At Bertram's Hotel

 by Agatha Christie is available to buy here.


Miss Marple is enjoying a two week stay at her favourite hotel as a child ' Bertram's. Not only is she surprised to find that almost nothing has changed, but a murder occurs while she is staying there - with American tourists, a forgetful clergyman, the famous Bess Sedgwick and her estranged daughter all gusts as well, there are plenty of suspects who could have committed the murder, but who had the motive?


The 10th Novel by Agatha Christie to feature Miss Jane Marple.

when to read

I like to read this novel on a drizzly cold day in the winter. Imaging the luxury of Bertram's and the warm interiors with a cup of hot chocolate or a even a hot cider or mulled wine?

murder mystery

With only a select group of suspects this is a classic closed circle mystery to get you playing detective.

england - London

Set in London in a Hotel famed for its retained Edwardian and Victorian atmosphere...

Publishing info

This novel was published in 1965 directly after 'A Caribbean Mystery' in 1964. The next novel published was a Poirot novel in 1966, 'Third Girl'.

overall rating


On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

At Bertram’s Hotel  by Agatha Christie was dramatised in 1987 in an episode with Joan Hickson playing Miss Marple. A later version was then filmed in 2007 as part of the ITV ‘Marple’ series (Season 3 episode 1) starring Grealdine McEwan as Miss Marple. This version largely deviated from the original novel though.

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At Bertram's Hotel Character List

Amy McAllisterAn American acquaintance of Jane Marple.
Archdeacon Abercrombie A friend of Colonel Luscombe.
Archdeacon SimmonsFriend of Canon Pennyfather who reports him missing
BridgetElvira’s school friend
Canon PennyfatherClergyman and scholar in ancient languages and the Dead Sea Scrolls who goes missing
Chief-Inspector Fred “Father” DavyScotland Yard detective 
Colonel Derek LuscombeElvira’s guardian and trustee of her fortune, with her at the hotel.
GuidoElvira’s Italian boyfriend
Henry Master of the afternoon tea at Bertram’s Hotel.
Inspector CampbellScotland Yard inspector
Inspector McNeill Inspector at Scotland Yard
Ladislaus MalinowskiRacing driver in his 30’s 
Lady Bess SedgwickAdventurous and estranged mother of Elvira
Lady Selina HazyGuest at the hotel.
Lord ConistonDeceased second husband of Bess, Elvira’s father
Michael “Micky” GormanIrish doorman at Bertram’s Hotel. 
Mr BollardJewellery shop owner
Mr RobinsonFinancier and informant
Mrs CarpenterChaperone for Elvira while travelling from Italy to England.
Mrs McCraeCanon Pennyfather’s housekeeper.
Mrs Mildred MelfordCousin of Colonel Luscombe who will host Elvira until she turns 21. 
Richard EgertonSolicitor and trustee of Elvira’s inheritance.
Robert HoffmanGuest at Bertram’s hotel and bother of Wilhelm
Rose SheldonChambermaid at Bertram’s Hotel
Sergeant WadellPoliceman working on the case
The Bishop of WestchesterA friend of Jane Marple.
The Canon of ElyMiss Marple’s Uncle
The Honourable Elvira BlakeDaughter of Bess Sedgwick and Lord Coniston staying at the hotel, returning to England after time in Italy for schooling.
Wilhelm HoffmanGuest at Bertram’s hotel and bother of Robert


Michael “Micky” Gorman

Elivra Blake

Elvira discovered that when her mother married her father, she was already married to Micky Gorman, therefore, invalidating Elvira’s inheritance so she killed Micky to keep the secret.

Micky Gorman was shot

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