A Murder Is Announced

 by Agatha Christie is available to buy here.


All the villagers of Chipping Cleghorn are intrigued when they read that a murder is due to take place on October 29th at Little Paddocks - its obviously a murder game that the owner, Letitia Blacklock, is planning - right? Only, Letitia doesn't know anything about it and at the fateful hour - 6.30 - a real muder does occur! Enter Miss Marple to find out 'who-done-it'.


The 4th Novel by Agatha Christie to feature Miss Jane Marple after an 8 year gap from the last one published in 1942.

when to read

The best time to read 'A Murder is Announced' is obviously in October - ideally on the 29th with the central heating on and a sherry in your hand!

murder mystery

With only a select group of suspects this is a classic closed circle mystery to get you playing detective.


An English country crime - perfect.

Publishing info

This novel was published in 1950. The previous Marple novel was 'The Moving Finger' in 1942, the next book is 'They Do It With Mirros' in 1952.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

‘A Murder is Announced’ by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season  episode 4 starring Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple. 

Previous adaptations starred Joan Hickson in an 1985 adaptation and June Whitfield voiced Miss Marple in the 1999 BBC Radio 4 dramatised audiobook. 

A Murder is Announced Character List

Belle GoedlerWidow of Randall Goedler who is due to leave all her money to Letitia Blacklock
Charlotte BlacklockTwin sister of Letitia, known to be deceased
Chief Constable George RydesdaleCraddock’s superior
Chief Constable Georger RydesdaleChief Constable of Middleshire, Inspector Craddock’s superior
Colonel Archie EasterbrookRetired Colonel, married to Laura
Colonel WrightAnglo-Indian colonel living  in St Mary Mead
Constable EdwardsPoliceman
Constable LeggPoliceman on the case
Detective Sergeant FletcherPoliceman on the case
Diane Harmon ‘Bunch’The vicar’s wife
Dmitri StamfordisSonia’s husband, father of Pip and Emma
Dora ‘Bunny’ BunnerChildhood friend of Letitia and her sister, now living at Little Paddocks with Letitia as her companion
Dr BlacklockFather of Charlotte and Leticia 
Edmund SwettenhamMrs Swettenham’s son, writing a book
Edward HarmonDiane and Julian Harmon’s son
Elinor SimmonsMother of Patrick and Julia
Emma StamfordisDaughter of Sonia and Dmitri, sibling of Pip
Florriea former maid of Miss Marple.
Fred TylerFishmonger at St Mary Mead
Harry HaymesPhillipa’s young son
Inspector Dermot CraddockInvestigating officer and godson of Sir Henry Clithering, Miss Marple’s friend
Joan CroftResident of St Mary Mead
Johnnie ButtPaperboy
JuliaEmployee at the café
Julia SimmonsLiving with Letitia 
Laura EasterbrookColonel Easterbrook’s wife
Letitia BlacklockResident of Chipping Cleghorn living at Little Paddocks who hosts the murder party, expected to become very wealthy one day, twin sister of Charlotte who died
Major VaughanAnglo-Indian major  living  in St Mary Mead
Miss Amy MurgatroydLocal lady who lives at Boulders with Miss Hinchcliffe
Miss HinchcliffeLocal lady who lives at Boulders with Miss Murgatroyd
MitziForeign cook for Miss Blacklock
Mr AsheWords as chief gardener at Dayas Hall for Mrs Lucas
Mr BeddingfeldLawyer for Leticia Blacklock in Milchester
Mr CurtissWesleyan Minister who wouldn’t correct his child’s teeth as it was ‘god’s will’ for them to stick out
Mr ElliotAntique shop owner
Mr HodgsonBank manager at St Mary Mead used as an example by Miss Marple
Mr Rowlandson Manager of the Royal Spa hotel
Mr TotmanThe Chipping Cleghorn stationer 
Mrs AsheWife of Mr Ashe
Mrs CrayWool shop owner in St Mary Mead
Mrs FinchHousemaid for Mrs Swettenham
Mrs FinchWorks for Mrs Swettenham and her son Edmund
Mrs HugginsResident of Chipping Cleghorn and works at Little Paddocks
Mrs LucasEmployed Phillipa Haymes as her gardener at Dayas Hall
Mrs PuseyOwns the paper shop in St Mary Mead
Mrs SwettenhamMother of Edmund, resident of Chipping Cleghorn
Mrs WotherspoonExample given by Miss Marple of a lady who drew two pensions
Myrna HarrisRudie’s girlfriend who also works at the Spa where Miss Marple is staying
Nurse EllertonWorked as a nurse in St Mary Mead and practised euthanasia
Patrick SimmonsLiving with Letitia 
Phillipa Haymes Living with Letitia and gardener for Mrs Lucas
Pip StamfordisChild of Sonia and Dmitri, sibling of Emma
Randall GoedlerRich financier, deceased, Letitia Blacklock’s employer
Reverand Julian HarmonLocal vicar
Ronald HaymesHusband of Phillipa and father of Harry
Rudi ScherzReceptionist at the Spa where Miss Marple is staying and victim
Sister McClellandCarer for Belle Goedler 
Sonia GoedlerEstranged sister of Randall 
Sonia StamfordisSister of Randell Goedler
Susan HarmonDiane and Julian Harmon’s daughter
Tiglath PileserThe vicar’s cat


Rudi Scherz

Dora Bunner (Bunny)

Amy Murgatroyd

Leticia Blacklock

Leticia Blacklock was actually Charlotte Blacklock – Leticia died so Charlotte assumed her ID to inherit the money from Randell and Belle as expected. Rudi recognised her so had to be killed and Dora kept referring to her as Lottie potentially giving her away. Amy Murgatroyd realised ‘Leticia’ hadn’t been in the room when the flashlight was shone around. 

Rudi – shot

Dora – Poison 

Amy Murgatroyd – Strangled

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