The Mystery of the Blue Train

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The Mystery of the Blue Train Book


Katherine Grey unexpectedly come into a fortune and is invited to stay with family on the French Riviera - well of course they want to get to know her now...on the way there she meets the rich and beautiful Ruth Kettering, daughter of the even richer Rufus Van Aldin who has just gifted her a set of famous red rubies which in turn carry with them rumors of a curse. With a priceless set of gems, a wayward husband and a set of characters each with their own secrets and turmoil, the tension builds until finally, murder!


Poirot is back this time in an avuncular capacity to the beautiful Miss Grey.

when to read

Of course you'd want to be on the French Riviera to do it properly but if not, this is definitely a summer read.

murder mystery


The second of Agatha Christie's novels to be set in France, along with Death in the Clouds and Murder on the Links.

Publishing info

The Mystery of the Blue Train was published in 1928 just after The Big Four and before The Seven Dials Mystery.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

The Mystery of the Blue by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 10 episode 1 starring David Suchet as Poirot.

The Mystery of the Blue Train Character List

Ada MasonRuth Kettering’s Ladies maid 
Charles Evans ‘Chubby’Tamplin’s current younger husband
Comte Armand De La RocheLadies man seeing Ruth Kettering
Demetrius PapopolousAntiques dealer
Derek KetteringRuth’s husband, future Lord Leconbury
Honourable Lennox TamplinRosalie Tamplin’s daughter
Joseph AaronsBritish theatrical agent
Katherine GreyAn English lady’s companion who inherits a fortune
Major Richard KnightonPrivate secretary to Rufus Van Aldin 
MirelleAn exotic dancer 
Monsieur CarregeFrench policeman
Monsieur Le MarquisInfamous jewel thief
Mr and Mrs HarrisonFriends of Katherine Grey’s
Mr GobyRufus Van Aldin’s informant
Mrs HarfieldElderly lady to whom Katherine was companion and who left her all her money
Rufus Van AldinWealthy American, father of Ruth
Ruth Kettering (nee Van Aldin)Rufus’ daughter, married to Derek and the victim
Viscountess Rosalie TamplinCousin of Katherine Grey living in the French Riviera with her fifth husband and her daughter 
Zia PapopolousDemetrius’ daughter


Ruth Kettering

Major Knighton (actually the jewel thief the Marquis) with his accomplice Ada Mason aka Kitty Kid

The ruby Heart of Fire

Ruth is strangled and beaten of the head to disfigure her face.

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