Death On The Nile

Death On The Nile by Agatha Christie


The beautiful Linnet Ridgeway has everything - money, good looks, youth and when she meets her best friend Jackie fiance Simon, well she wants him too. Shortly after, Linnet and Simon marry and while on their honeymoon in Egypt, the jilted Jackie sets out to torment them with her presence. Tensions come to a climax when Jackie takes a shot at Simon hitting him in the leg however it is soon discovered that in all the commotion of that evening...Linnet has also been shot - fatally.

when to read

Obviously I read this on my own honeymoon - call me morbid but I couldn't help myself. This is a great holiday read - especially with references to the heat and humidity not to mention the opening chaper references to where the best places are to escape the English winter.
Tim Allerton refers to going on holiday "next month" as January is the best time to go to Egypt but although the novel is set therefore in December and January, I've never seen this as a winter read. (Incidentally that reference alongside Pennington's mention of 'morning of the fourth) also makes Linnet and Simon's wedding day the 4th January in case you're interested)

murder mystery

A closed circle 'who done it' with plenty of suspects with a variety of motives.


This is the 14th Poirot Novel written by AC. It comes after Cards on the Table and before Dumb Witness


Although starting in England, the setting soon moves to Egypt where our characters (and suspects) are assembled.

Publishing info

Published in 1937

overall rating


This is my personal favourite Agatha Christie novel – I’ve listened to the audio book of this (both BBC dramatised and unabridged) so many times that I think I can quote them both most of the way through…”Eeeegypt, a capitol idea Monsieur Poirot….”

On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 9 episode 3 starring David Suchet.

Filming mostly took place on location in Egypt. Wode hall is actually Eltham Palace in London.

David Suchet starres as Hercule Poirot alongside Emily Bunt as Linnet Ridgeway and JJ Field as Simon Doyle. 

Death on the Nile - Films

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Death On The Nile by Agatha Christie

Upcoming 2020 Death on the Nile Film

Read our review of the trailer and expectations of the new film due out in October 2020

Death On The Nile Character List

Andrew PenningtonLinnet’s American Trustee and friend of her father’s
Colonel RaceEx-military man who also spent time with MI5
Cornelia RobsonPoor relation of Miss Van Schuyler
Dr Ludwig BessnerGerman doctor
FleetwoodEgyption native interested in Linnet’s maid
Guido Richetti Italian Archaeologist
Honourable Joanna SouthwardLinnets friend and cousin of Tim Allerton
Jacqueline de BellefortInitially engaged to Simon Doyle and friend of Linnet
Jim FanthorpeYoung English solicitor
Linnet Doyle (nee Ridgeway)Young heiress, daughter of Melouish Ridgeway. Former friend of Jackie, marries Simon Doyle. Victim
Louise BourgetLinnet’s French maid
Marie Van SchuylerWealthy and exclusive American socialite. Cousin of Cornelia 
Miss BowersMiss Van Schuyler’s maid
Mr FergusonCommunist traveller writing about ‘conditions’
Mrs AllertonEnglish lady and mother of Tim
Rosalie OtterbourneSalome’s daughter
Salome OtterbourneNovelist and mother of Rosalie
Simon DoyleFormer fiancé of Jackie who marries Linnet
Tim AllertonSon of Mrs Atherton and cousin of Joanna Southward


  • Linnet Doyle (nee Ridgeway)
  • Louise Bourget
  • Salome Otterbourne

Simon Doyle & Jacqueline de Bellefort

Simon wanted Linnet’s money but not Linnet – “If I’d any luck, I’d marry her and she’d die in about a year and leave me the lot”

Jackie’s motive was her love for Simon, “I had to come into it…to look after him”

Louise is murdered as she tries to blackmail them having seen Simon enter/ leave Linnets cabin

Mrs Otterbourne was also a witness as she saw Jackie going into Louise’s room before lunch

Linnet was shot in the head by Simon

Jackie stabbed Louise

Mrs Otterbourne was also shot, this time by Jackie

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