Dead Man's Folly

Dead Man's Folly by Agatha Chrisitie


Its summer fete time in England and the famous novelist Ariadne Oliver is at Nasse House where she has been asked to create a 'murder hunt' for their fete. Unfortunately the fictional murder game events take a turn for the worse then the 'body' turns out to be all too real and the Lady of the House is missing...


Poirot is back with Mrs Oliver - a match made in heaven.

when to read

Of course you have to read this during the summer in the midst of church and village fete season...grab a glass of pimms and enjoy in the garden.

murder mystery

English country murder mystery - enjoy!


It doesnt get more English really, the manor house with the English squire presiding of the summer fete...

Publishing info

Published in 1956 this novel comes right after 'Hickory Dickory Dock' and before '4.50 From Paddington' which is published the following year.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

Dead Man’s Folly by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 13 episode 3 starring David Suchet

Dead Man's Folly Character List

Alec LeggeYoung scientist, married to Peggy
Amanda BrewisSecretary to Sir George Stubbs
Amy FolliatPrevious owner of Nasse House
Ariadne OliverAuthor of popular mystery books
Captain Jim WarburtonWorks on behalf of Mr Masterton the politician
Constable Bob HoskinsPoliceman 
Etienne de SousaCousin of Hattie Stubbs from
Hendon, the butlerThe butler at Nasse House
Henry FolliatMrs Folliat’s son reported dead in the war
Inspector BlandInvestigator for the murder at Nasse House
James FolliatMrs Folliat’s second son also reported dead in the war
Lady Hattie StubbsWife of Sir George Stubbs
Lucy KnapperMrs and Mr Knapper’s daughter at the fete with them
Major FolliatAmy Folliat’s deceased husband 
Marilyn TuckerYounger sister or Marlene
Marlene TuckerLocal teenager who played the ‘victim’ in the murder game, and became the actual victim
Michael WeymanArchitect
Miss Felicity LemonHercule Poirot’s secretary
Mr KnapperGuest attending the Fete with his family
Mr MastertonA politician and friend of the Folliats 
Mr MerdellElderly boatman and grandfather of the victim Marlene
Mr TuckerFather of Marlene and Marilyn
Mrs KnapperGuest attending the Fete with her family
Mrs MastertonWife of the politician Mr Masterton and a friend of the Folliats
Mrs TuckerMother of Marlene the victim
Peggy LeggeWife of Alec
Seargent Frank CotteralInvestigating office
Sir George StubbsCurrent owner of Nasse House and married to Hattie


Hattie Stubbs

Marlene Tucker


George (aka Jamea) Folliat and his first wife an Italian criminal pretending to be Hattie.

George married Hattie for her money, he then kills her and established his first Italian wife in  her place. 

‘Hattie’ kills Marlene Tucker as she has discovered ‘George’ Stubbs is really James, Amy’s son after her grandfather Merdell hinted.

George also kills Merdell as he knows George is Amy’s son James.

Marlene is strangled

Hattie we dont know how but we know she is burried under the Folly

Merdell is pushed into the water to drown while drunk

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