Hickory Dickory Dock

Also known as Hickory Dickory Death

Hickory Dickory Dock Book


In a student house in London strange things have been going happening- a shoe, a stethoscope, light bulbs and a pair of old trousers stolen, a rucksack found but slashed and a diamond ring found in a bowl of soup...not normally something which could interest a famous detective but when it impacts the work of his infallible secretary Miss Lemon...Poirot is drawn in. What starts out as some odd occurrences however, soon turns into full blown murder.


when to read

Somehow I always turn to this when its raining - possibly due to my own experiences of student life spend in Durham where I often walked to and from lectures in the rain...why not indulge in a thick hot chocolate to warn up with while reading (with a dollop of Bailey's in for good measure).

murder mystery

Multiple murders and a host of suspects to keep you guessing all the way through.


Set in the student digs on Hickory Road, London

Publishing info

Published in 1955, this novel comes between 'Destination Unknown' in 1954 and 'Dead Man's Folly' 1956.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

Hickory Dickory Dock by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 6 episode 2 starring David Suchet.

Hickory Dickory Dock Character List

Ahmed AliA student from Egypt and resident at Hickory Road
Celia AustinDispenser at local hospital (St Catherine’s)
Chandra LalA student from India living at Hickory Road
Christina NicoletisOwner of the hostel 
Colin McNabbPsychiatry post-graduate student 
Elizabeth Johnson A student from Jamaica living at Hickory Road who has her papers ruined with green ink
Elizabeth JohnstonJamaican law student
Felicity LemonPoirot’s secretary
Geneviève MaricaudStudent from France living in London at Hickory Road
GeorgePoirot’s valet
GeronimoMarried to Maria, he also cooks for the students at Hickory Road. 
Gopal RamA second student from India, living and studying in London at Hickory Road
Inspector SharpeInvestigating officer
Jean TomlinsonAnother resident at Hickory Road, she works in the same hospitol as Celia 
Leonard BatesonMedical student at the hostel
MariaCook at Hickory Road
Mr AkibomboResident at Hickory Road, a West African student 
Mrs HubbardMiss Lemon’s sister
Nigel ChapmanHistory student at the hostel
Patricia LaneArchaeology student
René HalleA young french woman studying English Literature and a resident of Hickory Road
Sally FinchAmerican student on a Fulbright scholarship
Valerie HobhouseCo-owner of the beauty parlour ‘Sabrina Fair’ and a resident of Hickory Road


Celia Austen, Mrs Nicoletis, Patricia Lane & Mrs Chapman (Nigel’s mother)

Nigel Chapman

Nigel Chapman smuggles illegal drugs into England with the help of Valerie and Mrs Nicoletis. 

Celia finds out so he kills her and then Mrs Nicoletis as he’s afraid she’ll lose her nerve and confess to the police. 

He kills Pat as he thinks she would let on to his father who would then expose him as Nigel killed his mother…

Celia is poisoned with morphine

Mrs Nicoletis is also poisoned 

Patricia Lane is hit over the head 

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