonia and Dmitri, sibling of Pip
Florriea former maid of Miss Marple.
Fred TylerFishmonger at St Mary Mead
Harry HaymesPhillipa’s young son
Inspector Dermot CraddockInvestigating officer and godson of Sir Henry Clithering, Miss Marples friend
Joan CroftResident of St Mary Mead
Johnnie ButtPaperboy
JuliaEmployee at the café
Julia SimmonsLiving with Letitia 
Laura EasterbrookColonel Easterbrook’s wife
Letitia BlacklockResident of Chipping Cleghorn living at Little Paddocks who hosts the murder party, expected to become very wealthy one day, twin sister of Charlotte who died
Major VaughanAnglo-Indian major  living  in St Mary Mead
Miss Amy MurgatroydLocal lady who lives at Boulders with Miss Hinchcliffe
Miss HinchcliffeLocal lady who lives at Boulders with Miss Murgatroyd
MitziForeign cook for Miss Blacklock
Mr AsheWords as chief gardener at Dayas Hall for Mrs Lucas
Mr BeddingfeldLawyer for Leticia Blacklock in Milchester
Mr CurtissWesleyan Minister who wouldn’t correct his child’s teeth as it was ‘god’s will’ for them to stick out
Mr ElliotAntique shop owner
Mr HodgsonBank manager at St Mary Mead used as an example by Miss Marple
Mr Rowlandson Manager of the Royal Spa hotel
Mr TotmanThe Chipping Cleghorn stationer 
Mrs AsheWife of Mr Ashe
Mrs CrayWool shop owner in St Mary Mead
Mrs FinchHousemaid for Mrs Swettenham
Mrs FinchWorks for Mrs Swettenham and her son Edmund
Mrs HugginsResident of Chipping Cleghorn and works at Little Paddocks
Mrs LucasEmployed Phillipa Haymes as her gardener at Dayas Hall
Mrs PuseyOwns the paper shop in St Mary Mead
Mrs SwettenhamMother of Edmund, resident of Chipping Cleghorn
Mrs WotherspoonExample given by Miss Marple of a lady who drew two pensions
Myrna HarrisRudie’s girlfriend who also works at the Spa where Miss Marple is staying
Nurse EllertonWorked as a nurse in St Mary Mead and practised euthanasia
Patrick SimmonsLiving with Letitia 
Phillipa Haymes Living with Letitia and gardener for Mrs Lucas
Pip StamfordisChild of Sonia and Dmitri, sibling of Emma
Randall GoedlerRich financier, deceased, Letitia Blacklock’s employer
Reverand Julian HarmonLocal vicar
Ronald HaymesHusband of Phillipa and father of Harry
Rudi ScherzReceptionist at the Spa where Miss Marple is staying and victim
Sister McClellandCarer for Belle Goedler 
Sonia GoedlerEstranged sister of Randall 
Sonia Stamfordis Sister of Randell Goedler
Susan HarmonDiane and Julian Harmon’s daughter
Tiglath PileserThe vicar’s cat
Adele FortescueRex’s wife
Albert EvansGladys’ boyfriend
Aunt Effie, Rex Fortescue’s sister-in-law
Detective Constable WaitePoliceman working on the case
Donald MacKenzieSon of Mr and Mrs MacKenzie who died in the war
Dr CrosbieHead doctor at the Pinewood Private Sanatorium where Helen MacKenzie is a resident
Dr Edwin SandemanRex Fortescue’s doctor
Dr IsaacsA doctor from Bethnal Green who attends Rex Fortescue with his doctor Edwin, when Rex falls ill
Elaine FortescueYoungest daughter of Rex in love with Gerald Wright
Ellen CurtisHousemaid at Yewtree Lodge
Elvira FortescueRex’s first wife, mother of Lance, Percival and Elaine
FredFishmonger at St Mary Mead
Gerald WrightSchool master in love with Elaine
Gladys MartinParlour-maid at Yewtree Lodge and former maid to Miss Marple
Helen MacKenzieMr MacKenzi’s widowed wife living at the Pinewood sanatorium
Inspector NeeleInvestigating officer
Jennifer FortescuePercival’s wife  
KittyMiss Marple’s current maid in this novel
Lancelot FortescueRex’s son who is recently returned from Kenya
Lord Frederick AnsticeDeceased second husband of Pat who committed suicide
Marion BatesAcquaintance of Miss Marple – daughter of a wealthy iron monger
Mary Dove Housekeeper at Yewtree Lodge, employed by Rex Rortescue
Miss BellTypist at Rex Fortescue firm, Consolidated Investments Trust.
Miss ChaseTypist at Rex Fortescue firm, Consolidated Investments Trust.
Miss GriffithHead typist at the offices of Rex Fortescue.
Miss Irene GrosvenorPersonal secretary to Rex Fortescue
Miss RamsbottomRex’s sister-in-law
Miss SomersNewest secretary in the office of Rex Fortescue
Mr AnsellSolicitor from ‘Ansell & Worrall’ who wrote up Adele’s will
Mr BatesMan who married Marion Bates initially for her money
Mr Billingsley Solicitor for the Fortescue family from the London firm ‘Billingsley, Horsethorpe & Walters’
Mr CrumpButler at Yewtree Lodge
Mr EmmettThe bank manager at St Mary Mead
Mr MacKenzieOriginally discovered the Black Bird Mine, left for dead by Rex Fortescue
Mrs CrumpCook at Yewtree Lodge
Mrs EmmettWife of the bank manager at St Mary Mead who didn’t feel she fit in with her husbands social standing
Mrs HardcastlePersonal secretary to Percival Fortescue
Mrs Latimer Resident o St Mary Mead who ran the girl guides
Mrs SparrowA lady Miss Marple knew who’s son married the nurse who tended to him while he has pneumonia 
Mrs Trefusis JamesLady to which Jennifer Fortescue worked as a nurse
Pat FortescueLancelot’s wife travelling with him, he is her third husband
Percival FortescueRex Fortescue’s eldest son, married to Jennifer
Professor BernsdorffDoctor at St Jude’s hospital who confirms Rex’s cause of death
Rex FortescueWealthy businessman and victim, owner of Yewtree Lodge
Ruby MacKenzieDaughter of Mr and Mrs MacKenzie
Sergeant HayPoliceman on the case
Vivian DuboisGolf instructor
Amy McAllisterAn American acquaintance of Jane Marple.
Archdeacon Abercrombie A friend of Colonel Luscombe.
Archdeacon SimmonsFriend of Canon Pennyfather who reports him missing
BridgetElvira’s school friend
Canon PennyfatherClergyman and scholar in ancient languages and the Dead Sea Scrolls who goes missing
Chief-Inspector Fred “Father” DavyScotland Yard detective 
Colonel Derek LuscombeElvira’s guardian and trustee of her fortune, with her at the hotel.
GuidoElvira’s Italian boyfriend
Henry Master of the afternoon tea at Bertram’s Hotel.
Inspector CampbellScotland Yard inspector
Inspector McNeill Inspector at Scotland Yard
Ladislaus MalinowskiRacing driver in his 30s
Lady Bess SedgwickAdventurous and estranged mother of Elvira
Lady Selina HazyGuest at the hotel.
Lord ConistonDeceased second husband of Bess, Elvira’s father
Michael “Micky” GormanIrish doorman at Bertram’s Hotel. 
Mr BollardJewellery shop owner
Mr RobinsonFinancier and informant
Mrs CarpenterChaperone for Elvira while travelling from Italy to England.
Mrs McCraeCanon Pennyfather’s housekeeper.
Mrs Mildred MelfordCousin of Colonel Luscombe who will host Elvira until she turns 21. 
Richard EgertonSolicitor and trustee of Elvira’s inheritance.
Robert HoffmanGuest at Bertram’s hotel and bother of Wilhelm
Rose SheldonChambermaid at Bertram’s Hotel, who previously worked as an actress.
Sergeant WadellPoliceman working on the case
The Bishop of WestchesterA friend of Jane Marple.
The Canon of ElyMiss Marple’s Uncle
The Honourable Elvira BlakeDaughter of Bess Sedgwick and Lord Coniston staying at the hotel, returning to England after time in Italy for schooling.
Wilhelm HoffmanGuest at Bertram’s hotel and bother of Robert
Anthea Bradbury-ScottLast of the three sisters, also unmarried
Archdeacon BrabazonThe clergyman who was due to marry Verity and Michael and a friend of Miss Temple
Arthur JacksonMr Rafiel’s valet
Clotilde Bradbury-ScottSpinster sister of Lavinia and Anthea
Colonel Bradbury-ScottDeceased father of the three Bradbury-Scott sisters
Elizabeth TempletonRetired headteacher of the school which Verity attended. On the tour bus with Miss Marple
Emlyn PriceYoung man on the coach tour
Esther Anderson (nee Walters)Previous secretary to Mr Rafiel whom Miss Marple met while in the Caribbean
Inspector DouglasInvestigating officer
Jason RafielWealthy invalid who met Miss Marple previously at St Honore in ‘A Caribbean Mystery’
Joan PrescottCanon Prescott’s sister whom Miss Marple met in the Caribbean
Joanna CrawfordMember of the coach tour travelling with her Aunt
Lavinia Glynne (nee Bradbury-Scott)Widowed sister of Clotilde and Anthea Bradbury-Scott
Master Bradbury-ScottDeceased son of Coloner Bradbury-Scott
Michael RafielSon of Jason Rafiel and held on a murder charge
Miss BarrowTravelling with Miss Cooke on the tour
Miss CookeTravelling with Miss Barrow on the tour
Miss KnightMiss Marple’s previous help
Mr GlynnDeceased husband of Lavinia
Nora BroadYoung local girl who went missing 
Professor WansteadPsychiatrist on the bus tour with Miss Marple
Verity HuntWard of Clotilde Cradbury – Scott
Alison DanbyGwenda’s Aunt who brought her up in New Zealand
BeatriceEleanor Fane’s maid
Colonel MelroseMentioned as he had previously pointed Inspector Primer out to Miss Marple
Detective Inspector PrimerInvestigating officer
Dr HaydockMiss Marple’s doctor
Dr James KennedyOlder half brother of Helen, a retired doctor
Dr PenroseWorked at the nursing home where Major Halliday was committed to and later died at
Edith PagettPrevious cook at the house in Dillmouth, St Catherine
EstherCook at Gossingdon Hall for the Bantry’s 
Evelyn Miss Marple’s Maid
Giles ReedGwenda’s husband 
Gwenda Halliday ReedMarried to Giles and recently moved to England from New Zealand. Living at Hillside, previously called St Catherine
Helen Spenlove Halliday nee KennedyMajor Kelvin’s second wife and half-sister of Dr Kennedy
Inspector LastPoliceman 
Jackie AfflickCoach tour owner married to Dorothy, a one-time friend of Helen Kennedy
Janet ErskineRichard Erskine’s wife
Joan WestRaymond’s wife, a painter, cousin of Giles Reed
LeonieNurse at the Halliday household from Switzerland 
Lily Abbott KimbleParlourmaid at the Halliday household
Major Kelvin HallidayGwenda’s father, now deceased, his first wife was Megan (Gwenda’s mother) later married to Helen after Megan died
ManningOld gardener at the Halliday household
Megan HallidayThe first wife of Major Halliday and Gwenda’s mother
Mr Penderley House agent at Galbraith & Penderley
Mrs CockerCook for Gwenda and Giles
Raymond WestMiss Marple’s nephew, an author
Richard ErskineA married man who fell in love with Helen after meeting her on a ship to India
Walter FaneJilted fiance of Helen who later became a solicitor in Dillmouth 
Adelaide JeffersonDaughter-in-law of Conway, Frank Conway’s widow, Peter’s mother
Albert BiggsA labourer who spotted the glow from the car fire
Alicea former maid of Miss Marple.
Amanda HartnellMiss Marple’s next-door neighbour
Basil BlakeA neighbour of the Bantry’s and married to Dinah
Beatrice HennikerGirl Guide and friend of Pamela Reeves
BriggsUsed to be head gardener at Old Hall in St Mary Mead’s (Colonel Protheroe’s house)
Caroline WeatherbyA resident of St Mary Mead who spreads the news of the body found in the library to Miss Hartnell
ClaraMrs Price-Ridley’s maid
Colonel Arthur BantryMarried to Dolly, owner of Gossington Hall
Colonel MelchettChief Constable of Danemouth
Constable Billy PalkConstable first notified of the body found in the library at Gossingdon Hall
Constable GreggThe police officer in Danemouth who interviews Albert Biggs
Conway JeffersonWealthy gentleman staying at The Majestic Hotel
David ClementThe baby son of Griselda and Leonard
Dinah LeeSecretly married to Basil Blake
Dolly BantryMarried to Colonel Bantry and mistress at Gossington Hall
Dr HaydockLocal doctor in St Mary Mead
Dr MetcalfDoctor in Danemouth who advises on Conway Jefferson’s health
Edie ChettyA young girl who used to bite her nails – used as an example by Miss Marple
EdwardsValet to Conway Jefferson
Florance SmallFriend of Pamela Reeves
Frank ConwayJefferson’s deceased son, husband of Adelaide
George BartlettYoung gentleman staying at the hotel
Griselda ClementThe vicar’s wife in St Mary Mead
Hugo McCleanFriend of Adelaide in love with her
Inspector SlackInvestigating officer
JanetA maid working for the Bantry’s
JanetUsed to be a maid of Miss Marples
Jesse DavisGirl Guide and friend of Pamela Reeves
Jessie GoldenHard-working daughter of the local baker Mr Golden, she trained as a governess
Josephine TurnerRuby Keep’s cousin and professional dancer at the Hotel, secretly married to Mark 
Leonard ClementLocal vicar at St Mary Mead
Lilian RidgewayGirl Guide and friend of Pamela Reeves
LorrimerButler for the Bantry’s
Major BuryUsed as an example by Miss Marple, he fell in love with a woman and pursued her for years but she ran off ten days before their wedding
Major ReevesFather of Pamela, the missing schoolgirl
Margaret ConwayJefferson’s deceased wife
Mark GaskellSon-in-law of Conway, widow of Jefferson’s daughter Margaret. Secretly married to Josie
Martha Price-RidleyA local resident of St Mary Mead and next-door neighbour to the vicarage
MaryMaid to the Bantry’s
Mary PriceGirl Guide and friend of Pamela Reeves
Miss HardbottleSpinster sister of Mr Hardbottle who used to keep house for him
Mr BadgerLocal chemist in St Mary Mead used in one of Miss Marple’s examples
Mr CargillA dishonest builder used as an example by Miss Marple
Mr GoldenLocal baker in St Mary Mead
Mr HardbottleAn example given by Miss Marple – he lived with his spinster sister but became very fond of his young maid who admired him and cheered him up.
Mr PrescottManager of the Majestic Hotel at Danemouth
Mrs BadgerWife of the local chemist who found out her husband was falling for their young dispenser 
Mrs EcclesCook to the Bantry’s
Mrs MartinThe new school teacher in St Mary Mead whom the child Tommy Bond pranked
Mrs PalkMarried to Chief Constable Palk
MuswellChauffer to the Bantry’s
Pamela Reevesyoung girl guide who goes missing
Peter CarmodyAdelaide’s son and grandson of Conway Jefferson
Rosamond GaskellJefferson’s deceased daughter, married to Mark Gaskell
Ruby Keene/ Rosy LeggeA younger cousin of Josephine Turner and also a dancer at the Majestic Hotel
Seargent HigginsPolice Officer in Danemouth
Selina BlakeMother of Basil Blake and old school friend of Dolly Bantry
Sir Henry ClitheringFriends with the Bantry’s and Conway Jefferson, a retired police commissioner
Superintendent HarperInvestigating officer
Thomas Ramon ‘Raymond’ StarDancer and tennis player at the Majestic Hotel
Tommy BondChild in St Mary Mead who put a frog in the new school teacher’s clock
William BookerBuilder in St Mary Mead who built the house Basil Blake lives in
Alfred PikeYounger of two sons whom Miss Marple used as an example, he now resides in ‘Fairways Mental Home’
AliceAn orphan from ‘St Faith’s’ whose girls often came to work for and be trained by Miss Marple
Alison WildeAn acquaintance of Miss Marple who is used  by her in an example
Amanda HartnellAn old resident of St Mary Mead and neighbour of Miss Marple
AmyAn orphan from ‘St Faith’s’ whose girls often came to work for and be trained by Miss Marple
Anne Protheroe A resident of St Mary Mead who appeared in ‘The Murder at the Vicarage’
Ardwyck FennA personal friend of Marina Gregg
Arthur BadcockHeather Babcock’s husband
BiancaAn ‘ear witness’ who hears a gunshot
BriggsGardner for Dr Sandford
Canon of Chichester CathedralMiss Marple’s Uncle
Cherry BakerCleaner for Miss Marple, married to Jim
Chief Inspector CraddockScotland Yard Detective 
ClaraAn orphan from ‘St Faith’s’ whose girls often came to work for and be trained by Miss Marple
Councillor AllcockCouncilor of St Mary Mead and guest at Marina Greggs private reception 
Dolly BantryFriend of Miss Marple and previous mistress of Gossington Hall
Donald McNeilA reporter covering the fete at Gossington Hall
Dr GilchristPrivate doctor to Marina Gregg
Dr HaydockMiss Marple’s doctor at St Mary Mead
Ella ZielinskySecretary to Jason Rudd
Emily WatersAn acquaintance of Miss Marple who nearly married a curate
Florence HillFormer maid to Miss Marple who now runs a boarding house 
Florrie WestWorks at the same estate agents as Arthur Badcock
Frank CornishPoliceman
Gerald FrenchAn acquaintance of Miss Marple who is used  by her in an example
General Barnstaple A resident of Much Benham and guest at Marina Greggs private reception 
GilesFormer farmer of St Mary Mead whose land was used to build ‘The Development’ on
Gladys DixonServed drinks at the film studio canteen
Griselda ClementMarried to the vicar of St Mary Mead
GiuseppeMarina Gregg’s butler
Hailey PrestonEmployed to Marina Gregg
Harry PriceYoung man looking to buy a house in ‘The Development’ with his wife Lily
Heather BadcockFan of Marina Greggs and married to Arthur Badcock
Jason RuddA director and married to Marina Gregg
Jim BakerHandyman married to Cherry
Jim GalbraithA reporter covering the fete at Gossington Hall
Johnny JethroeA colleague of Margot Bence the photographer
Joshua GriceFarmer at Lower Farm in St Mary Mead and guest at Marina Greggs private reception 
LaycockOld gardener in St Mary Mead who helps Miss Marple with her own
Lily PriceYoung woman looking to buy a house in ‘The Development’
Lola BrewsterAmerican actress and Marina’s third husband’s second wife
Lucius ProtheroeA resident of St Mary Mead who appeared in ‘The Murder at the Vicarage’
Margot Bence Young photographer taking pictures of the fete at Gossington Hall
Marina GreggFamous and much-married film star, currently married to Jason Rudd and new owner of Gossington Hall
Mary BainA resident of ‘The Development’ in St Mary Mead and neighbour of Heather and Arthur Badcock
Miss GrundleWorks at the same estate agents as Arthur Badcock
Miss KnightCompanion to Miss Marple
Mr BarnesGrocer in St Mary Mead
Mr RobertsManager of Inch’s Taxis firm
Mr SampsonThe oldest resident of St Mary Mead who is impressed by Marina Greggs swimming pool
Mr TomsUsed to own the basket shop in St Mary Mead
Mr UpshawBusinessman living in St Mary Mead
Mrs AllcockMarried to the Councillor at St Mary Mead and guest at Marina Greggs private reception 
Mrs GriceWife of Joshua living at Lower Farm and guest at Marina Greggs private reception 
Mrs HartwellA resident of ‘The Development’ in St Mary Mead and neighbour of Cherry and Jim Baker
Mrs JamesonHairdresser in St Mary Mead
Mrs MeavyDolly Bantry’s daily help in her new home East Lodge
Mrs PikeA woman who had two sons, one of whom (Alfred Pike) is used in an example by Miss Marple
Mrs WisleyOwner of the wool shop in St Mary Mead
Raymond WestMiss Marple’s nephew
Sir Henry ClitheringThe former head of Scotland Yard and friend of Miss Marple
William TiddlerInspector
Agnes BartonDeceased sister of Emily Barton
Agnes WoddellParlour maid at the Symmington household
Aimee GriffithDoctor Owen’s sister
Beatrice BakerMaid at Little Furze
Bert RundleA local police constable in Lymstock
Brian SymmingtonYoung son on Mona and Richard Symmington to whom Elsie is the governess
Captain HunterMegan Hunter’s father
Colin SymmingtonYoung son on Mona and Richard Symmington to whom Elsie is the governess
Colonel AppletonLives near Lymstock at Combeacre
Colonel AppletonA resident of Lymstock of plays bridge at the Symmington’s 
Dr Owen GriffithDoctor at Lymstock who loves Joanna, brother of Aimee
Edith BartonDeceased sister of Emily Barton
Elsie HollandGoverness to Mona and Dicks young sons
Emily BartonOwner of the property Little Furze which Jerry and Joanna let and friend of Florence Elford
EmoryDaily help at Little Furz where Jerry and Joanna are staying
Florence ElfordFriend of Emily Barton who is staying with her
GeorgeBoyfriend of Beatrice Baker
Inspector GravesScotland Yard inspector who advises on poison pen letters
Jasper Harrington-WestDeceased cousin of Maud Dane Calthorpe
Jennifer ClarkBarmaid at the Three Crowns pub in Lymstock who handed in her anonymous letter to the police
Jerry BurtonThe narrator, an injured pilot staying Lymstock to recuperate with his sister Joanna
Joanna BurtonJerry’s younger sister staying with him in Lymstock
Mabel BartonDeceased sister of Emily Barton
Marcus KentJerry’s Doctor in London
Mary GreyJoanna’s dressmaker in London
Maud Dane CalthropThe vicar’s wife and friend of Miss Marple
Megan HunterDaughter of Mona and her first husband. 
Minnie BartonDeceased sister of Emily Barton
Miss BatworthyTeacher at the boarding school Megan used to attend
Miss GinchClerk for Mr Dick Symmington
Miss GinchA clerk who used to work for Richard Symmington but left after an anonymous letter insinuated an affair between them
Mona SymmingtonMarried to Dick her second husband, mother of Megan by her first marriage and two sons with Dick
Mr CleatHusband of Mrs Cleat, he is an odd jobs gardener 
Mr PyeAntique collector living in Lymstock
Mrs BakerBeatrice’s mother
Mrs BakerBeatrice Baker’s mother
Mrs CleatLocal witch in Lymstock, accused of writing the letters
MudgeWife of the local butcher in Lymstock
PartridgeMaid at Little Furze
PaulJoanna’s ex-boyfriend
Reverend Caleb Dane CalthropLocal vicar
Richard SymmingtonSolicitor, married to Mona and stepfather of Megan
RoseCook at the Symmington household
Sergeant ParkinsA police officer working with Nash investigating the anonymous letters
Superintendent NashCounty superintendent
Bill ArcherLocal man accused of poaching by Colonel Protheroe
Chief Constable MelchettChief Constable of Danemouth
ClaraMrs Price-Ridley’s maid
Colonel Lucius ProtheroMagistrate, unpopular man who lives at Old Hall 
Constable HurstPolice officer working on the case
Curate HawesCurate to the vicar
Dennis ClementLeonard Clement’s nephew living with them
Dr HaydockDoctor at St Mary Mead
Dr QuintonLocal vet at St Mary Mead
Dr RobertsCoroner based in Much Benham 
Dr StoneArchaeologist working on a dig on the Protheroe land
ElwellEx-resident of St Mary Mead used in an example by Miss Marple
EmilyMaid for Miss Marple 
Fred JacksonYounger cousin of Bill Archer who works at the fishmonger
GladdieKitchen maid in the Protheroe household
Gladys ClamAssistant to Dr Stone
Henry AbbottResident at Lower Farm, reported to be dying in a call to Reverend Clement
HildaMrs Lestrange’s maid
Inspector SlackInvestigating officer
Joe BucknellLandlord of the Blue Boar in St Mary Mead who thought his daughter was dating Mr Bailey only to discover it was his wife who was having an affair with him 
Lawrence ReddingArtist with a studio at the Vicarage and who is having an affair with Anne Protheroe
Lettice ProtheroSixteen year old daughter of Colonel Protheroe
Major HargreavesAcquaintance of Miss Marple who has a secret second family and left his money to them rather than his wife when he died
ManningChauffeur at the vicarage
Mary AdamsHousemaid at the vicarage
Mary AdamsLocal resident of St Mary Mead and gossip
Mary HillMaid at the vicarage, dating Bill Archer
Miss Amanda HartnellLocal spinster and next door neighbour of Caroline Wetherby
Miss BucknellDaughter of the landlord of the Blue Boar whose father thought she was seeing a local man called Mr Bailey 
Miss Caroline WetherbyLocal spinster and next door neighbour of Miss Hartnell
Mollie CarterA married lady used in an example by Miss Marple
Mr Bailey Local man having an affair with Joe Bucknell’s wife
Mr CherubimChemist at St Mary Mead
Mrs AbbottWife of Henry who denies making the call
Mrs Anne ProtheroeMarried to Colonel Protheroe and having an affair with Lawrence Redding
Mrs ArcherBill Archer’s mother
Mrs BucknellWife of the landlord of the Blue Boar who was having an affair with Mr Bailey
Mrs Estelle LestrangeFirst wife of Colonel Protheroe and Lettice’s mother
Mrs Griselda Clement Married to the Vicar
Mrs Martha Price-RidleyWidow who lives next door to the Vicarage
Mrs PrattCook for Colonel Protheroe at Old Hall
Mrs SadlerMr Hawes’ landlady at 19 High Street, St Mary Mead
Mrs SimmonsHousekeeper at Old Hall for Colonel Protheroe
Raymond WestMiss Marple’s nephew, an author
Raymond WestMiss Marple’s nephew, an author
ReevesButler at Old Hall for Colonel Protheroe
Rev. Leonard ClementVicar at St Mary Mead
RoseParlour-maid in the Protheroe household
Sir Henry ClitheringFormer head of Scotland Yard and friend of Miss Marple
Susan Hartley NapierFriend of Lettice Protheroe who hosts a tennis party
Alexis RestarickStephen’s older brother, also working in the theatre and also in love with Gina
Arthur JenkinsOne of the boys who is a resident at the institute
Canon StreteMildred’s husband
Carrie Louise SerrocoldMarried to Lewis Serrecold, sister of Ruth Van Rydock
Christian GulbrandsenSon of Carrie Louise’s first husband and Mildred’s half brother
Detective Sergeant LakeAssisting with the investigation
Dr Galbraith Bishop of Cromer and old friend of the Gulbrandens 
Dr MaverickPsychiatrist working at Stonygates
Edgar LawsonYoung delinquent staying at Stonygates and secretary to Lewis
Eric GulbrandsenCarrie Louise’s first husband
Ernie GreggYoung delinquent staying at Stonygates
Gina HuddCarrie Louise’s adopted Granddaughter , married to the American Wally Hudd
Guido San SeverianoItalian husband of Pippa and father to Gina
Inspector CurryScotland Yard inspector
Johnnie BackhouseResident of St Mary Mead to whom Miss Marple makes reference 
Johnnie RestarickCarrie Louise’s second husband
Juliet BelleverHousekeeper at Stonygates who looks after Carrie Louise
Leonard WylieResident of St Mary Mead to whom Miss Marple makes reference 
Lewis SerrecoldThird husband of Carrie Louise and owner of Stoneygates, running a home for young delinquents
Mildred StreteCarrie Louise’s daughter and Christian Gulbrandsen’s half sister
Miss MoncrieffResident of St Mary Mead to whom Miss Marple makes reference 
Mr BaumgartenOccupational therapist
Mr GilfoyLawyer with the firm Gilfoy, Gilfoy, Jaimes and Gilfoy who draws up the will for Carrie Louise
PippaDaughter of Eric and Carrie Louise who married Guido, Gina’s Mother
Ruth Van RydockSister of Carrie Louise who is worried about her. American friend of Miss Marple
Stephen RestarickStepson of Carrie Louise, younger brother of Alex who works in the theatre and is in love with Gina
Wally HuddGina’s American husband

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