Actors who have Played Poirot

Agatha Christie wrote 33 Poirot Novels and 51 short stories so there is plenty material for TV and Film producers to work with. Indeed Christie’s novels or stories have been dramatised for theatre (by herself), feature films, TV series and most recently in the new films being shown at cinemas and starring Kennth Branagh. One of Christie’s most famous works ‘The Murder on the Orient Express’ has been developed at least four times into a film and with all these productions comes a lot of actors who have endeavoured to capture the elusive charm, popularity, neatness and dare we say conceit – of this most famous Belgium detective.

Everyone has their own personal favourite Poirot actor such as Ustinov and Suchet but there have been many other actors who have played Poirot and the full list is given below. While some actors only played the great detective once such as Albert Finney in the 1974 film production of Murder on the Orient Express, others had regular appearances as Poirot like John Borras in the 8 Spanish adaptations he starred in and Peter Ustinov’s 6 films.

David Suchet As Hercule Poirot

No one can deny though that the one actor who has played Poirot most consistently and most often is the one and only David Suchet appearing in no less than 70 adaptations of Christie's Poirot stories. Interestingly though, David Suchet first appeared in an Agatha Christie film when he played Inspector Japp in the film of 'Thirteen at Dinner' (Lord Edgware Dies) alongside Peter Ustinov as Poirot! It wasn't until four years later that he then reappeared on our screens - this time as Poirot- in the TV episodes which started in 1989.

Below is the full list of actors who have Played Hercule Poirot over the years from the first portrayal in 1931 right up to the most recent films starring Kenneth Branagh (we can’t wait for the next on due in 2020 out later this year – Death on the Nile!) ​


ActorAppeared InDate 
Kenneth BranaghDeath on the Nile2020 
Murder on the Orient Express2017 
Mansai NomuraMurder on the Orient Express2015Japanese
Konstantin RajkinThe Muder of Roger Ackroyd2002Russian
Alfred MolinaMurder on the Orient Express2002 
John Malkovich The ABC Murders2018 
Anatoliy RavikovichPeril at End House1990Russian
David Suchet70 Adaptations1989 – 2013 
Peter UstinovAppointment with Death1988 
Dead Mans Folly1986 
Murder in Three Acts (Three Act Tragedy)1986 
Thirteen at Dinner (Lord Edgware Dies)1985 
Evil Under the Sun1982 
Death on the Nile1978 
Joan Borràs8 Episodes1979 – 1980Spanish
Albert FinneyMurder on the Orient Express1974 
Horst BollmanBlack Coffee1973West German
Tony Randall The Alphabet Murders  
Martin GabelThe Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim 1962 
Heini GöbelMurder on the Orient Express1955 
Francis L. SullivanWasps Nest1936 
Austin Trevor Lord Edgware Dies1934 
Black Coffee1931 

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