Dumb Witness

Also known as Murder/Mystery at Little Green House and Poirot Loses a Client

Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie


Based on a short story Agatha Christie wrote called "The Incident of the Dog's Ball" Emily Arundell, a wealthy spinster with a group of young relatives with 'expectations'...is injured after falling down the staircase at her home Little Green House. The assumption is that she tripped over her dog's ball however Emily writes to Hercule Poirot asking him to come to her aid as she is fearful. Poirot arrives...but too late Emily has since died and left all her estate to her companion much to the chagrin of her family. With the assistance of Hastings and the pet dog Bob, Poirot investigates...was it an accident or was it all planned?


when to read

With references to Easter I aim to read this in the spring or even over Easter weekend.

murder mystery

A great 'who done it' murder mystery


Set in Berkshire

Publishing info

Agatha Christie wrote this novel in 1937 just after Death on the Nile.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 6 episode 4 starring David Suchet.

Dumb Witness Character List

Captain Arthur HastingsFriend of Hercule Poirot
Bella TaniosEmily Arundell’s other niece and cousin of Charles and Theresa
Bob – the dogFox Terrier belonging to Emily Arundell
Charles ArundellNephew of Emily Arundell, brother of Theresa
Dr GraingerEmily Arundell’s doctor
Dr Jacob TaniosBella’s Greek husband working in Smyrna
Dr Rex DonaldsonTheresa’s fiancé
Edward TaniosBella and Jacob’s son
Member of Emily Arundell’s household staff
Emily ArundellElderly, wealthy woman and victim.
Isabel TripNeighbour of Emily Arundell, sister of Julia
Julia TripNeighbour of Emily Arundell, sister of Isabel
Mary TaniosBella and Jacob’s daughter
Miss Caroline PeabodyFriend of Emily Arundell
Theresa ArundellNiece of Emily Arundell, sister of Charles
Wilhemina LawsonEmily Arundell’s companion


Emily Arrundell

Theresa Arundell

Theresa hopes to inherit from Emily which would enable her to leave her husband whom she is tired of but when the money goes to Whilhemina Lawson, she sets out to implicate her husband instead and persuade Lawson to share the money. 

Theresa first tried to kill Emily by setting a trip wire on the stairs, when this didnt work, she kills her with phosphorus put in her liver capsules. 

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