A Caribbean Mystery

 by Agatha Christie is available to buy here.


Whilst on holiday on St Honore island in the Caribbean, Miss Marple is invited to see 'the snapshot of a murderer' - but before she can see it, Major Palgrave the man who offered it whips it away having seen something - or someone... when Major Palgrave is then found dead in his room at the hotel Miss Marple becomes suspicious.


The 9th Novel by Agatha Christie to feature Miss Jane Marple.

when to read

Its got to be on a beach somewhere - this is the perfect holiday read. Miss Marple only leaves England once in the novels so of course you should read this while joining her on a sandy beach somewhere - ideally the Caribbean!

As 'Nemesis' (the 11th Novel - published in 1971) refers back to this novel and some of its characters you should read this before Nemesis.

murder mystery

A tight group of suspects all residents at the hotel - this is a classic 'who-done-it' by Agatha Christie the 'Queen of Crime'.

the caribbean

Unlike Poirot who is a frequent traveller, this is the only time Miss Marple leaves England. She does go on lots of holidays and even bus tours but they are always in England. This is her one adventure abroad.

Publishing info

This novel was published in 1964 following on from the Poirot novel 'The Clocks' in 1963. The next Marple book is 'At Bertram's Hotel' which was published the following year in 1965.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie has been adapted for the screen many times – Helen Hayes played Marple in the 1983 Warner Bros film. It’s a personal favourite of mine and I could watch it again and again! 

Joan Hickson appeared as Marple in the 1989 episode as part of the series she films and there is also a french adaptation as part of the ‘Les Petits Meurtes d’Agatha’.

The ITV Marple series also filmed a feature-length episode and is Season 6 Episode 1 starring Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple and its another good adaptation well worth watching. 

As a fan of audiobooks for those who struggle to read or see I also recommend the unabridged audiobook read by Emelia Fox – view prices here and the BBC Radio dramatised version with June Whitfield as Marple, click here for prices on Amazon. 

A Caribbean Mystery Character List

Admiral WicklowTypical ex-military gent full of tall tales like Major Palgrave
Arthur JacksonMr Rafiel’s valet
Big Jim EllisThe father of Victoria’s two children
Canon Jermey PrescotClergyman and brother of Joan on holiday
Captain FlemmingTypical ex-military gent full of tall tales like Major Palgrave
Commander RichardsonTypical ex-military gent full of tall tales like Major Palgrave
DaventryLocal islander and friend of Dr Graham
Dr GrahamLocal doctor at St Honore
Dr RobertsonPolice surgeon for St Honore
Edward HillingdonGuest at the hotel and married to Evelyn – a pharmacist
EnricoThe chef at the hotel
Esther WaltersMr Rafiel’s secretary
Evelyn HillingdonMarried to Edward
General LeroyTypical ex-military gent full of tall tales like Major Palgrave
Georgy WoodA resident of St Mary Mead who’s ‘mother’ came to visit
Gregory DysonGuest at the hotel and married to ‘Lucky’ and studier of nature
Inspector WestonInvestigating officer for St Honore police
Jason RafielWealthy Englishman and invalid at the hotel
Joe ArdenA resident of St Mary Mead who quarrelled with his wife
Lady Caroline WolfeThe first wife of Peter Wolfe who committed suicide and a lady Miss Marple compares Esther Walters to
Leslie JamesAnother lady Miss Marple thinks of when considering Esther Walters’ character – Leslie James sold up and left St Mary Mead without ever telling anyone
Lucky Dyson (nee Miss Greatorex)Gregory’s American wife
Major HarperA man Miss Marple considers when thinking of what she knew about Colonel Hillingdon – little was known about Peter Wolfe and then one day he killed himself
Major PalgraveElderly soldier on holiday and victim
MarleenGirl to whom Miss Marple compares Lucky Dyson, she was employed at The Three Crowns in St Mary Mead
Miss Joan PrescotGuest at the hotel and sister of Canon Prescot
Molly KendalThe proprietress of the hotel, married to Tim
Mr MurdochButcher at St Mary Mead whom Miss Marple also likens to Gregory Dyson because of his bad reputation
Mrs DysonGregory Dyson’s first wife who died quite suddenly
Mrs Joe ArdenA resident of St Mary Mead who quarrelled with her husband
Mrs LinnettA resident of St Mary Mead who had a mix up with her cough mix
Peter WolfeA man whose wife killed herself, used as a reference by Miss Marple when considering the character of Esther Walters
Senora de CaspearoGuest at the hotel from South America
Sir George Trollopeman to whom Miss Marple likens Gregory Dyson
Tim KendalOwner of the hotel at St Honore and married to Molly
Victoria JohnsonMaid at the hotel
Young Mr PolegateA resident of St Mary Mead, a young man who displayed ‘odd behaviour’


Major Palgrave

Victoria Johnson

Lucky Dyson

Tim Kendal

Tim Kendal was planning to kill Molly as he only married her for her money. As the Major recognised him as a killer he’s seen before though he would have been suspected and so Tim killed the Major.

Victoria realised about the serenite so had to be killed to keep her silence and finally, Lucky was killed in a case of mistaken identity as Tim thought she was Molly. 

Major Polgrave was poisoned – ‘

“They found he’d had a lethal dose of something that only a doctor could pronounce properly. As far as I can remember it sounds vaguely like diflorhexagonalethylcarbenzol. That’s not the right name. But that’s roughly what it sounds like.”

Victoria is stabbed and Lucky Dyson is drowned.

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