The Moving Finger

 by Agatha Christie is available to buy here.


Jerry Burton has moved with his sister to the small village of Lymstock for some rest and recuperation. It is not long though before they become the latest targets for a writer of unpleasant anonymous letters...most of the residents have received them and although apparently harmless and generally untrue, the mutterings of 'no smoke without fire' soon start to grate on Jerry. And when one of the residents, Mrs. Symmington kills herself after receiving a letter the writer is deemed the culprit - and the hunt for the guilty party begins...


The 3rd Novel by Agatha Christie to feature Miss Jane Marple and her 33rd novel over all. Narrated by the character Jerry Barton.

when to read

This is a great read no matter the time of year or weather. Why not enjoy with a cocktail so you can sip along with Megan as she tastes her first one too!

Murder Mystery

With only a select group of suspects this is a classic closed circle mystery to get you playing detective.


Set in the quiet fictional village of Lymstock

Publishing info

This novel was published in 1942, the same year as 'The Body in the Library' and the Poirot novel 'Five Little Pigs'. The next Marple novel Agatha Christie wrote was in 1950, 'A Murder is Announced'

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

 The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the Joan Hickson TV series as well as for the ITV feature length episodes of ‘Marple’  and iappears as Season 2 episode 2 starring Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple alongside Emelia Fox as Joanna Burton and James D’Arcy as Jerry. 

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The Moving Finger Character List

Agnes BartonDeceased sister of Emily Barton
Agnes WoddellParlour maid at the Symmington household
Aimee GriffithDoctor Owen’s sister
Beatrice BakerMaid at Little Furze
Bert RundleLocal police constable in Lymstock
Brian SymmingtonYoung son on Mona and Richard Symmington to whom Elsie is governess
Captain HunterMegan Hunter’s father
Colin SymmingtonYoung son on Mona and Richard Symmington to whom Elsie is governess
Colonel AppletonLives near Lymstock at Combeacre
Colonel AppletonA resident of Lymstock of plays bridge at the Symmington’s 
Dr Owen GriffithDoctor at Lymstock who loves Joanna, brother of Aimee
Edith BartonDeceased sister of Emily Barton
Elsie HollandGoverness to Mona and Dicks young sons
Emily BartonOwner of the property Little Furze which Jerry and Joanna let and friend of Florence Elford
EmoryDaily help at Little Furz where Jerry and Joanna are staying
Florence ElfordFriend of Emily Barton who is staying with her
GeorgeBoyfriend of Beatrice Baker
Inspector GravesScotland Yard inspector who advises on poison pen letters
Jasper Harrington-WestDeceased cousin of Maud Dane Calthorpe
Jennifer ClarkThe barmaid at the Three Crowns pub in Lymstock who handed in her anonymous letter to the police
Jerry BurtonThe narrator, an injured pilot staying Lymstock to recuperate with his sister Joanna
Joanna BurtonJerry’s younger sister staying with him in Lymstock
Mabel BartonDeceased sister of Emily Barton
Marcus KentJerry’s Doctor in London
Mary GreyJoanna’s dressmaker in London
Maud Dane CalthropThe vicar’s wife and friend of Miss Marple
Megan HunterDaughter of Mona and her first husband. 
Minnie BartonDeceased sister of Emily Barton
Miss BatworthyTeacher at the boarding school Megan used to attend
Miss GinchClerk for Mr Dick Symmington
Miss GinchA clerk who used to work for Richard Symmington but left after an anonymous letter insinuated an affair between them
Mona SymmingtonMarried to Dick her second husband, mother of Megan by her first marriage and two sons with Dick
Mr CleatHusband of Mrs Cleat, he is an odd jobs gardener 
Mr PyeAntique collector living in Lymstock
Mrs BakerBeatrice’s mother
Mrs BakerBeatrice Baker’s mother
Mrs CleatLocal witch in Lymstock, accused of writing the letters
MudgeWife of the local butcher in Lymstock
PartridgeMaid at Little Furze
PaulJoanna’s ex-boyfriend
Reverend Caleb Dane CalthropLocal vicar
Richard SymmingtonSolicitor, married to Mona and stepfather of Megan
RoseCook at the Symmington household
Sergeant ParkinsA police officer working with Nash investigating the anonymous letters
Superintendent NashCounty superintendent


Mrs Symmington

Agnes Woddell

Mr Symmington

Mr Symmington had fallen in love with the beautiful governess Elsie Holland – knowing she would never get involved with a married man though he decided to kill his wife and make it look like it was related to anonymous letters which he wrote to cast suspicion away from himself as the husband. 

Mrs Symmington is poisoned with Cyanide.

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