Peril at End House

Peril at End House Book


It's the English summer time, Poirot and Hastings are in Cornwall when they meet the intriguing Nick Buckley. They soon discover that she has in fact has three near misses with death putting Poirot on high alert - he soon realises there are plenty of suspects who could want Nick out of the way so sets to work trying to save this charming young lady.


Poirot 5th appearance in the novels of Agatha Christie

when to read

Set in August in the English summer - enjoy in the garden with a cool glass of lemonade. This novel containd particular references to earlier works so to avoid spoilers, read the following first:
The Mysterious Affair at Styles
The Mystery of the Blue Train
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (minor reference only and not a spoiler )

murder mystery

Murder mystery with some 'dope taking' thrown in for good masure.


Set in beautiful Cornwall on the English coast.

Publishing info

1932 - this is the 12th novel by Agatha Christie

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

Peril at End House by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 2 episodes 1 ad 2 starring David Suchet.

Peril at End House Character List

Bert CroftAustralian renting the lodge at End House, married to Molly
Captain Arthur HastingsPoirot’s friend
Charles VyseSolicitor and cousin of Nick Buckley
Chief Inspector James JappScotland Yard detective
Colonol WestonChief Constable of Cornwall
Commander George ChallengerFriend of Nick Buckley
Dr GrahamLocal Doctor
Dr MacAllisterCommander Challenger’s uncle with a practice on Harley Street in London
Ellen WilsonHousekeeper at End House, married to the gardner
Frederica RiceNick’s best friend
HoodPorter at the nursing home whom Poirot interviews
Jim LazarusArt dealer
Maggie BuckleyNick’s cousin who comes to visit
Michael SetonWealthy adventurer and pilot who goes missing
Mildren ‘Molly’ CroftAustralian renting the lodge at End House, married to Bert
Nick’ BuckleyYoung mistress of End House
William WilsonGardner at End House and Ellen’s husband


Maggie Buckley, Nick’s cousin.

It was Nick! 

Sharing the same name as Maggie, she hoped to pretend that she was the real fiance of the missing Michael Seton to inherit his fortune.

Maggie is shot.

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