All the Characters from Agatha Christie's Other Novels

Alongside the 12 Marple novels and 33 Poirot novels, Agatha Christie wrote a further 21 mystery novels with some of her most famous ones including ‘And then there were none’, ‘Crooked House’, ‘Endless Night’ and ‘The Pale Horse’ – all recently adapted for television and film.

Personally, some of my favorite novels fall into these ‘other’ works and although I love Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple the protagonists in the other novels are truly excellent – a few of christie’s strongest female characters can be found in these novels such as Emily Trefusis in ‘The Sittaford Mystery’, Virginia Revel in ‘The Secret of Chimneys’ and Victoria Jones in ‘They Came to Baghdad’. The dashing Mark Easterbrook in ‘The Pale Horse’ and Luke Fitzwilliam in ‘Murder is Easy’ are also worth meeting too.

There’s plenty of variety in these novels – whilst there are thriller and espionage tales such as  ‘The Man in the Brown Suit’ and ‘Destination Unknown’ and the Beresford novels ‘N or M?’ and ‘The Secret Adversary’, you also get ‘Crooked House’ displaying one of the best dysfunctional families created by Christie for a perfect closed circle who’done’it. Finally, ‘Death Comes at the End’ is the only novel set in another time, 2000MB Ancient Egypt. 

So if you’ve read all the Poirot and Marple novels and want something new or are interested in reading some of Christies best works – take a look at the list below. Full Character lists are included for each one. Click here to find out more about each mystery novel too. 

Although later novelised, Spiders Web is under the Plays section here.


AlbertA boy that works in South Adley Mansions and helps the Beresfords 
Boris Ivanovitch/ Count StepanovMember of the gang, friends with Rita
DanversMan whos document Jane Finn is entrusted with
Dr HallManager of the nursing home in Bournemouth
Jane FinnA missing woman who held important documents
Julius P HersheimerJane Fin’s millionaire cousin
Marguerite ‘Rita’ Vandemeyer Previously an actress, traveling on board of the Lusitania with Jane Finn
Mr BrownMan who pops up throughout the novel
Mr CarterSenior member of the British government
Mr KrameninA Russian working in London
Mr WhittingtonMember of the gang
Prudence L CowleyMrs Beresford-to-be, partner with Tommy in ‘The Young Adventurers Ltd’
Sir James Peel EdgertonKing’s council and old friend of Mr Carter
Thomas BerefordThe protagonist married to Tuppence – a retired Government Agent
Anne BeddingfieldDaughter of the famous archaeologist Professor Beddingfield (deceased)
Anita GrunbergDancer living in Paris
Arthur Minks 
Colonel RaceA cousin of Lord Eardsley
Count Sergius PaulovitchIn the service of the Colonel
Guy PagettSecretary to Sir Eustace
Harry LucasA friend of John Eardsley accused of assisting him with the theft of the diamonds reported as missing in action
Inspector MeadowsScotland Yard detective
John Eardsleythe son of a South African gold magnate Sir Laurence who is disowned after being accused of theft 
LB CartonThe victim who falls on the tracks at Hyde Park Tube station
Lord NasbyAnne’s employer, owner of the Daily Budget
Miss PettigrewNew secretary traveling with Sir Eustace from Cape Town
Mr Flemming  
Mrs Caroline JamesMarried to the gardener at The Mill House
Mrs Flemming 
Reverend Edward Chichester 
Sir Eustace PedlerMP who owns Mill House in Marlow where a woman is found dead
The Colonel 
The Honorable Mrs Suzanne BlairTraveling on the Kilmorden Castle ship
Angele MoryWorks with King Victor as a thief, a former dancer from France
Anthony CadeAdventurous man only just returned to England after 14 years, he accepts the memoirs from James McGrath and helps Virginia Revel
Baron LolopretjzylA representative of the Loyalist Party of Herzoslovakia
Bill EversleighEmployed by George Lomax and enamored of Virginia 
Boris AnchoukoffValet for Prince Michael, a big brutish man
Captain AndrassyEquerry for Prince Michael, employed by the royal household 
Captain O’NeilFriend of Anthony Cade
Constable JohnsonPoliceman
Count Stylptitch of HerzoslovakiaThe writer of the memoirs, now deceased
DaisyThe young daughter of Lord Caterham, sister to Bundle and Dulcie
Dr CartwrightThe doctor who inspects the body
DuslieThe young daughter of Lord Caterham, sister to Bundle and Daisy
Dutch PedroAn agent for the ‘Comrades of the Red Hand’
Giuseppe ManuelliItalian who worked at the Blitz Hotel, he’s a criminal
Herman IsaacsteinA wealthy financier who has interests in oil
Hiram P FishAmerican at Chimney’s to study the art there
Inspector BagworthyInvestigating officer
James McGrathAnthony’s Canadian friend from whom he accepts the memoirs.
King VictorRenowned thief who has escaped from France and is a master of disguise. He stole the Koh-i-Noor diamond from London and is wanted in three countries
Lady Eileen Brent ‘Bundle’Lord Caterham’s daughter and friend of Virginia
Lord Caterham, Clement Edward Alistair Brent Traditional English gentleman, the owner of Chimneys, wants to sell up and live a quiet life. Father of Bundle, Dulcie and Daisy
Miss Genevieve BrunThe governess to Dulcie and Daisy, Lord Caterhams two young daughters
Monsieur ChellesGuest at The Cricketers, the local inn near to Chimneys
Monsieur Lemoine of the SureteFrench detective who is obsessed with capturing the elusive King Victor
Mr HolmesWorks for the publishers Balderson and Hodgkins
Prince Michael Obolovitvh of Herzoslovakia/ Count StanislausGuest staying at Chimneys, heir to the Herzoslovakian throne
Prince Nicholas Obolovitvh of HerzoslovakiaMissing Prince who was raised and educated in England but is reported to have died in the Congo
Professor WynwoodCalled in to decode a secret message
Queen Varaga of HerzoslovakiaWife of the previous King of Herzoslovakia who as killed with him in the revolution 
Superintendent BattleAn inspector from Scotland Yard called in to investigate the murder
The Honourable George LomaxStuffy dignitary working at the Foreign Office
TredwellThe butler at Chimneys
Virginia RevelWidowed vamp, investigates the death at Chimneys with Anthony
Bill Eversleigh
Clement Edward Alistair Brent
Count Andras 
Countess Radzky
George Lomax
Gerald Wade
Hayward Phelps
Helen Daventry
Herr Eberhard
Jimmy Thesiger
Lady Eileen Brent 
Lady Maria Coote
Loraine Wade
Mr Mosgorovsky
Nancy Daventry
Ronny Devereux
Rupert Bateman
Sir Oswald Coote
Sir Stanley Digby
Superintendent Battle
Terence O’Rouke
Vera Daventry
AbdulCaptain Wyatt’s Indian manservant
BeatriceHousemaid at The Laurels for Mr and Mrs Gardner
Captain Joseph A. TrevelyanOwner of Sittaford House who lets it to the Willets and moves to Hazelmoor in Exhampton. 
Captian WyattA resident of Sittaford, a retired military man who drinks
Constable GravesPoliceman
Dr WarrenLocal doctor
Emily TrefusisYoung model investing the murder to prove her fiance innocent
Freemantle FreddieConvict at Dartmoor in Pricetown who escapes
Inspector NarracottInvestigating officer
Major John Edward BurnabyA retired military man who enjoys sports and best friend of Cpt. Trevelyn
Miss Caroline PercehouseThe invalid lady who keeps her eyes and ears open, resident of Sittaford who has her nephew Ronald Garfield to stay
Miss DavisRobert Gardner’s nurse
Miss Violet WilletLiving with her mother in Sittaford house
Mr Brian PearsonThe older brother of James Pearson and Sylvia Dering recently returned from New South Wales in Australia
Mr Charles EnderbyA journalist for the Daily Wire, initially in Sittaford to announce Major Burnaby as a prize winner and then help Miss Trefusis
Mr CurtisOwner of a BnB where Emily Trefusis stays in Sittaford
Mr DacresJame’s Pearson’s solicitor
Mr DukeThe mysterious man living in Sittaford whom no one knows much about
Mr James PearsonNephew of Captain Trevelyn and engaged to Emily Trefusis
Mr Martin DeringSylvia’s husband a novelist
Mr Robert GardnerInvalid husband of Jennifer Gardner 
Mr Robert Henry EvansCaptain Trevelyan’s manservant married to Rebecca
Mr RycroftAn older man with an interest in the occult, birds, and reading and a resident of Sittaford
Mrs CurtisMarried to Mr Curtis, knows all the residents of Sittaford 
Mrs J. BellingProprietress of The Three Crowns pub in Exhampton and Rebecca’s mother
Mrs Jennifer GardnerSister of Captain Trevelyn who lives at ‘The Laurels’ in Exeter
Mrs Rebecca EvansRobert’s wife and cook
Mrs Sylvia DeringNiece of Captain Trevelyn, sister of James and Brian. Married to Martin Dering
Mrs WilletRenting Sittaford House for the winder with her daughter Violet
Ronald GarfieldNephew of Caroline Percehouse who hopes to inherit 
Seargent PollockPoliceman
Superintendent MaxwellNarracott’s superior in Exeter
Walters & KerkwoodCaptain Trevelyan’s solicitor
Willianson & WilliamsonEstate agents who assisted the Willets
Robert Jones
Lady Frankces Derwent
Dr Thomas
The Vicar of Marchbolt
Alex Pritchard / alan carstairs
Mr Leo Carman
Mrs Amelia Cayman
Badger Beadon
George Arbuthnot
Henry Bassington-ffrench
Sylvia Bassington-ffrench
Thomas Bassington-ffrench
Roger Bassington-ffrench
Dr Nicholson
Moira Nicholson
John Savage
Mr Templeton
Mrs Templeton
Mrs Rivington
Galdys Roberts
Rose Pratt
Albert Mere
Anthony James MarstonGood looking man, killed a boy when he hit him with his car
Arthur RichmondThe lover of General John Gordon MacArthur’s wife who died being sent on a suicide mission
Beatrice TaylorYoung servant to Emily Brent who ‘got into trouble’ and died after being dismissed by her.
Captain Philip LombardA ‘soldier of fortune’ who spent time out in Africa
Cyril Hamilton Young child Vera Claythorne was once governess to who drowned
Dr Edward George ArmstrongA Harley Street surgeon
Edward SetonMan accused of murder whom the judge convicted despite doubts of his guilt
Emily Caroline BrentOlder well to do lady
Ethel RogersCook brought to the island to serve the guests
Fred NarracottThe boatman who takes the guests to the island
General John Gordon MacArthurAn ex-military gent 
Hugo Hamilton Uncle of Cyril, a man Vera Claythorne once hoped to marry
Inspector MainePolice officer
James LandorInnocent man sent to prison for life and who later died there
Jennifer BradyThe former employer of Mr and Mrs Rogers who died from heart failure
Louisa CleesLady who died in theatre due to Dr Armstrong having been drunk during surgery
Mr BloreA private investigator and retired police inspector
Mr Justice WargraveRetired judge
Sir Thomas LeggePoliceman
Thomas RogersButler brought in to help on the island
Vera ClaythorneGoverness
Amy GibbsA local girl, Mrs. Church’s niece and maid for Honoria Wayneflete 
Bridget Conway Described as witch-like in appearance, she is a resident of Wychwood under Ashe and engaged t Lord Whitfield. Her cousin is Jimmy Lorrimer
Dr HumblebyLocal doctor for Wychwood under Ashe, married to his wife Jessie and father of Rose
Dr Geoffrey Thomas Partner of Dr Humbleby, now the village doctor
Harry Carter The local landlord of the ‘Severn Stars’ inn
Honoria Waynflete Resident of Wychwood under Ashe, a spinster
Jessie Humbleby The widowed wife of Dr Humbleby and mother of Rose
Jimmy LorrimerMutal friend of Luke and Bridget – Bridget’s cousin
Lavinia Pinkerton An elderly resident of Wychwood under Ashe who meets Luke Fitzwilliam on a train to London
Lord WhitfieldLord of the manor – obnoxious millionaire engaged to Bridget
Luke FitzwilliamRecently returned to England from India where he worked in the police. He meets Miss Pinkerton on the train to London
Lydia Horton Married to Major Horton, she had been invalided for some time before dying.
Major Horton A resident of Wychwood under Ashe
Mr Abbot Solicitor
Mr Ellsworthy Local resident and owner of an antique shop
Mr Rivers Worked as Lord Whitfield’s chauffeur
Mr WakeVicor in Wychwood under Ashe
Mrs Anstruther Bridget’s Aunt
Mrs ChurchLocal lady and aunt of Amy Gibb who dies
Mrs Pierce A local lady who runs a shop in the village and the mother of the young boy Tommy 
Rose HumblebyDaughter of Dr Humbleby who died and his wife Jessie
Sir William Ossington Friend of Luke Fitzwilliam’s who works at Scotland Yard
Superintendent BattleInvestigating officer from Scotland Yard
Tommy Pierce A young local boy who used to get into mischief
Albert BattPrevious manservant to the Beresfords
BettyMrs Sprot’s toddler daughter
Captain GrantBritish intelligence secret agent who employes Tommy and Tuppence
Commander HaydockRetired naval officer
Deborah BeresfordDaughter of the Beresfords and Derek’s twin
Derek BeresfordSon of the Beresfords and Deborah’s twin
MGerman spy
Major Bletchley 
Miss Sofia Minton 
Mr Carter 
Mr Cayley 
Mr Von DeinemGerman refugee
Mrs Cayley 
Mrs O’RourkeIrish woman
Mrs PerennaOwner of the Sans Souci Hotel, mother of Sheila
Mrs Sprot 
NGerman spy
Sheila PerennaDaughter of Mrs. Perenna the owner
Thomas BeresfordRetired British intelligence officer married to Tuppence
Tuppence BeresfordMarried to Thomas and also retired from the British intelligence 
Vanda PolonskaPolish refugee
Adrian RoydeBrother of Thomas who died in a car crash
Andrew MacWhirterLeft the police force and attempted suicide after his wife left him. He investigates the murders 
Audrey StrangeThe first wife of Neville now divorced. Raised with the Royds after being orphaned as a child
Inspector James LeachInvestigating officer and nephew of Battle
Kay StrangeSecond wife of Neville, beautiful red head and friend of Ted Latimer
Lady Camilla TressilianOwner of Gulls Point at Saltcreek, widow  
Lady Tresillian’s maid 
Mary AldinCompanion to Lady Tressilian
Mr TrevesAn old friend of Lady Tressilian and retired solicitor
Nevile StrangeTennis player previously married to Audrey and now married to Kay. Ward of Lady Tressilian’s late husband
Superintendent BattleUncle of James Leach whom he helps. Father of five
Ted LatimerFlamboyant young man and friend of Kay Strange
Thomas RoydeA distant cousin of Audrey’s who lives and works in Malay
YahmoseMarried to Satipy and eldest son of Imhotep
EsaImhotep’s mother
HoriImhotep’s scribe and business man
ImhotepKa-priest and head of the household, father of Yahmose, Sobek and Ipy
IpyImhotep’s youngest son
KaitMother of 
KameniHandsome local man
NofretConcubine to Imhotep
SatipyWife of Yahmose
SobekSecond son of Imhotep
Anthony BrownIris’s boyfriend who investigates 
Betty ArchdaleParlormaid
Chief Inspector KempInvestigating officer
Christine ShannonA bland lookalike for Rosemary Barton
Colonel RaceInvestigator and friend of George Barton
George BartonRosemary’s husband 
Iris MarleThe younger sister of Rosemary Barton, who inherits from her
Lady Alexander FarradayMarried to Stephen
Lucilla DrakeElderly aunt of Iris and Rosemary, mother of Victor Drake. She inherits if Iris dies
Pedro MoralesThe waiter at the restaurant where Rosemary died
Rosemary BartonWealthy woman, married to George and victim, she inherited from her Uncle
Ruth LessingSecretary to George Barton
Stephen FarradayAmbitious man, married to Lady Alexander but having an affair with Rosemary
Victor DrakeIrresponsible nephew of Lucilla who often sends for money after being involved in criminal activities
Aristide LeonidesWealthy man, the patriarch of the Leonides family and owner of Three Gables, married to his much younger second wife Brenda
Brenda LeonidesSecond wife of Aristide and much younger than him 
Charles HaywardEngaged to Sophia assisting with the investigation
Chief Inspector TavernerInvestigating officer
Clemency LeonidesMarried to Roger, a scientist who wants to move away
Edith de HavilandGreat Aunt to Sophie, she is Aristide’s first wife’s sister and lives with the family
Eustace LeonidesThe younger brother of Sophia, older than Josephine. Suffered from polio
Janet RoweNanny to all three of the children
Josephine LeonidesYoung sister of Sophia
Laurence BrownA teacher who lives with the family and teaches Eustance and Josephine
Magda WestMarried to Aristide’s son Phillip an actress
Mr GaitskillAristide Leonides’ solicitor
Old Man’Charle’s Hayward’s father who used to work with Tavener as assistant commissioner at Scotland Yard
Phillip LeonidesAristide’s son, married to Magda and father of Sophie, Eustance, and Josephine. An author who resents not being the favourite son.
Roger LeonidesAristide’s other son, married to Clemency. Manages part of the family business as his father’s favourite son
Sophie LeonidesDaughter of Magda and Philip engaged to Charles. Aristide was her grandfather
Anna Scheelesecretary/executive assistant to an American banker leaves to visit her sister and is followed
Captain CrosbyVisits Mrs Clatyon, uncultured man
Dr Pauncefoot-JonesAn archaeologist who is running an expedition just outside of Bagdad
Dr RathboneEdward’s employer who works to bring culture to Bagdad and runs a centre called ‘The OliveBranch’ with volunteers for drama, art and poetry.
EdwardA young man who meets Victoria just before leaving for Bagdad
Henry “Fakir” CarmichaelAgent Victoria finds dying in her room
MarcusOwner of the Teo hotel
Mr ClaytonWorks in the British consulate and offers Richard somewhere to stay
Mr DakinEnglish man staying at the Tao hotel
Mr George ClippMarried American gentleman who recognises Anna Sheele
Mrs Cardue-TrenchGuest at the hotel Teo hotel
Mrs ClaytonMarried to Mr Clayton, she offers Richard somewhere to stay
Mrs Hamiltan-ClippLady American seeking support on her journey to Bagdad to visit her daughter
Mrs KitchenMother with two children Victoria sees the pyramids with
Richard BakerBritish archaeologist who went to Eton with Henry Carmichael
Robert HallA commercial traveller who takes a shot at Carmichael in the consulate
Sir Rupert Crofton LeeFamous traveller
Victoria JonesEnthusiastic young “adventurer”, previously working as a typist who wants to go to Bagdad after meeting a man who is travelling there.
Andrew PetersA handsome young American who was in the group with Hilary on the journey to the facility where the scientists are kept
Boris GlydrPolish cousin of Else (Thomas Betterton’s deceased wife)
Dr Louis BarronFrench scientist
Elsa BettertonThe deceased wife to Thomas
Helga NeedheimGerman scientist
Henri LaurierFrenchman
Hilary CravenA deserted wife and bereaved mother contemplating suicide
Janet HetheringtonEnglish tourist
Monsieur AristidesWealthy gentleman
Mr JessopAn archaeologist 
Mr LeBlancFrench investigator 
Mrs Calvin BakerAn American tourist
Olive BettertonThomas Betterton’s wife
Paul Van HeidemManager at the facility
Thomas BettertonA nuclear scientist who has disappeared and may have defected to the Soviet Union
Torquil EricssonNorwegian
Andrew MarshallSolicitor for the Argyle family
Canon PeasmarshOld friend of Arthur Calgary who has a collection of rare books
Cyril GreenLocal boy and witness
Dr MacMasterA retired local doctor who used to see the children when they were young.
Dr Arthur CalgaryScientist recently returned from an expedition
Dr Donald CraigLocal young doctor and boyfriend of Hester Argyle
Gwenda VaughanSecretary to Leo Argyle
Hester ArgyleThe adopted daughter of Leo and Rachel Argyle, she originated from Ireland
Jacko ArgyleAdopted son of Leo and Rachel Argyle, often in trouble and needing money
Joe CleggNew husband of Maureen, Jacko’s wife
Kirsten LindstromSwedish nurse to the family when she children were young, she still lives with the Argyles
Leo ArgyleHusband of Rachel Argyle 
Mary DurrantThe adopted daughter of Leo and Rachel Durrant, she was their first adopted child when they were in America. Married to Phillip
Maureen CleggMarried Jacko and then Joe after Jacko’s death
Micky ArgyleAdopted son of Leo and Rachel Argyle, he works as a car salesman
Mrs GreenMother of Cyril Green
Phillip DurrantMarried to Mary, he was a pilot during the war but was paralysed by Polio afterward.
Rachel ArgyleWealthy woman, married to Leo Argyll and lived with their 5 adopted children.
Superintendent HuishInvestigating officer
Tina ArgyleThe adopted daughter of Leo and Rachel Argyle, she is mixed race and works in the library of Redman
Ariadne OliverMystery writer and friend of Hercule Poirot
BellaCook at the Pale Horse
C R BradleyEx-solicitor who was disbarred
Colonel Hugh Despard 
Detective Inspector Lejeune Investigating officer
Dr Jim CorriganDoctor for the police
Eileen BrandonEx-employee at a research organisation called CRC (Customers’ Reactions Classified)
Father GormanThe priest who gave the last writes to Mrs. Davis
Ginger CorriganResident at Much Deeping, plays the role of Mark’s first wife
Hermia RedcliffeMark Easterbrook’s girlfriend
Lady Hesketh-Dubois Mark Easterbrooks god-mother deceased
Mark EasterbrookThe boyfriend of Hermia, brought into the mystery after meeting the police surgeon Dr Corrigan
Mary Delafontaine 
Mr VenablesA resident of Much Deeping and invalid
Mrs Dane CalthropThe vicar’s wife
Mrs DavisThe victim who had the list of names passed on to Father Gorman and also ex-employee of the CRC
Pamela Stirling 
Reverand Caleb Dane CalthropElderly scholar
RhodaIntroduces people to the Pale Horse
Sybil StamfordisLives with Therza and Bella running ‘The Pale Horse’
Thomasina TuckertonA young woman who gets into a fight at the start 
Thyrza GreyProperties of the Pale horse at Much Deeping
Zachariah OsbourneWitness to the first crime who accuses Mr Venebles
Andrew LippincottAmerican guardian and trustee of Ellie
Claudia HardcastleA local woman who becomes friends with Ellie. She also loves riding
Esther LeeA local gypsy woman who scares Ellie
Fennella GutemanA wealthy young heiress who marries Michael 
Frank BartonMarried to Ellie’s aunt – unpleasant man
Greta AndersonCompanion to Ellie from Scandinavia
Major PhillpotA well-known gentleman in the village and heartthrob
Michael RogersInvestigating narrator who marries Ellie the heiress
Mrs. RogersMichael’s mother
Rudolf SantonixAn architect friend of Michael
Stanford LloydAnother trustee of Ellie’s, formerly married to Claudia
Ada FanshawThomas Beresford’s aunt who resides at the Sunny Ridhe nursing home
AlbertThe Beresfords help 
Alice PerryLives with her husband Amos in one half of the house in Sutton Chancellor which is depicted in the painting left by Aunt Ada to the Beresfords 
Amos PerryMarried to Alice Perry, living on one half of the myseterious house
Dr MurrayLocal doctor for the residents at Sunny Ridge home
Emma BoscowanWife of the man who created the painting which Ada left to the Beresfords
Ivor SmithYoung intellegence officer
Miss PackardManages the Sunny Ridge nursing home where Ada Fanshaw and Mrs Lancaster are residents
Mr CopleighMarried to Mrs Copleigh
Mr EcclesSolicitor
Mrs CopleighLocal gossip and owner of the B&B at Sutton Chancellor 
Mrs LancasterElderly lady and resident at the Sunny Ridge nursning home who goes missing 
Mrs MoodyResident at Sunny Ridge who knows Mrs Lancaster
Nellie Bligh/  Mrs JohnsonVery active lady in the parish of Sutton Chancellor
Nurse O’KeefeEmployed at the nursing home Sunny Ridge
RobertArt expert
Sir Josiah PennRetired intellegence officer and Thomas Beresford’s superior
Sir Phillip StarkeLocal landowner of Sutton Chancellor
Thomas BeresfordProtagonist married to Tupence – a retired Government Agent
Tuppence BeresfordWife and partner to Tommy 
VicarVicar who speaks with Tuppence when she meats him in the church graveyard
Admiral Philip Blunt An old friend of Lady Matilda. 
Amy Leatheran Nurse and assistant to Lady Matilda. She first appeared in Murder in Mesopotamia (1936).
Cedric LazenbyPrime Minister of the United Kingdom
Clifford Brent One of three young men who visit Nye at his flat, showing they know he is one of them, the anarchists.
Colonel Ephraim Pikeaway Retired intelligence officer working to block an unwanted international movement.
Colonel Munro A colleague of Stafford Nye who investigates the incident at the airport
Countess Charlotte von Waldsausen A rich and powerful woman, very fat and with health problems that make walking difficult, who lives in Bavaria. She is also called Big Charlotte and she was a schoolmate of Lady Matilda. 
Dr McCullochTends to Professor Shoreham and sees that Shoreham is ready to work again after the incident that afternoon.
Dr Reichardt A psychiatrist at Karlsruhe during the war and after
Eric Pugh School friend of Sir Stafford who helps him find information.
Franz Joseph Young Siegfried under Countess Charlotte. Handsome, a skilled orator and musician. 
Gordon Chetwynd Sir Stafford’s acquaintance in the office, who tells Nye his story was in the newspaper.
Henry Horsham Intelligence officer
Herr Heinrich Spiess The Chancellor of Germany
Jim Brewster Second of the three young men.
JuanitaName by which a dangerous spy and killer
Lady Matilda Cleckheaton Stafford Nye’s well connected grand aunt. She takes action to aid her nephew, with Lord Altamount, and by her trip to Bavaria. She was a schoolmate to the rich and powerful countess.
Lisa NeumannProfessor Shoreham’s secretary. An Austrian woman who worked with him first as a technical assistant, until his stroke.
Lord (Edward) Altamount Retired from diplomatic service, serving as a consultant, and one of the select intelligence group.
Mary Ann/ Countess Renata Zerkowski/ Daphne TheodofanousAn active member of the group seeking to prove Countess Charlotte in the wrong, collecting information worldwide. Reported to have a Greek mother, German father, and Austrian grandfather.
Mildred (Milly Jean) Cortman Wife of the American ambassador who hosts an embassy dinner.
Miss Ellis/ Milly Jean CortmanNurse to Professor Shoreham with Miss Neuman, aka Milly Jean Cortman the American ambassador’s wife
Monsieur Coin The Minister of the Interior for France
Monsieur Grosjean The President of France
Mr Robinson International financier
The character appeared in three other novels Cat Among the Pigeons (1959), At Bertram’s Hotel (1965), and Postern of Fate (1973).
Professor Eckstein A British scientist of high repute
Professor John GottliebProfessor living in Austin, Texas. 
Professor Robert ShorehamScientist who suffered a stroke, a friend of Lady Matilda, who calls him Bobby.
Roderick Kettely Third of the three young men.
Sam Cortman United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom
Signor Vitelly Prime Minister of Italy. 
Sir George Packham The Minister who speaks with Pikeaway about Nye’s incident at the Frankfurt airport. 
Sir James KleekLord Altamount’s right-hand man
Sir Stafford Nye English diplomat, age 45, with a sense of humor that marks him as unreliable to some in the diplomatic community.
Squadron leader AndrewsA pilot
Sybil Stafford Nye’s young niece
The MarshalFrench military man, who is shot and wounded by students.
Thomas BeresfordRetired British intelligence officer married to Tuppence
Tuppence BeresfordMarried to Thomas and also retired from the british intellegence 
Mr Robinson International financier
The character appeared in three other novels Cat Among the Pigeons (1959), At Bertram’s Hotel (1965), and Postern of Fate (1973).
AlbertManservant to the Beresfords
Colonel Ephraim Pikeaway Retired intelligence officer working to block an unwanted international movement.
Mary Jordan