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Miss Marple receives an instruction from a recently deceased friend as part of their will commissioning her to investigate a crime. Without specific details to go on, Miss Marple must follow the clues whilst on a tour of famous English homes and gardens. Soon she discovers there is a murder to investigate and events become much more present when one of the other members of the tour is killed...


The 11th Novel by Agatha Christie to feature Miss Jane Marple. This is the penultimate novel and is a follow on story to 'A Caribbean Mystery' in that it features some of the same characters.

when to read

This is a great one to read in the English summer when the cottage gardens are out in full bloom.

murder mystery

Set on a tour of England with a group of potential suspects Miss Marple also meets three interesting and potentially sinister sisters...


A tour of England's famous homes and gardens - it doesn't get more British!

Publishing info

This novel was published in 1971 with the previous Marple novel 'At Bertram's Hotel' published in 1965.

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On Screen

Watching Agatha Christie

 Nemesis by Agatha Christie was filmed as the 8th episode in the Joan Hickson Marple series in 1987. Another adaptation was also filmed as part of the ITV feature-length ‘Marple’ episodes and is Season 3 Episode 4 with Geraldine McEwan in her last appearance as Miss Marple. There is also a June Whitfield audiobook as part of the BBC Radio 4 dramatised series.

Death Character List

Anthea Bradbury-ScottLast of the three sisters, also unmarried
Archdeacon BrabazonThe clergyman who was due to marry Verity and Michael and a friend of Miss Temple
Arthur JacksonMr Rafiel’s valet
Clotilde Bradbury-ScottSpinster sister of Lavinia and Anthea
Colonel Bradbury-ScottDeceased father of the three Bradbury-Scott sisters
Elizabeth TempletonRetired headteacher of the school which Verity attended. On the tour bus with Miss Marple
Emlyn PriceYoung man on the coach tour
Esther Anderson (nee Walters)Previous secretary to Mr Rafiel whom Miss Marple met while in the Caribbean
Inspector DouglasInvestigating officer
Jason RafielWealthy invalid who met Miss Marple previously at St Honore in ‘A Caribbean Mystery’
Joan PrescottCanon Prescott’s sister whom Miss Marple met in the Caribbean
Joanna CrawfordMember of the coach tour traveling with her Aunt
Lavinia Glynne (nee Bradbury-Scott)Widowed sister of Clotilde and Anthea Bradbury-Scott
Master Bradbury-ScottDeceased son of Colonel Bradbury-Scott
Michael RafielSon of Jason Rafiel and held on a murder charge
Miss BarrowTraveling with Miss Cooke on the tour
Miss CookeTraveling with Miss Barrow on the tour
Miss KnightMiss Marple’s previous help
Mr GlynnDeceased husband of Lavinia
Nora BroadA young local girl who went missing 
Professor WansteadPsychiatrist on the bus tour with Miss Marple
Verity HuntWard of Clotilde Cradbury – Scott


Verity Hunt, Nora Broad, Miss Temple

Clotilde Bradbury-Scott

Clotile loved Verity too much and when she found out she was leaving to be with Michael she killed Verity rather than lose her. She then killed Nora to be misidentified as Verity. Miss Temple was Verity’s teacher and knew of her engagement to Michael and was killed before she could reveal more to Miss Marple.

Miss Temple is crushed by rocks, Verity was poisoned and Nora Broad was strangled and then disfigured. 

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