The Murder at the Vicarage

 by Agatha Christie is available to buy here.


Colonel Protheroe is not a popular man - he's so unpopular that even the vicar comments that should he be killed, it would be a service to mankind - and when just such a murder takes place, and in the vicar's study no less...Miss Marple investigates. A murder in her own village and what's more two people confessing to the murder? The elderly sleuth has her work cut out for her...


The 1st Novel by Agatha Christie to feature Miss Jane Marple.

when to read

This is a great summer time read and one to enjoy with a gin and tonic or iced tea in the garden.

Murder Mystery

With only a select group of suspects this is a classic closed circle mystery to get you playing detective.


A village murder set in Miss Marple's home village St Mary Mead.

Publishing info

This novel was published in 1930 after 'The Seven Dials Mystery' in 1929. The next novel written by Agatha Christie was 'The Sittaford Mystery' published in 1931. It wasn't until 1942 that another Miss Marple novel was published, 'The Body in the Library'.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature-length episodes and is Season 1 Episode 2 starring Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple. There was also a Joan Hickson episode in 1986 filmed too (episode 4). 

A German adaptation was filmed in the 70s with Inge Langen as Marple and the French series ‘Les Petits Meurtes d’Agatha’ had an episode called ‘L’affaire Protheroe’ (season 2, episode 14).

The Murder at the Vicarage Character List

Bill ArcherLocal man accused of poaching by Colonel Protheroe
Chief Constable MelchettChief Constable of Danemouth
ClaraMrs Price-Ridley’s maid
Colonel Lucius ProtheroMagistrate, unpopular man who lives at Old Hall 
Constable HurstA police officer working on the case
Curate HawesCurate to the vicar
Dennis ClementLeonard Clement’s nephew living with them
Dr HaydockDoctor at St Mary Mead
Dr QuintonThe local vet at St Mary Mead
Dr RobertsCoroner based in Much Benham 
Dr StoneAn archaeologist working on a dig on the Protheroe land
ElwellEx-resident of St Mary Mead used in an example by Miss Marple
EmilyMaid for Miss Marple 
Fred JacksonThe younger cousin of Bill Archer who works at the fishmonger
GladdieKitchen maid in the Protheroe household
Gladys ClamAssistant to Dr Stone
Henry AbbottResident at Lower Farm reported to be dying in a call to Reverend Clement
HildaMrs Lestrange’s maid
Inspector SlackInvestigating officer
Joe BucknellThe landlord of the Blue Boar in St Mary Mead who thought his daughter was dating Mr Bailey only to discover it was his wife who was having an affair with him 
Lawrence ReddingAn artist with a studio at the Vicarage and who is having an affair with Anne Protheroe
Lettice ProtheroSixteen-year-old daughter of Colonel Protheroe
Major HargreavesAn acquaintance of Miss Marple who has a secret second family and left his money to them rather than his wife when he died
ManningChauffer at the vicarage
Mary AdamsHousemaid at the vicarage
Mary AdamsA local resident of St Mary Mead and gossip
Mary HillMaid at the vicarage, dating Bill Archer
Miss Amanda HartnellLocal spinster and next-door neighbour of Caroline Wetherby
Miss BucknellDaughter of the landlord of the Blue Boar whose father thought she was seeing a local man called Mr Baily
Miss Caroline WetherbyLocal spinster and next-door neighbour of Miss Hartnell
Mollie CarterA married lady used in an example by Miss Marple
Mr BaileyLocal man having an affair with Joe Bucknell’s wife
Mr CherubimChemist at St Mary Mead
Mrs AbbottWife of Henry who denies making the call
Mrs Anne ProtheroeMarried to Colonel Prothero and having an affair with Lawrence Redding
Mrs ArcherBill Archer’s mother
Mrs BucknellWife of the landlord of the Blue Boar who was having an affair with Mr Bailey
Mrs Estelle LestrangeThe first wife of Colonel Protheroe and Lettice’s mother
Mrs Griselda ClementMarried to the Vicar
Mrs Martha Price-RidleyA widow who lives next door to the Vicarage
Mrs PrattCook for Colonel Protheroe at Old Hall
Mrs SadlerMr Hawes’ landlady at 19 High Street, St Mary Mead
Mrs SimmonsHousekeeper at Old Hall for Colonel Protheroe
Raymond WestMiss Marple’s nephew, an author
ReevesButler at Old Hall for Colonel Protheroe
Rev. Leonard ClementVicar at St Mary Mead
RoseParlour-maid in the Protheroe household
Sir Henry ClitheringThe former head of Scotland Yard and friend of Miss Marple
Susan Hartley NapierFriend of Lettice Protheroe who hosts a tennis party


Colonel Potheroe

Anne Protheroe – with help from Laurence her accomplice 

Laurence wants to marry Anne as a wealthy woman, Anne hates her husband and wants to marry Laurence.

Anne shoots her husband using a silencer.

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