The Ultimate Christie Fan Gift List - Top 7 Types of Gifts to Buy

Its that time of year again where we all start thinking about what to buy our friends and family for Christmas…this year more than ever we’re looking to buy early and buy online but what to get? If you or someone you now is a particular fan of a certain favourite author of ours…then this Christie Fan Gift List should offer up plenty of ideas. Why not add items to your  own wish list? 

Here at Everything Agatha we’re fans ourselves so we have complied this list of our absolute favourite gifts to delight our fellow fans…

1. Posters & Prints

Posters and Prints – we love these prints so much we even bought two ourselves! A true delight for fans whom you know have read most of the books…the Burgh Island is a bit more subtle and a bit of a test to identify fellow fans…those who know, know and we even have this one hanging up in our own office! They had to be our #1 thing to add to a Christie fan gift list…buying prints for other people can be tricky but we’re sure any fan would love these!

2. Box Sets & Audio Books

Although in the UK there are often episodes of Poirot and Marple series on tv, it’s always the way that the one you really want to watch at a particular time is not available. Why not treat someone to a full collection so they can always have the one they want to watch to hand. It’s not often some of the classic Petr Ustinov ones are shown either so we love this collection of some of the best films. 

3. Inspirations of the Era

Why not go a little less literal and find something inspired by the ear – we love love love these cocktail glasses and art deco inspired pieces – for more inspiration why not check out our Christie Cocktails page so you can really wow any friends and family this Christmas too! 

4. New Novels & Christie Guides

The four new novels featuring Poirot by Sophie Hannah would be a good gift to keep the joy of Poirot alive for some.

Similarly, fans who have read a lot of Agatha Christies works might enjoy some of the reference books now available. We particular love A is For Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie – we know you should never judge a book by its cover but we can’t not mention just how beautiful this book looks as well as being a fascinating read.

5. Book Collections & Special Editions

There are plenty of different editions to chose from and the art work on some of the covers is simply beautiful. We love these hardback copies which would look beautiful on any bookshelf. The latest release of this winter collection is also a perfect little gift to enjoy over the festive period and could introduce some new tales to a fan of the novels.

The complete short story collection is also a great choice for adding to a Christie fan gift list…if they’ve read all the novels but maybe isn’t family with the short stories. Plenty to get their teeth stuck into and they will still get all the elements they love from the novels included.

christie fan gift list

6. Christie Inspired & Other Authors

Why not share the gift of other authors – no we’re not trying to be sacrilegious here but if they’re read EVERYTHING…why not give a book written by Christie under her pseudonym Mary Westmacott or a novel inspired by her writing styles and a closed circle who done it like ‘The Hunting Party’ by Lucy Foley or Murder for Christmas by Francis Duncan or The Santa Klaus Murder (British Library Crime Classics) by Mavis Doriel Hay. 

The much anticipated novel by Richard Osman is already a best seller and one we’re looking forward to getting our hands on this Christmas morning!

7. Secret Santa & Stocking Fillers

On a budget for Secret Santa or simply want a small stocking filler – how could you not smile if you received some ‘Agatha Chris-tea? Or these mugs would make an easy choice and we love these little Christie Quote book marks. 

These wine glass markers here would be great on two fronts, not only do they look great but they can also help reduce the risk or anyone mixing up their cocktails and drinking poison by mistake…!


We hope our Christie fan gift list has proven useful and as fans ourselves would love to receive any from above Christie Fan Christmas Gift List.  

Merry Christmas!