They Do It With Mirrors

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An old school friend of Miss Marple's is concerned about her sister, Carrie Louise, and worries that an attempt is being made on her life. Travelling to stay with Carrie Louise, Miss Marple finds that the home has been transformed into a school for delinquent boys and there is plenty of tension in the air - when the body of another guest is then found murdered....Miss Marple investigates.


The 5th Novel by Agatha Christie to feature Miss Jane Marple.

when to read

This is a great read at any time of year - with its references to the mist coming in across the lawn, a foggy day with a cup of tea in hand could be quite fitting...

murder mystery

With only a select group of suspects this is a classic closed circle mystery to get you playing detective and there are plenty of bodies in this one to keep you entertained through out.


Set in a classic English country manor house - with the added bonus of a home of unruly adolescents next door!

Publishing info

This novel was published in 1952 following on from the last Marple novel which was 'A Murder is Announced' in 1950.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

They Do It With Mirrors by Agatha Christie has been adapted many times – first Helen Hayes played the role of Marple in the 1985 film ‘Murder with Mirrors’ and then Joan Hickson picked up the role when the novel was filmed as part of the television series she starred in as episode 11 in 1991.

Most recently, Julia McKenzie played Marple in the ITV adaptation in season 4, episode 3 of the 2010 series and a French adaptation was also filmed in 2013, episode 1, season 2 of ‘Les Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie’.

They Do It With Mirrors Character List

Alexis RestarickStephen’s older brother, also working in the theatre and also in love with Gina
Arthur JenkinsOne of the boys who is a resident at the institute
Canon StreteMildred’s husband
Carrie Louise SerrocoldMarried to Lewis Serrecold, sister of Ruth Van Rydock
Christian GulbrandsenSon of Carrie Louise’s first husband and Mildred’s half brother
Detective Sergeant LakeAssisting with the investigation
Dr Galbraith Bishop of Cromer and old friend of the Gulbrandens 
Dr MaverickPsychiatrist working at Stonygates
Edgar LawsonYoung delinquent staying at Stonggates and secretary to Lewis
Eric GulbrandsenCarrie Lousie’s first husband
Ernie GreggYoung delinquent staying at Stonggates
Gina HuddCarrie Louise’s adopted Granddaughter , married to the American Wally Hudd
Guido San SeverianoItalian husband of Pippa and father to Gina
Inspector CurryScotland Yard inspector
Johnnie BackhouseResident of St Mary Mead to whom Miss Marple makes reference 
Johnnie RestarickCarrie Lousie’s second husband
Juliet BelleverHousekeeper at Stonygates who looks after Carrie Louise
Leonard WylieResident of St Mary Mead to whom Miss Marple makes reference 
Lewis SerrecoldThird husband of Carrie Louise and owner of Stoneygates, running a home for young delinquents
Mildred StreteCarrie Louise’s daughter and Christian Gulbrandsen’s half sister
Miss MoncrieffResident of St Mary Mead to whom Miss Marple makes reference 
Mr BaumgartenOccupational therapist
Mr GilfoyLawyer with the firm Gilfoy, Gilfoy, Jaimes and Gilfoy who draws up the will for Carrie Louise
PippaDaughter of Eric and Carrie Louise who married Guido, Gina’s Mother
Ruth Van RydockSister of Carrie Lousie who is worried about her. American friend of Miss Marple
Stephen RestarickStepson of Carrie Louise, younger brother of Alex who works in the theatre and is in love with Gina
Wally HuddGina’s American husband


Christian Gulbrandsen

Alexis Restarick

Ernie Gregg

Louise Serrecold – helped by Edgar Lawson his secret illegitimate son. 

Louise Serrecold was a visionary and needed money so he had been embezzling from the Gulbrandsen estate.

Christian is shot and Alexis and Ernie are both crushed under a stage prop.

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