Episode 1 Mrs McGinty's Dead

Based on the novel by Agatha Christie and aired in September 2008. Poirot is asked to review the killing of a village charwoman when doubts emerge over the guilt of her lodger who is due to be hanged for the crime.

Hercule Poirot, David Suchet

James Bentley, Joe Absolom

District Judge, Simon Molloy

Spence, Richard Hope

George, David Yelland

Maude, Sarah Smart

Maureen Summerhayes, Raquel Cassidy

Major Summerhayes, Richard Dillane

Dr Rendell, Simon Shepherd

Bessie Burch, Emma Amos

Joe Burch, Billy Geraghty

Miss Sweetiman, Ruth Gemmell

Eve Carpenter, Mary Stockley

Ariadne Oliver, Zoë Wanamaker

Robin Upward, Paul Rhys,

Mrs. Upward (as Siân Philips), Siân Phillips

Pamela Horsfall, Catherine Russell

Mrs Rendell, Amanda Root

Guy Carpenter, Richard Lintern

Court Attendant (uncredited), Philippa Burt

Sommelier (uncredited), Alex Dee,

Sergeant (uncredited), Leighton Haberfield

Eva Kane (uncredited), Lexie Lambert

The village of Broadhinney is actually Hambledon in Buckinghamshire, England and the Broadhinney train station scene is filmed at Horsted Keynes Station on the Bluebell Railway, England

Mrs McGinty’s dead was written by Agatha Christie and first published in 1952. This is a close adaptation of the novel.

Many of this cast have appeared in other Agatha Christie TV adaptations…

Sarah Smart who plays Maude also appears in a Marple episode ‘They Do It With Mirrors’ as Mildred

Paul Rhys who plays Robin Upward also plays Lewis Pritchard in a 2010 Marple episode ‘The Blue Geranium’

Catherine Russell who plays Pamela Horsfall also appeared in Poirot: How Does Your Garden Grow? (1991)

Richard Lintern who plays Guy Carpenter also appeared in Poirot: Dead Man’s Mirror (1993)

Simon Molloy who plays the judge also appears in Poirot: Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan (1993)

Simon Shepherd who plays Dr Rendall also appears in Poirot: Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan (1993)

Episode 2 Cat Among the Pigeons

Based on the novel by Agatha Christie and aired in June 2009. Poirot investigates the murder if a games mistress at an exclusive all girls school. 

Hercule Poirot, David Suchet

Miss Bulstrode, Harriet Walter

Prince Ali, Raji James

Bob Rawlinson, Adam De Ville

Mr Forbes, Don Gallagher

Mrs Forbes, Georgie Glen

Patricia Forbes, Georgia Cornick

Miss Johnson, Carol MacReady

Miss Rich, Claire Skinner

Miss Chadwick, Susan Wooldridge

Ann Shapland, Natasha Little

Princess Shaista, Amara Karan

Adam Goodman, Adam Croasdell

Miss Blake, Amanda Abbington

Mlle Blanche, Miranda Raison

Miss Springer, Elizabeth Berrington

Jennifer Sutcliffe, Jo Woodcock

Julia Upjohn, Lois Edmett

Mrs Upjohn, Pippa Haywood

Lady Veronica, Jane How

Hsui Tai, Katie Leung

Inspector Kelsey, Anton Lesser

School Girl (uncredited), Jemma Carlisle

Adam Trimble (uncredited), Fudge Hammali

School Girl (uncredited), Olivia Jewson

Teacher (uncredited), Aaron King

Jane (uncredited), Laura Tarrant

Filming took place at the Sue Ryder Hospice in Nettlebed, Oxfordshire


Based on the novel by Agatha Christie ‘Cat Among the Pigeons’ published in 1959. The ITV series is one of the more successful in adhering to the original novel rather than deviating. 

The Sue Ryder location is the same used for Sad Cypress where David Suchet met some of the residents dress and in character as Poirot.

Amanda Abbington who plays Miss Blake also appears in the 2017 film of Crooked House playing Clemency Leonides.

Claire Skinner is also an Agatha Christie regular featuring not only as Miss Rich in Cat Among the Pigeons but also as Miss Murgatroyd in the 2005 Marple adaptation of ‘A Murder is Announced’ as well as the 2020 mini series of ‘The Pale Horse’ playing Yvonne Tuckerton.

The actress Carol Macready who plays Miss Johnson also appeared 18 years earlier in “Poirot: Peril at End House” as Milly Croft. 1990.

Harriet Walter (Miss Bulstrode) also has a minor role in the Marple episode ‘Sleeping Murder’ playing The Duchess of Malfi. 

Episode 3 Third Girl

Based on the novel by Agatha Christie and aired in July 2010. A young woman appeals to Poirot for help as she thinks she may have committed a murder…

Hercule Poirot, David Suchet

George, David Yelland

Norma Restarick, Jemima Rooper

Ariadne Oliver, Zoë Wanamaker

Claudia Reece-Holland, Clemency Burton-Hill

Frances Cary, Matilda Sturridge

David Baker, Tom Mison

Inspector Nelson, John Warnaby

Nanny Lavinia Seagram, Caroline O’Neill

Andrew Restarick, James Wilby

Sir Roderick Horsfield, Peter Bowles

Sonia, Lucy Liemann

Alf Renny, Tim Stern

Bus Ticket Inspector, Simon Hill

Daphne the Waitress, Tessa Bell-Briggs

Nurse, Ysobel Gonzalez

Policeman, Sean Kingsley

Young Norma Restarick, Jade Longley

Mary Restarick, Juliet Howland

Miss Battersby, Haydn Gwynne

Filming of the Restarick estate was completed at Wrotham Park, Barnet, Hertfordshire, England

Third Girl by Agatha Christie was first published in November 1966, one of the last 5 novels to feature Poirot. There are some deviations from the plot of the novel (one murder less in fact) but the majority of story line is maintained and well presented.

James Wilby who plays Andrew Restarick also plays Stanley Kirkwood in the 2006 adaptation of ‘The Sittaford Mystery’ for the Marple ITV series. 

This is Lucy Liemann’s second Poirot appearance – not only does she play Sonia in Third Girl but she also played Miss Burgess in the Poirot episode ‘Cards on the Table’ in 2005.

Caroline O’Neill who plays Nanny Seagram also had a bit part in the Marple episode Endless Night in 2013.

Episode 4 Appointment with Death

Based on the novel by Agatha Christie and aired in July 2010. While on holiday in Syria, Poirot overhears the words ‘you do see don’t you, that she’s got to be killed’…spoken by the step-son of the abusive and unpleasant Mrs Boynton hours before she is then found stabbed…

Hercule Poirot, David Suchet

Lord Boynton, Tim Curry

Labourer, Jawad Elalami

Sarah, Christina Cole

Raymond Boynton, Tom Riley

Lady Boynton, Cheryl Campbell

Jinny Boynton, Zoe Boyle

Carol Boynton, Emma Cunniffe

Nanny, Angela Pleasence

Concierge, Abdelkader Aizzoune

Col. Carbury, Paul Freeman

Sister Agnieszka, Beth Goddard

Jefferson Cope, Christian McKay

Leonard Boynton, Mark Gatiss

Taxi Driver, Mansour Badri

Dr. Gerard, John Hannah

Mahmoud, Zakaria Atifi

Dame Celia Westholme, Elizabeth McGovern

Filing actually took place in Morocco, Casablanca and El Jadida

Agatha Christie’s novel Appointment with death was published in 1938. There are some deviations from the plot on this adaptation which many were not a fan of, watch it and see what you think…

Mark Gatiss who plays Leonard Boynton was also involved in writing the screenplays for Cat Among the Pigeons in 2008, Hallowe’en Party in 2010 and The Big Four in 2013.

Many of the cast are Agatha Christie regulars such as:

John Hannah who plays Dr Gerard also appears in the Marple episode ‘4.50 from Paddington’ as Inspector Campbell. 

Mark Gatiss who plays Leonard was also previously in a Marple as Ronald Hawes in the 2004 episode ‘Murder at the Vicarage’ along with Angela Pleasence (Nanny) who was in the same episode playing Miss Hartnell and Christina Cole (Sarah) who appeared as Lettice Protheroe

Cheryl Campbell (Mrs Boynton) was also in a Marple back in 1986 when she played Griselda Clement in an earlier adaptation of Murder at the Vicarage.

Tom Riley (Raymond) plays Bobby Argyle in the 2007 adaptation of ‘Ordeal by Innocence’.


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