Five Little Pigs

Also known as Murder In Retrospect

Five Little Pigs Book


Carla Lemarchant requests the help of Poirot to investigate a historical case, that of the murder of her father, Ameas Crale, by her mother, Caroline. Although convicted and indeed hanged, years earlier, Carla wants Poirot's take on the case and sure enough, once he reviews the events of, and leading up to, the death of Ameas from the different perspectives of those who where there all those years years ago, things don't add up...


This is Poirot's 21st appearance where he is called in to solve a murder.

when to read

Set in the summer before school starts I always read this when the sun is out or in the spring. It's especially nice to drink an ice cold beer while doing so...

murder mystery

Visiting a historical crime with only a select group of suspects...Poirot does the rounds to find the culprit.


Set in England with the murder having occurred 16 years before the novel starts.

Publishing info

ACs 32nd novel, it was published in 1942 along with 'The Body in the Library' and 'The Moving Finger'.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 9 episode 1 starring David Suchet.

David Suchet starres as Hercule Poirot alongside Aidan Gillen as Ameas Crayle, Toby Stephens as Philip Blake and Sophie Winkleman as Angela Warren. Rachel Stirling is the daughter of Diana Rigg who plays Arlena Marshal in the Peter Ustinov film ‘Evil Under the Sun’.

Five Little Pigs Character List

Ameas CralePainter and victim. Husband of Caroline and father to Carla
Angela WarrenArchaeologist 
Caleb JohnathanSolicitors for the Crale family
Carla LemarchantDaughter of Caroline Crale
Caroline CraleWife of Ameas, accused of his murder, mother of Carla
Cecelia WilliamsGoverness to the Crales
EdmundsClerk at the Mayhew solicitor’s firm
Elsa Greer – Lady DittishamGirlfriend of Ameas Crale
George MayhewSon of Caroline Crale’s solicitor
John RatteryCarla Lemarchant’s fiance 
Meredith BlakeHerbalist, brother of Philip
Phillip BlakeStockbroker, brother of Meredith 
Quentin FoggMember of the prosecution team at Caroline Crale’s trial
Sir Montague DepleachCounsel for the Defence at Caroline Crale’s trial
Superintendent HaleInvestigating officer at the original case


Ameas Crale and, as she was hanged for a crime she did not commit, Caroline Crale.

Elsa Greer (now Lady Dittisham)

Elsa overhears that far from leaving his wife for her, Ameas intends to end his affair with Elsa so she kills him in revenge.

Ameas is poisoned with coniine  which was put in his beer. 

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