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Agatha Christie wrote 33 Poirot murder mystery novels and as such there are many victims! Below is the complete list of all the victims from Agatha Christie’s Poirot novels. Please note the following distinctions:

  • to make this list as comprehensive as possible we have included and identified any attempted victims (survivors) as well as those driven to suicide and any victims from ‘background’ murders.
  • I have NOT included any suicides where it was a murderer who killed themselves to escape justice.
  • Background murders are those which are referred to or take place before the time setting of the novel. They are not murders that necessarily take place within the novel where one of the ‘live’ characters are bumped off but have happened prior to the novel’s opening. 
  • There is one case where I have listed to victim type as due to grief – if you know the novel though I am sure you will agree that this character is undoubtedly a victim though and should be included in the list.

This makes this list of murder victims from Agatha Christie’s Poirot novels as full and accurate as possible but if we’ve missed anyone or got anything wrong- as always, please get in touch to let us know!

Finally – before you read on please be aware that this could contain spoilers – you have been warned! 




Victim Type

After The Funeral

Helen Abernethie

Widowed sister-in-law to Richard Abernethie


Cora Lansquenet

Richard Abernethie’s sister

Appointment With Death

Mrs Boynton

Overbearing and tyrannical step-mother – victim

Cards On The Table

Mrs Lorrimer

Widow and guest of Mr Shaitana – Bridge player


Rhoda Dawes

Anne Meredith’s wealthy friend


Mrs Craddock

A former patient of Dr Roberts


Mr Shaitana

Wealthy collector and victim


Mr Luxmore

A biologist who was on an expedition in the Amazon when he died


Mr Lorrimer

Deceased husband of Mrs Lorrimer


Mrs. Benson

Former employer of Anne Meredith who was her companion


Mr Craddock

Husband of Mrs Craddock, former patient of Dr Roberts

Cat Among The Pigeons

Eleanor Vansittart

Teacher – deputy to Ms Bulstrode


Miss Chadwick

Teacher – founder of Meadowbank with Ms Bulstrode


Angele Blanche

French Mistress at Meadowbank


Grace Springer

New Games Mistress at Meadowbank school


Dr John Franklin

A research chemist


Barbara Franklin

Dr Franklin’s invalid wife


Stephen Norton

Guest staying at Style Court, a quiet man who enjoys bird watching

Dead Man’s Folly

Marlene Tucker

Local teenager who played the ‘victim’ in the murder game, and became the actual victim


Hattie Stubbs

Wife of Sir George Stubbs

Death In The Clouds

Madame Giselle

French money lender and victim


Anne Morisot

Daughter of Madam Giselle

Death On The Nile

Linnet Doyle (nee Ridgeway)

Young heiress, daughter of Melouish Ridgeway. Former friend of Jackie, marries Simon Doyle. Victim


Salome Otterbourne

Novelist and mother of Rosalie


Louise Bourget

Linnet’s French maid

Dumb Witness

Emily Arundell

Elderly, wealthy woman and victim.

Elephants Can Remember

Margaret ‘Molly’ Ravenscroft nee Preston-Grey

Wife of Alistair and mother of Celia. She has a twin sister


General Alistair Ravenscroft

Husband of Margaret and father of Celia


Dorothea ‘Dolly’ Jarrow nee Preston-Grey

Unnamed Child

Twin sister of Margaret


Died in India


Evil Under The Sun

Arlena Marshall (nee Stuart)

Beautiful actress, married to Captain Kenneth Marshall


Linda Marshall

Kenneth’s daughter by his first wife


Alice Corrigan

Deceased wife of Patrick Redfern


Five Little Pigs

Caroline Crale

Wife of Ameas, accused of his murder, mother of Carla


Ameas Crale

Painter and victim. Husband of Caroline and father to Carla

Hallowe’en Party

Miranda Butler

Daughter to Judith and friend of Joyce Reynolds


Joyce Reynolds

Boastful child and victim


Leopold Reynolds

Brother of Joyce the victim


Olga Seminoff

Au Pair who was murdered and suspected of substituting a will


Janet White

Teacher who was murdered


Leslie Ferrier

Forger who was murdered


Hercule Poirot’s Christmas

Simeon Lee

Unpleasant old diamond dealer and victim


Pilar Estravados

Granddaughter of Simeon Lee, daughter of Jennifer who died


Hickory Dickory Dock

Christina Nicoletis

Owner of the hostel


Patricia Lane

Archaeology student


Celia Austin

Dispenser at local hospital (St Catherine’s)

Lord Edgware Dies

Lord Edgware

Unpleasant wealthy man and victim. Married to Jane Wilkinson his estranged wife.


Carlotta Adams

American actress and impersonator


Donald Ross

Young actor

Mrs McGinty’s Dead

Abigail McGinty

Char-woman and victim


Laura Upward

Mater’ to Robert Upward, she adopted him as her ward

Murder In Mesopotamia

Louise Leidner

American married to Dr Leidner her second husband


Anne Johnson

Colleague to Dr Leidner

Murder On The Orient Express

Mr Ratchett/ Cassetti

Unpleasant wealthy American the man who murdered Daisey Armstrong


Daisey Armstrong

Child who was kidnapped and killed


Louise Michelle

French nurse to Daisy Armstrong

Background – Suicide

Colonel Armstrong

Husband to Sonia and Father of Daisy

Background – Suicide

Sonia Armstrong

Mother of Daisy

Background – Grief

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

Henry Morley

Hercule Poirot’s dentist and victim


Mr Amberiotis

Greek patient of Henry Morley


Mabelle Sainsbury Seale

Dental patient

Peril At End House

Maggie Buckley

Nick’s cousin who comes to visit


Mr Rice

Freddie’s estranged husband


Sad Cypress

Mrs Laura Welman

Wealthy widow who dies


Mary Gerrard

Mrs Welman’s young protégé who grew up at the lodge and is killed

Taken At The Flood

Eileen Corrigan

Housmaid at Gordon Cloade’s London house who survived the bombing


Enoch Arden

The ABC Murders

Alice Ascher

Shopkeeper and victim


Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Barnard

Waitress at the Ginger Cat and victim


Sir Carmichael Clarke

Chinese art collector and victim


George Earlsfield

Barber and fourth victim


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