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It's Hallowe'en and the children of Woodleigh Common are assembled for a party at 'Apple Trees' house. Everything is going well with plenty of fun and games. Ariadne Oliver is there to help out and in a bid to show off in front of her, one of the children - known for her lies - amounces that she saw a murder once. No one believes her of course and the party continues until, the body of the same child is discovered, drowned in the apple bobbling bucket.


Poirot is called in to help by his friend the novelist Ariadne Oliver. This is one of the last times we meet Poirot as he only features in two further novels.

when to read

This is obviously an Autumn book and one to read at Hallowe'en. Enjoying reading it with a hot-toddy to hand or a hot apple cider - yum.

murder mystery

Classic Murder Mystery - plenty of suspects and more than one victim....


Publishing info

Published in 1969 after 'By The Pricking of my Thumbs' which was released in 1968. The next novel written by Agatha Christie is 'Passenger to Frankfurt' in 1970.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 12 episode 2 starring David Suchet.

Filming all took place in England with the topiary gardens as Beckley Park as Michael Garfield’s creation in the quarry gardens.

David Suchet stares as Hercule Poirot alongside Zoë Wanamaker as Ariadne Oliver

Hallowe'en Party Character List

Alfred RichmondChief Constable
Ann ReynoldsYounger sister of Joyce the victim
Ariadne OliverMystery writer and passenger on the plane where the murder was committed
Cathie Johnson Helper at the party
Charlotte BenfieldShop assistant who was murdered
Desmond HollandHelper at the party
Dr FergusonThe family doctor for the Reynolds
Elisabeth WhittakerMaths teacher at the local school
Elspeth McKayInspector Spence’s sister
GeorgePoirot’s valet
Harriet Leaman Used to clean for Mrs Llewellyn-Smith
Janet WhiteTeacher who was murdered
Jeremy FullertonLocal solicitor
Joyce ReynoldsBoastful child and victim
Judith ButlerAriadne’s friend whom she stay with and mother of Miranda
Leopold ReynoldsBrother of Joyce the victim
Leslie FerrierForger who was murdered
Michael GarfieldGarber and landscaper 
Miranda ButlerDaughter to Judith and friend of Joyce Reynolds
Miss EmlynHeadmistress of the local school
Miss LeeDr Ferguson’s dispenser
Mrs GoodbodyVillage witch and helper at the party
Mrs HardgreavesHelper at the party
Mrs Llewellyn-SmithWealthy widow who died. She employed Michael Garfield to design her garden
Mrs ReynoldsJoyce the victim’s mother
Nicholas RansonHelper at the party
Olga SeminoffAu Pair who was murdered and suspected of substituting a will
Rowena DrakeFormidable lady of Woodleigh Common and hostess of the Hallowe’en party
Superintendent SpenceRetired inspector
Timothy RaglanInvestigating officer


Olga Seminoff, Leslie Ferrier  and Joyce Reynolds

Garfield also attempts to kill Miranda (his own daughter) but fails.

There is also a suggestion that Rowena Drake’s husband could have been killed on purpose.

Michael Garfield and Rowena Drake

Michael Garfield wants money to create a perfect garden on a Greek Island. He uses Rowena Drake to get it. Rowena is infatuated with Michael.

Olga is killed so she can’t inherit the money from Mrs Llewellyn-Smith when the old lady decides to cut Rowena out of her will. 

Leslie Ferrier is killed so he can not reveal that he forged the codicil. 

Joyce is killed as she claimed to have seen the murder

Leopald is killed as he tried to blackmail Rowena. 


Olga and Leslie are both stabbed

Joyce and Leopold and both drowned

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