Cards on the Table

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Mr Shaitana is a collector - a collector of murderers. He invites Poirot to an small dinner party at which he will also invite a group of murderers who have killed and gotten away with it. Or so they think. During dinner Shaitana refers to various crimes and motives for murder making his guests appear uneasy. After dinner Shaitana sits alone by the fire while the guests are playing bridge, only, one of them must have sneaked over during play as sure enough, Mr Shaitana is dead...


The Belgium detective is on the case along side his friend Ariadne Oliver, Superintendent Battle and Colonel Race to discover who the culprit is.

when to read

This is a good read whatever the weather - no specific dates spring out to earmark it as a particular time of year.

murder mystery

A very tightly closed circle 'who done it' with just a handful of suspects to chose from.


Set in England however the crimes take place in other countries.

Publishing info

The third novel published in 1936 alongside 'The A.B.C. Murders' and 'Murder in Mesopotamia'.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

Cards on the Table by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 10 episode 2 starring David Suchet.

Cards on the Table Character List

Superintendent BattleScotland Yard detective
Anne MeredithYoung woman and guest of Mr Shaitana
Ariadne OliverAuthor of popular mystery books
Colonel RaceSecret Service agent
Dr Geoffrey RobertsDoctor invited to Mr Shaitana’s dinner
Elsie BattParlour maid to Mrs Craddock (patient of Dr Roberts)
Major DespardExplorer and Hunter,  guest of Mr Shaitana (also appears in The Pale Horse)
Miss BurgessSecretary to Dr Roberts
Mr Lorrimer Deceased husband of Mrs Lorrimer
Mr LuxmoreA biologist who was on an expedition in the Amazon when he died
Mr ShaitanaWealthy collector and victim
Mr & Mrs CraddockFormer patients of Dr Roberts, both deceased
Mrs LorrimerWidow and guest of Mr Shaitana – Bridge player
Mrs LuxmoreWidowed wife of Mr Luxmore who died while out on an expedition 
Mrs. BensonFormer employer of Anne Meredith who was her companion 
Rhoda DawesAnne Meredith’s wealthy friend (also appears in The Pale Horse)
Sergeant O’ConnorSergeant investigating


Multiple! In the course of the novel Mr Shaitana and Mrs Lorrimer are both murdered but in turn prior to the novel (if you will) there were also the killings of: Mr Lorrimer, Mr Luxmore, Mrs (and Mr)  Craddock and Mrs Benson

Dr Roberts kills both Shaitana and Mrs Lorrimer

All the other guests (apart from the sleuths) were directly responsible for the following:

Anne Meredith killed Mrs Benson as she discovered Anne was stealing from her. 

Major Despard Killed Mr Luxmore in a shooting ‘accident’

Mrs Lorrimer killed her husband

Dr Roberts killed Mr and Mrs Craddock

Dr Roberts kills Shaitana to keep his freedom – he also kills Mrs Lorrimer.

Shaitana is stabbed and Mrs Lorrimer given a lethal dose of anesthetic. 

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