4.50 from Paddington

 by Agatha Christie is available to buy here.


Mrs McGillIcuddy is travelling by train on her way to visit her friend Miss Marple when, pulling alongside a parallel track, she actually witnesses a woman being murdered on the train opposite! When she raises the alarm but no body is found, her friend Miss Marple enlists the tenacious Lucy Eyelesbarrow to investigate the one place the body could be...


The 7th Novel by Agatha Christie to feature Miss Jane Marple. The next book in the Marple series is 'The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side' published in 1962.

when to read

This is a great winter read -

Murder Mystery

A great classic Murder Mystery - plenty of red herrings and one of the best female Christie characters - Lucy Eyelesbarrow!


A classic country house - a sprawling mansion in the English countryside.

Publishing info

This novel was published in 1957 with the previous novel being a Poirot story, 'Dead Man's Folly' in 1956. The previous Miss Marple novel was 'A Pocket Full of Rye' in 1953.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

 4.50 from Paddington by Agatha Christie was filmed as part of the ITV feature length episodes and is Season 3 episode 1 starring Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple. It was previously filmed as episode 9 of the Joan Hickson series in 1987 and was aired appropriately on Christmas Day. 

A French adaptation has also been filmed as part of ‘Le crime est notre affaire’ in 2008 and a Japanese animated series staring Kaoru Yachigusa as the voice of Miss Marple in 2004.

Finally, June Whitfield voiced Miss Marple in the Radio 4 dramatised version which can be bought on audiobook here.

4.50 from Paddington Character List

Alexander EastleyBryan’s young son
Alfred CrackenthorpeEldest son of Luther 
Anna StravinskaBallet dancer and victim
Armand DessinFrench Inspector who investigates in Paris
Bryan EastleyWidowed son in law to Luther whose wife M
Cedric CrackenthorpeYoungest son of Luther, artist living in the Mediterranean
Chick EvansAn associate of Dicky Rogers
Constable SandersPolice constable working with Inspector Bacon
DarwinManservant/ valet to Harold Crackenthorpe
David WestRailway worker who helps Miss Marple with the timetables. He is the son of Raymond West and therefore Miss Marples grand-nephew
David WestRaymond West’s second son
Detective Inspector Dermot CraddockInvestigating officer and godson of Sir Henry Clithering, Miss Marple’s friend
Detective Sergeant WetherallSent by Inspector Craddock to find out about Martine 
Dicky RogersConman known to the police and invovled with Alfred Crackenthorpe
Dorothy CartwrightAcquaintance of Miss Marple – her reliability is compared to Elspeth McGillicuddy’s
Dr HaydockMiss Marple’s doctor
Dr MorrisPrevious partner to Dr Quimper who attended the Crackenthorpe family, now retired
Dr QuimperFamily doctor to the Crackenthorpe’s and in love with Emma
Edith “Edie” EastleyDeceased wife of Bryan and Alexander’s mother, she was one of Luther’s children
Edmund CrackenthorpeDeceased son of Luther, killed in the war
EdwardsLocal gardener in St Mary Mead
Elspeth McGillicuddyFriend of Miss Marple and witness to the murder as the two trains passed
Emma CrackenthorpeOnly surviving spinster daugther of Luther and in love with Dr Quimper
Florence HillOld maid of Miss Marple’s whom she stays with
Geraldine WebbWoman Miss Marple knew who married later in life
Griselda ClementMarried to the vicar of St Mary Mead
Harold CrackenthorpeAnother son of Luther and married to 
Henry CrackenthorpeLuther Crackenthorpe’s deceased brother
HillmanGardener at Rutherford hall for the Crackenthorpe’s
Inspector BaconPolice inspector who comes to investigate when the body of a woman is found
James Stoddart-WestYoung school friend, and secret cousin of Alexander, son of Lady Stoddart-West 
JohnstoneBrackhampton Police surgeon  
Josiah CrackenthorpeFather of Luther and Henry, the founder of the Crackenthorpe business
Lady AdingtonIn the church restoration fund committee with Emma Crackenthorpe and Miss Bartlett
Lady Alice CrackenthorpeMarried to Harold Crackenthorpe
Lady Martine Stoddart-WestJames’ mother
Lady Stoddart-WestMother of James and at one time engaged to Edmund Crackenthorpe before he was killed in the war.
Leonard ClementGriselda’s son
Louisa FelbyLady ate a bad Cornish pasty before visiting Miss Marple
Lucy EyelesbarrowAn acquaintance of Miss Marple who is employed to assist with the finding of the body at Rutherford Hall, she takes a role working for the Crackenthorpes
Luther CrackenthorpeThe owner of Rutherford Hall and widowed father of Emma, Cedric, Harold, and Alfred
Madame JolietDirector of the Ballet Maritski in Paris
Miss BartlettIn the church restoration fund committee with Emma Crackenthorpe and Lady Adington
Miss EllisSecretary to Harold Crackenthorpe
Mr EadeBank manager at St Mary Mead used as an example by Miss Marple
Mr JenkinsUsed as an example by Miss Marple, he worked at the garage in St Mary Mead
Mr WellsSolicitor at St Mary Mead
Mr WimborneLondon lawyer for the Crackenthorpe family
Mrs BrierlyLady who Miss Marple knew that tried to hide her nervous breakdown and stay at a hospital from her children 
Mrs HartChar-woman at Rutherford hall
Mrs Henry CrackenthorpeWife of Henry Crackenthorpe, also deceased
Mrs Josh SimpkinsLady who has twins delivered by Doctor Quimper
Mrs Josiah CrackenthorpeMother of Luther and Henry
Mrs KidderWorks at Rutherford Hall for the Crakenthorpe’s as their ‘daily woman’
Raymond WestMiss Marple’s nephew, an author
Ronnie WellsMr Wells’ son
Sergeant Frank CornishInitial policeman to whom Mrs McGillicurry and Miss Marple report the murder
Sergeant LeakieThe policeman who observes Chick Evans and Dicky Rogers’ activities
Sir Henry ClitheringThe former head of Scotland Yard and friend of Miss Marple
Sir Robert Stoddart-WestJames’ father, husband of Martine 
Thomas EadeSon of Mr Eade
William BakerWorks at the Brackhampton train station as a ticket collector


Anna Stravinska

Alfred Crackenthorpe

Harold Crackenthorpe

Dr Quimper

Dr Quimper wants to marry Emma Crackenthorpe but he was already married to Anna Stravinska who was a devout Catholic and therefore would not divorce him. He killed her to marry Emma and then killer her brothers to increase her inheritance from the family fortune.

Anna Stravinska – strangled

Alfred Crackenthorpe – poison (arsenic)

Harold Crackenthorpe – poisoned tablets

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