Titled Characters from Agatha Christie's Poirot Novels

Part of the charm of Christie is the nostalgia and period elements in which the novels are set and there's something extra exciting about the murder amongst the upper echelons of society. When it comes to the rich and famous or the wealthy titled gentry of the English counties in their sprawling country mansions - murder is never far away in the world of Agatha Christie providing some of the most popular characters in the archetypal 'country house' mysteries.

Below is the full list of all the titled characters from Christie’s Poirot novels consisting of:

  • 2 countesses
  • 4 ‘honourable’ mentions
  • 9 ladies
  • 4 lords
  • 15 ‘sirs’
  • and 1 Duke
In terms of English peerage heirarchy, The Duke of merton is the highest ranking gentleman – I have not included royalty in the list below but if we were, these characters would be from ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ – the Princess Dragomieroff 
Appointment With DeathLady WestholmeMember of Parliament
Appointment With DeathSir Gabriel SteinbaumA banker mentioned in the story
Appointment With DeathSir Manders StoneAn archaeologise referred to in the story
Black CoffeeSir Claud AmoryInventor and victim
CurtainSir William Boyd CarringtonGovernor of a province in India
Dead Man’s FollySir George StubbsCurrent owner of Nasse House and married to Hattie
Dead Man’s FollyLady Hattie StubbsWife of Sir George Stubbs
Death In The CloudsLady Cicely HorburyMarried to Lord Horbury and passenger on the plane where the murder was committed 
Death In The CloudsHonourable Venetia KerrFriend of the Horbury’s and passenger on the plane where the murder was committed 
Death In The CloudsLord HorburyHusband of Lady Cicely and friend of Venetia Kerr
Death On The NileHonourable Joanna SouthwardLinnets friend and cousin of Tim Allerton
Elephants Can RememberHonourable Julia CarstairsAcquaintance of the Ravenscrofts
Five Little PigsSir Montague DepleachCounsel for the Defence at Caroline Crale’s trial
Lord Edgware DiesLord EdgwareUnpleasant wealthy man and victim. Married to Jane Wilkinson his estranged wife.
Lord Edgware DiesThe Duke of MertonNew love interest of Jane Wilkinson 
Murder On The Orient ExpressCountess Elena AndrenyiYoung wife of the Count and younger sister of
Sad CypressSir Lewis RycroftDeceased, married to a committed patient and once in love with Laura Welman
Sad CypressSir Edwin BulmerCounsel for the defence of Elinor Carlisle
Sad CypressSir Samuel AttenburyCounsel for the prosecution
The ABC MurdersSir Carmichael ClarkeChinese art collector and victim
The ABC MurdersLady Charlotte ClarkeSir Carmichael’s terminally ill wife
The Big FourCountess Vera RossakoffRussian aristocrat
The HollowSir Henry AngkatellOwner of the Hollow
The HollowLady Lucy AngkatellSir Henry’s wife and mistress of The Hollow
The Mystery Of The Blue TrainHonourable Lennox TamplinRosalie Tamplin’s daughter
The Third GirlSir Roderick HorsfieldUncle to Andrew and Norma’s Great Uncle
Three Act TragedySir Charles CartwrightFamous stage actor and friend of Poirot
Three Act TragedyLady Mary Lyttin-GoreEgg’s mother and guest at Sir Charles’ party
Three Act TragedyLord EdenGuest at Bartholomew Strages’ party, attending with his wife
Three Act TragedyLady EdenGuest at Bartholomew Strages’ party, attending with her husband
Three Act TragedySir Jocelyn CampbellGuest at Bartholomew Strages’ party, attending with his wife
Three Act TragedyLady CampbellGuest at Bartholomew Strages’ party, attending with her husband

Titled Characters in all Agatha Christie's works

Across her entire body of works written under the name Agatha Christie created over 2300 characters, of these 140 are titled as follows:

  • 14 members of royalty
  • 58 Sirs – (honours list)
  • 50 Ladies
  • 2 Dukes
  • 18 Lords
  • 2 ‘Grand Duchesses’
  • 10 Honourable ladies

This makes roughly 6% of the population in the world of Agatha Christie nobility.  

Found Someone We Missed?

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