Domestic Help in Agatha Christie's Novel

Maids, Cooks and Butlers and Valets

From the perfect manservant George(s) to all the other butlers, maids, cooks and domestic staff - Christie created 30+ named characters for staff in her Poirot novels. This is equal to the number of titled gentry characters Christie also created showing the queen of crime spend just as much time on the 'help' as the landed gentry.

Sadly though, in the world of Agatha Christie, although the volume of upper and lower class characters were created equally, if you lived life ‘below stairs’ as a member of staff in an Agatha Christie Poirot novel, you were much more likely to be killed than kill. Furthermore, across the whole plethora of murder mystery novels which Christie wrote, if a maid or member of household staff is murdered – they are usually killed as a secondary murder – in this I mean that they were not the primary target but a killed afterwards as they knew too much or were a witness to the first murder for example.

Below is the full list of domestic staff in Christie’s Poirot Novels – secretaries, companions and housekeepers have been included in a separate article. 

BookCharacterCharacter TypeDescription
Recurring CharacterGeorgeValet/ butlerHercule Poirot’s valet
After The FuneralLanscombeValet/ butlerButler
Cat Among The PigeonsGeorgesValet/ butlerHercule Poirots valet
CurtainCurtisValet/ butlerPoirot’s new valet
CurtainGeorgesValet/ butlerHercule Poirot’s old valet
Death In The CloudsAnne MorisotMaid/ daily womanDaughter of Mmme Giselle
Death On The NileLouise BourgetMaid/ daily womanLinnet’s French maid
Death On The NileMiss BowersMaid/ daily womanMiss Van Schuyler’s maid
Dumb WitnessEllenMaid/ daily womanMember of Emily Arundell’s household staff
Hallowe’en PartyGerogeValet/ butlerPoirot’s valet
Hallowe’en PartyOlga SeminoffNanny/ au pairAu Pair who was murdered and suspected of substituting a will
Hallowe’en PartyMrs Harriet Leaman Maid/ daily womanServant to 
Hercule Poirot’s ChristmasHorburyValet/ butlerSimeon Lee’s valet
Hercule Poirot’s ChristmasTressilianValet/ butlerElder butler to the Lees
Hercule Poirot’s ChristmasWalterMaid/ daily womana footman
Lord Edgware DiesAltonValet/ butlerLord Edgware’s butler
Murder On The Orient ExpressEdward Henry MastermanValet/ butlerEnglishman and was once the Armstrong’s valet and batman during the war
Murder On The Orient ExpressHildegarde SchmidtMaid/ daily womanLadysmaid to Pricess Dragomiroff and was the Armstrong’s cook
One, Two, Buckle My ShoeGeorgeValet/ butlerPoirot’s valet
One, Two, Buckle My ShoeAgnes FletcherMaid/ daily womanMorley’s maid
Taken At The FloodGeorgeValet/ butlerPoirots valet
Taken At The FloodEileen CorriganMaid/ daily womanHousmaid at Gordon Cloade’s london house who survived the bombing
Taken At The FloodGladysMaid/ daily womanMaid at The Stagg Inn
The Big FourAh LingValet/ butlerChinese servant to Mr Paynter
The Big FourDeansValet/ butlerAbe Ryland’s valet
The Big FourRobert Grant/ Abraham BiggsValet/ butlerManservant to Jonathan Whalley
The Big FourJamesValet/ butlerAbe Ryland’s footman
The ClocksGretelNanny/ au pairMcNaughton’s au pair
The HollowGudgeonValet/ butlerButler at The Hollow
The HollowDorisMaid/ daily womanHousemaid at The Hollow
The Murder Of Roger AckroydJohn ParkerValet/ butlerRoger Ackroyd’s butler
The Murder Of Roger AckroydUrsula BourneMaid/ daily womanParlormaid for Roger Ackroyd secfredtly married to Ralf Paton
The Mysterious Affair At StylesDorcasMaid/ daily womanMaid at Styles Court
The Third GirlGeorgeValet/ butlerPoirot’s valet
Three Act TragedyEllisValet/ butlerButler at Bartholemew Strange’s dinner

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